Paint Zoom vs Paint Bullet

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About the product

Paint Zoom
Paint Zoom is your own professional paint sprayer that works like the ultimate painting machine. It’s a lightweight, handy tool that helps you paint like a pro in the fastest, easiest and the most powerful way. It is completely mess-free and helps you cover all the areas in the best way possible. With Paint Zoom you can also stain or varnish flawlessly.

Paint Zoom is designed to save you time and money. Move over the boring old rollers, brushes, paint tryas and more which did more harm than good. All you have to do to use Paint Zoom is just pull the trigger and paint. It sprays paint perfectly in just minutes and leaves no drips or errors behind.


Paint Bullet

Paint Bullet is the revolutionary hand-held spray gun that helps you paint anything, anywhere incredibly fast. Paint Bullet is what professional painters use as a paint sprayer as it paints faster than a speeding bullet easily with one coat coverage. Now you have access to the same performance and finesse of a professional spray gun with Paint Bullet in your hand. All you have to do is load the paint container and pull the trigger to begin painting. It’s a compact, lightweight, one piece hand-held airless sprayer that saves your precious time and money unlike other sprayers. It’s perfect for brick, cement, stucco, wood, glass, wooden fences, indoor and outdoor furniture. It can also be used on large surfaces, corners and tight spots.


Compare Reviews, Complaints, Pros/Cons

Paint Zoom Reviews/Complaints

Not truly an airless paint sprayer
Irrespective of what Paint Zoom claims, it doesn’t function like a genuine airless paint sprayer. It works just like some air pump with a paint bottle attached to it. It cannot make the paint rise and spread evenly over surfaces owing to its limitations.

Cannot cover areas evenly
Paint Zoom simply sprays paint onto the wall but cannot evenly cover any area even if you try adjusting the nozzle and the distance to the wall. The nozzle gets clogged easily and the seal between hose and paint container tends to break with first use. Besides, the hose connection can also break on both ends when it’s overheated.

The machine of paint Zoom gets very hot when in use, which means you cannot keep it near your hips while painting.

Not durable
Most of its parts are not strong and the machine tends to break down easily.


What is the wattage of the motor?

Paint Zoom – Industrial strength, commercial grade motor delivers 650 watts of spraying power

Paint Bullet – 60 watt power motor

What are the spray patterns?

Paint Zoom – Vertical

Horizontal Round

Paint Bullet Vertical

Horizontal Round

What is the capacity of colour container?

Paint Zoom – Capacity: 800ML

Paint Bullet – 800 mL

What is the length of extension cord?

Paint Zoom – Deluxe unit is supplied with a power cord that is 6 feet long. Make sure your power cord is in good condition. When using an extension cord be sure to use a 16 gauge or heavier cord.

Paint Bullet – The cord is 6 feet long.

Can it be used for TEXTURED PAINTS?


Paint Bullet – No

What is the max distance of surface and sprayer?

Paint Zoom – You should spray a maximum of 8” – 12” from a surface, this will give you your maximum spray width.

Paint Bullet – 8″-10″


Where is it made in?

Paint Zoom – Made in China

Paint Bullet – Made in China

Compare weight

Paint Zoom – 2kgs

Paint Bullet – 5.8kg


h3>Pressure Relief Valve

Paint Zoom – Not available

Paint Bullet – Not available.

Paint Sprayers Product Type

Paint Zoom – HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)

Paint Bullet – No info available

Pump Type

Paint Zoom – Turbine

Paint Bullet – Not available.


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