Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg | Compare Pedi Spin with Ped Egg

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Compare Features & Benefits: Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg

Pedi Spin

  • Safe and gentle for delicate skin.
  • Smooth your feet anytime, anywhere.
  • Dual speeds are perfect for rough dry areas and tough calluses.
  • Use on your heels, soles and toes.

Ped Egg

  • Professional style foot file with precision micro-files that gently remove calluses and dead skin.
  • Leaves your feet looking and feeling baby soft and smooth.
  • Ergonomically designed egg shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.
  • Traps shavings inside, so there’s no mess to clean up.
  • Includes 2 emery finishing pads in different colors.


Compare What do I get & Price: Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg

    Pedi Spin

  • 1 Pedi Spin
  • Buffing pad
  • 2 finishing pad
  • Free bonus
  • Heel booties on payment of separate S & H

Price: $ 14.99

Ped Egg

1 Ped Egg for Price: $ 9.95.


Compare Use of Delicate Skin: Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg

Pedi Spin – It is exceptionally gentle. It is guaranteed to be safe and tender for delicate skin.

Ped Egg – Yes.


Compare foot files: Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg

Pedi Spin includes precision, stainless steel micro files.

Ped Egg Comes with more than 135 stainless steel micro files


Does it have skin shavings storage compartment?

Pedi Spin After use, the head is to be opened to discard the shavings.

Ped Egg has been designed to collect all the skin shavings in a storage compartment so that you can use it anywhere without any mess.


Compare treatment plates: Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg

Pedi Spin uses the polishing plate for thicker, tougher callused skin and the finishing plate for smoothing out rough edges after using the polishing plate treatment. The finishing plate also helps maintain soft, smooth skin in between polishing plate treatments.

Ped Egg – Two high quality emery buffing pads included


Compare Speed Settings: Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg

Pedi Spin: The motor speed can be adjusted from low to high.

Ped Egg is not motor driven.


Does it remove painful calluses?

Pedi Spin removes painful calluses in minutes.

Ped Egg gently removes calluses and dead skin.


Is it battery operated?

Pedi Spin Yes. It uses 4 AA batteries.

Ped Egg – No. Does not uses batteries as it is not motorized.


Is it gentle on skin?

Pedi Spin – Yes

Ped Egg – Yes


Does it have a handle?

Pedi Spin – No

Ped Egg – No

Compare Reviews and Complaints: Pedi Spin vs Ped Egg

Pedi Spin Reviews – Pros/Advantages

Pedi Spin is a dual speed electric foot callus and dry skin removing device that cleans and beautifies your feet in seconds. It is equipped with rotating precision stainless steel microfiles that make removing dead skin and calluses from heels, soles and toes easy and safe. It can be used anywhere as it’s head can be easily opened to discard the shavings. Pedi Spin features dual speeds which are effortlessly clean rough dry areas as well as tough calluses. It is gentle on delicate skin too as it does not cause hurt. Using it is easy and convenient as it has the perfect ergonomic design.

What’s more, Pedi Spin can clean even stubborn patches and calluses, for which all you need to do is use it for a little bit longer. As for normal removal of dry and dead skin use it gently to get best results.


Pedi Spin Reviews – Disadvantages/Cons/Complaints

Pedi Spin may yield results that are generally appreciated, but it isn’t completely devoid of some limitations. It may be difficult for most people to operate it. Its motor is weak, may not spin and tends to get overheated fast due to which may stop running, more so if a little pressure is applied on it. If you count on its dual speed feature, you may feel it goes a bit too fast even if turned on at low speed. If used for slightly more duration without circular motion, it may irritate your skin a little.

The batteries of the appliance are also far from satisfactory. The batteries required are outdated. It’d have been better if it worked with a lithium ion battery. Besides, its metal head is also not so effective and may not work for long. It doesn’t clean hard calloused feet as well as it claims.

Ped Egg Reviews – Pros/Advantages

Ped Egg is a revolutionary new foot file that’s not only designed to look unique but also perform well in making your feet look soft and smooth. The secret is the 135 stainless precision micro-files it comes with, which gently remove calluses and dead skin from your feet. It’s designed to look like an egg and fit in your palm snugly, allowing you to use it conveniently. Using Ped Egg is easy and non messy as it’s designed to hold shavings inside its body. Those who suffer heavily callused feet will find Ped Egg very useful. It’s quick a Also it comes in assorted colors to choose from. Ped

Ped Egg Reviews – Complaints/Cons/Disadvantages

Ped Egg looks fantastic on TV but when you start using it, you see the reality. Ped Egg is known to cause a number of problems if not used carefully, such as occurrence of painful, hurting heels. Customers have even complained of bleeding heels after using it. It also tends to cause itchiness in foot. One of the biggest problems Pedi Egg faces is the inferior quality of its blades. They are often found to be spoiled and worn out. Even the entire lot of replacement blades turn out to be dull.

To make matters worse, its body cannot hold all the shavings. You may need to spread some paper below your feet to catch dry shavings, which get scattered. There’s also a chance that the feet can become sore and red that makes walking difficult. One starts wondering whether a simple tool like a foot file could perform better.

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