Party Bullet vs Magic Bullet Review

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Party Bullet

Now you can entertain a house full of guests at your next party and keep the drinks flowing with this path breaking countertop mixologist. Making your favorite drinks and beverages has never been easier; this product is boosted by three fantastic features, the revolutionary Yuki Blade that turns ice into snow and make frosty drinks, Spin and Sip party goblets and a mixology manual to make party drinks that will be ideal for barbecues, holidays, pool parties, game days, birthday parties and tailgating as well.

Magic Bullet

You can bid goodbye to those bulky blenders and food processors when you have this super powerful product at home that will do all the jobs your regular appliances can do and a whole lot more, saving you time and effort in the process. Cyclonic cutting zone process with specially designed blades and bullet shaped design means your jobs are done efficiently while you are saved time too. It’s a very easy to use product as well because you don’t have to go through complicated manuals or push any buttons; a simple three step process can do the trick for you. What’s more, there’s hands free operation option as well.

Magic Bullet Complaints

Not a long lasting Blender
It does its job to some extent but only for a short period of time. It’s certainly not a product that will last you for long. Its cheap construction is a sour point as things start falling apart, wheels on the motor base break, making it impossible to use.

Customer service sucks
Your problems only begin with parts that fall apart or break down; there’s more trouble in store when you get to the customer service for replacing these parts. The service is absolutely shambolic and the people on the other end of the phone are so not helpful. It’s an absolute nightmare dealing with them. The company just doesn’t stand by its product.

The Magic Bullet is over-hyped and not good value for money
It works alright for limited tasks like grinding coffee beans for example, but it’s certainly not meant for sterner tests. Try using it to make a basic cauliflower puree and it’s utterly useless. It can’t be used for chopping anything either and you wonder why you have spent your money on a product that can’t do the tasks that it claims to.

One thought on “Party Bullet vs Magic Bullet Review

  1. I only used this party bullet a dozen times. It started smoking. I’m so disappointed in this product. My 10 dollar zoster worked for 4 years. You should be ashamed of this product. More landfill

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