Pearl Hair Remover vs No No Hair Remover

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Compare What is it? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

What is Pearl Hair Remover?

Pearl Hair Remover is the incredibly easy and safe way to remove unwanted hair quickly and conveniently. It’s a great handy hair removing appliance that helps you get rid of excessive hair painlessly in areas like arms, legs, face, bikini area and others. Pearl Hair Remover glides gently over skin and removes hair without causing any discomfort. It uses no harsh chemicals and is wholly safe for all skin types. Anyone can use it and that too right at home, thus avoiding spending money in expensive salons. Besides, it’s portable and can be used by men as well as women.

What is No No Hair Remover?

no!no! Hair Remover is an exceptionally designed professional hair removal solution that helps you get rid of unwanted hair easily and painlessly. no!no! ably meets the need for quick, convenient and safe hair removal solutions in today’s expensive, fast-paced world. It’s a versatile, handy appliance that helps you remove unwanted hair in the comfort of your home at the fraction of what you spend in salons. It removes hair easily and ensures it doesn’t grow for weeks. What’s more, it requires no harsh chemicals and removes hair quickly. It’s available in two versions, no!no! Hair 8800 and no!no! Hair Classic.


Compare How it Works? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

How does Pearl Hair Remover Work?

Pearl Hair Remover employs revolutionary technology to help you get rid of unwanted hair. When you run it across the skin, its thermotransmitters give out heat, which percolates into the hair follicles that remove hair painlessly and gently. It works on the unique built-in bi-directional optical sensor, which removes hair in two directions instead of one. It comes with specialized attachments like the Maxi Guide which gives great results for arms and legs, and the Micro Guide, which is perfect for sensitive areas. It works on rechargeable battery, requires no harsh chemicals but just Pearl Smoothing Serum and is lightweight in make.

What is No No Hair Remover?

no!no! Hair Remover uses its innovative thermodynamic wire called a Thermicon, which transmits heat to the hair when run on the skin. Thermicon basically uses the scientific principles of thermal transference to conduct a gentle pulse of heat. The thermodynamic wire and built in safety mechanisms of no!no! Hair Remover has helped it adapt to this brilliant professional hair removal technology which makes it safe and effective to be used all by yourself right at home.


Thermicon technology equips no!no! Hair Remover with the professional treatment that yields results you desire. The two models it’s available in work great for all types of hair and skin without any chemicals and mess by removing hair, gently, painlessly and safely.


Compare Reviews, Complaints, Pros/Cons: Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

Pearl Hair Remover Reviews and Complaints

No loud, buzzing noise – The Pearl Hair Remover is very quiet and does not generate noise like other hair removal tools. You can really remove hair peacefully and quickly with The Pearl Hair Remover.


Holding it right – You need proper practice holding The Pearl Hair Remover at correct angle to ensure that its thermo-transmitter works properly to remove hair. You need to make sure that the little light it comes with is turned on to make it function.

Doesn’t remove all hair The Pearl Hair Remover doesn’t really remove all hair, so you have to run it on unaffected areas again.

Hair growth slower – The Pearl Hair Remover does slow down the growth of hair and doesn’t affect sensitive skin either.

No No Hair Remover Complaints

Doesn’t remove all hair in one shot – Don’t expect no!no! Hair Remover to remove all hair easily. It may not work perfectly even in second attempt. As for small areas like the upper lip, chin and sides, there’s a risk that it may burn the skin even if its face attachment is used.

Cannot remove thick, coarse hair with thick growth – no!no! Hair Remover cannot remove hair it’s coarse or the growth is thick. It simply doesn’t reach the roots. You’ll be exasperated with repeated use of the device, which isn’t recommended. It is time-consuming and futile to depend on it.

Doesn’t stop hair growth – no!no! Hair Remover cannot stop or even slow down hair growth, which some others can.

Tends to burn your hair and skin – no!no! Hair Remover can be dangerous as it can burn skin and hair. Moreover it also causes awful smell of burned hair all over the house.

What Technology does it use? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

Pearl Hair Remover – The thermogenic technology

nono Hair Removal – Innovative Thermicon technology


Which of the Body parts Can Be Treated? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

Pearl Hair Remover – Use on Legs, Arms, Face, Bikini Area, and More!

Nono Hair Removal – Safe for all body parts


Does it have any side effects? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

Pearl Hair Remover – Not available

Nono Hair Removal – Possible side effects with no!no! hair removal system include burning, skin taking on dark spots, skin taking on light spots, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Use home hair removal devices only on neck or lower.

How long does a single treatment session last? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

Pearl Hair Remover – For beginners, legs may take 30-45 minutes and less time as your master the technique.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

Nono Hair Removal – 1/2-1hr each session.

Do I need to wear safety glasses or goggles when using it? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

Pearl Hair Remover – No

Nono Hair Removal – no

Does it hurt? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

Pearl Hair Remover – It doesn’t hurt.

Nono Hair Removal – It hurts but just a little bit.

Can men use it? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

Pearl Hair Remover – Yes

Nono Hair Removal – Yes


How long is the period between treatments? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

Pearl Hair Remover – Not available

Nono Hair Removal – We recommend using no!no! 2-3 times a week during the initial stages (2-3 months) of use. With time, you will need to use it less often.

How many treatments are needed to notice results? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

Pearl Hair Remover – Not available

Nono Hair Removal – Some people start to notice the affects after just a few treatments, for others, it may take up to 2 months. However, the average period is between 4-6 weeks.

Is it fda approved? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

Pearl Hair Remover – Not available

Nono Hair Removal – No

Is it safe for use? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

no!no! Hair Remover
Yes it is since there’s no radiation.

Pearl Hair Remover
Although the thermotransmitter tip used in it means you will feel the heat, it’s painless. If used according to directions it doesn’t cause any irritation either. There might be some irritation in case of sensitive skin and applying soothing serum can help in such instances.

Is it an epilator? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

no!no! Hair Remover
Yes as a hair remover it uses a thermodynamic wire called Thermicon. Due to thermal transference that is caused, heat pulse is created, which is then gently transmitted to hair when it’s run on the skin. This thermodynamic wire and the mechanisms that are built in, make no!no! a smart, effective and safe hair removing solution for you to use at home.

Pearl Hair Remover
Yes it is.


Can it be used during pregnancy? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

no!no! Hair Remover – It’s best to consult a doctor before using it.

Pearl Hair Remover – Like every new treatment you want to try in pregnancy, it’s best to consult a doctor in this case too.

Does it make hair thicker? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

no!no! Hair Remover
Some of it might but it grows back finer and thinner. However when you stop using it the normal hair growing pattern will be resumed.

Pearl Hair Remover
Not at all.


Does it cause cancer? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

no!no! Hair Remover – Not sure.

Pearl Hair Remover – Not sure.
No because it doesn’t use any radiation.

Does it stop hair growth permanently? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

no!no! Hair Remover – No, the No No results are not permanent. Except for electrolysis; there is no permanent hair removal. However clinical studies have shown that when no!no! is used for more than 6 weeks there’s a marked reduction in hair growth.

Pearl Hair Remover – No. Because Pearl hair remover works on the same principle as the No No hair remover, it does not stop hair growth permanently.


Does it use radiation? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

no!no! Hair Remover
Both Pearl and No No Hair Remover use Heat which is a form of RADIATION, though it is safe to use.

Can it be used on the face? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

no!no! Hair Remover
It can be used on eyebrows, chin, forehead and upper lip making shaving, waxing and tweezers redundant for you. There is also a small areas tips kit, which you can make the most out of when using on hard to reach areas around ears and eyes. In fact it can be used on all parts of your body.

Pearl Hair Remover
Yes although it’s important to use the appropriate tip (Micro Guide). Use of a mirror, while removing hair on face and neck is a good idea.


Does it work on dark skin? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

no!no! Hair Remover
Since it doesn’t use any light it works on all complexions.

Pearl Hair Remover
It works well on all types of skin

Can kids use it? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

no!no! Hair Remover
You need to keep it out of children’s reach.

Pearl Hair Remover
You must keep it away from children.


Does it leave stubble? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

no!no! Hair Remover
If you run your hand over your skin you might notice slight stubble.

Pearl Hair Remover
When it’s used as per the directions, a micro heat wave is sent down the hair, all the way to the root. It might seem like stubble is left behind but in fact it is crystallized hair. If you want to get silky smooth skin, you can buff the area as directed and moisturize it with soothing serum.

How long do the results last for? Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

no!no! Hair Remover
If not treated for 3-5 months, hair might return to its pre-treatment state. Hence you can maintain the results by its continued use.

Pearl Hair Remover
If not treated for 2-3 hair can grow again . Hence use it continuously.


Final Verdict: Pearl Hair Remover vs No No

The Pearl Hair Remover priced $149.99 (at the official website is a CHEAPER alternative to the much expensive but feature-rich and more popular No!No! Hair Remover. It is also available for $100 at, we think Pearl is reasonably priced at and is cheaper than the No!No hair removal. But that comes at a price, you may don’t find the improtant features like heat intensity adjustment features in the Pearl Hair Remover and you may have to pay dearly for that. So we suggest you buy the No!No! Hair Remover and let go of the Pear Hair Remover.

2 thoughts on “Pearl Hair Remover vs No No Hair Remover

  1. I have been using the Pearl Hair Remover system for the past 8 months or so and found it does slow down and eliminate hair re-growth especially on the legs. I do find it exasperating though because even with a new head in the device, it will miss lots of hair. To be fair I give this device a 6 out of 10. It does get HOT on the skin so it can burn. Both the Pearl and the no no! cause the same damage to skin’s surface, ie: it burns the top layer of the skin so therefore it looks like you have bleach out spots on your skin. I definitely do not recommend it for the face area and go easy everywhere else, unless you like bleached out looking skin that is.

  2. No!No! Hair Remover Cons: I have only purchased the no!no! and loved it at the start. Now, it won’t remove all my hair, and is very annoying. And when I do it on my knees, sometimes it hurts, a sharp pain that shoots quickly. My skin also feels prickly after, which means there are more hairs that it missed which have started growing. This means the no!no! won’t remove all my hair and I can’t even use it on my knees.

    No!No! Hair Remover Pros: Although I am angry at the no!no!, one time I decided not to use it at all. My hair looked like it was growing more. I didn’t use anything to get rid of my hair for about a month (it was winter). Then I realized the no!no! reduced my hair growth and when I didn’t use it, it started growing like it did before again, just like it said it would on the booklet.

    I’m pretty sure The Pearl Hair Remover is the same, because they both radiate a gentle heat to get rid of the unwanted hair. If there is anyone who has purchased The Pearl, please tell me after 2 weeks of using if it’s any better.

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