Paint Zoom vs JML Paint Sprayer Pro vs Wagner Power Painter Optimus Review

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Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer

Now you have the option of painting your home with the finesse and efficiency of a professional Paint Zoom. It’s a smart way of painting homes without any mess, rollers, brushes and paint trays either. You get the best coverage from the paint for your home thanks to this powerful and convenient painting machine.

Unlike regular paint sprayers this product does the hard work for you so that you can paint, varnish in a matter of minutes, not hours. You can paint several indoor and outdoor surfaces while saving 50% paint, which will bring you good savings. Made from an ultra durable material, this product lasts long, and the 650watt motor makes it a powerful painting machine for you that also comes with 30-day risk free trial.

JML Paint Sprayer Pro

Who needs to put in a lot of effort painting homes or have to deal with the mess that becomes an integral part of decorating, when you have JML Paint Sprayer Pro? This stunning air brush painting kit gives you the finish you have been looking for, both indoors and outdoors. Those hard to get areas behind sofas and radiators will not be a problem anymore as you get a professional look and uniform finish every time.

No hideous brush strokes either, as you paint away smartly using three settings in this product to gain more control over your painting project and what’s more, you will end up using less paint too. This versatile product can be used with lacquers, emulsions, fence treatments, wood preservations and a whole lot of other applications.



Wagner Power Painter Optimus

Now you have a handheld painting sprayer to make your home projects a lot easier. Wagner Power Painter Optimus makes the most of Optimus Dual-Tip technology that ensures you don’t overspray while you get the fan shaped pattern that professional’s desire. Four different settings in this product make it useful to paint large areas and detailing too and it works for decks, fences, shutters, garages and smaller homes equally well.

The dual tip spray means you get good coverage with painting, long lasting finish and much better paint adhesion. Tungsten-carbide used in the making of these tips means it’s a long lasting solution for you and the product’s performance doesn’t suffer either. The rotatable paint guard lets you change direction while painting. Another highlight of the product is that it can let you spray 7.2 gallons per hour so that you can handle big projects efficiently.

Soft grip handle and backpack reservoir are some of the highlights of the smart design of this product, which is the reason it’s so convenient for use.

Compare motor Wattage

Paint Zoom: Industrial strength, commercial grade motor delivers 650 watts of spraying power.

JML Paint Sprayer Pro: 580 watt.

Wagner Power Painter Optimus: Wagner, Power Painter, Model 320, Wide Shot, 4X Speed Electronic Painting System, 2400 PSI of Power


What are the spray patterns?

Paint Zoom: Vertical, Horizontal and Round

JML Paint Sprayer Pro: Vertical, Horizontal and Round

Wagner Power Painter Optimus: Vertical, Horizontal and Round


What is the capacity of color container?
Paint Zoom: 800ML

JML Paint Sprayer Pro: 800ml

Wagner Power Painter Optimus: The actual usable capacity of the cup is less than 1.5 quarts. 1419 ml.


Compare Volume of Paint Sprayed

Paint Zoom: 7.61 GPH (Gallons Per Hour)

JML Paint Sprayer Pro: 8.0 GPH (Gallons Per Hour)

Wagner Power Painter Optimus: 7.2 GPH (Gallons Per Hour)


What is the length of extension cord?

Paint Zoom: Deluxe unit is supplied with a power cord that is 6 feet long.

JML Paint Sprayer Pro: 4.92 feet

Wagner Power Painter Optimus: 6 feet


What is the length of the hose?
Paint Zoom: 5 feet

JML Paint Sprayer Pro: 4.92 feet

Wagner Power Painter Optimus: No info.


Is it safe to use?

Paint Zoom: Use a respirator or mask. Read all instructions supplied with the
mask to be sure it will provide the necessary protection. Wear protective eyewear. Wear protective clothing as required by coating manufacturer.

JML Paint Sprayer Pro: Always wear the correct protective face mask when spraying. Use of gloves, goggles, and overalls.

Wagner Power Painter Optimus: Use a respirator or mask. Read all instructions supplied with the mask to be sure it will provide the necessary protection. Wear protective eyewear. Wear protective clothing as required by coating manufacturer.


Can it be used for TEXTURED PAINTS?
Paint Zoom: Cannot be used for textured paints. Use of these materials will cause premature wear, which will void your warranty.

JML Paint Sprayer Pro: Cannot be used for textured paints.

Wagner Power Painter Optimus: Cannot be used for textured paints.


What is the max distance of surface and sprayer?
Paint Zoom: 8” – 12”

JML Paint Sprayer Pro: 10″ to 12″

Wagner Power Painter Optimus: 10″ to 12″


Made in?
Paint Zoom: Made in China

JML Paint Sprayer Pro: Made in China

Wagner Power Painter Optimus: Not available

Compare Features and benefit

Paint Zoom Features

  • Simple one-touch operation cuts your time and paint cost in half
  • Advanced spray technology delivers superior, one-coat coverage
  • Reach tight corners and angles with 3-way direct dial sprayhead
  • No Drip application for easy cleanup
  • Eliminates the need for rollers, brushes and paint trays
  • Ultra light and portable
  • Industrial-strength, commercial motor
  • Reach tight corners and angles with 3-way direct-dial sprayhead
  • No-drip application for easy cleanup


JML Paint Sprayer Pro Features

  • Improved easier to use one-piece design
  • Provides good paint coverage
  • No drips or spills
  • 3 paint spray settings
  • Multi- directional nozzle
  • No pumping required
  • Holds 800ml of paint
  • Storage hook included


Wagner Power Painter Optimus

  • Electronic 4-speed control for spraying large surfaces and detail work such as trim
  • Optimus Dual Tip Technology provides even coverage, less overspray and more control
  • 1.5 quart cup – 7.2 GPH(gallons per hour)
  • Draw directly from cup or can with 6 foot remote suction tube
  • Backpack for maximum mobility

Compare What do I get? and Price

Paint Zoom Kit

  • You will get the complete Paint Zoom system, which includes the 650-watt power motor, the easy-to-use 3-way spray attachment & a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Painter’s Tape
  • 2 Large Drop-Cloths

Price: $99.99 + $19.95 S & P. Official website | |


JML Paint Sprayer Pro Kit

  • Viscosity Cup
  • Paint Container
  • Main unit with 800ml reservoir
  • 1.5m hose
  • 1.5m carrying strap

Price: £29.99. Official website


Wagner Power Painter Optimus Kit

  • Power Painter Max with Optimus Technology
  • Dual tips
  • 1.5-quart paint reservoir
  • 6-foot dual hose set
  • Dual hose fitting
  • Quick-flush lid
  • Container clip
  • Backpack assembly
  • Oil lubricant
  • Cleaning brush
  • Carrying case

Price: $134.99 at Official website |



Paint Zoom Deluxe Reviews/Complaints

It has its limitations
You can’t expect the world out of this product because it is not meant to be all that. It is an air pump that has a paint bottle attached to it. And that is bound to have its problem like having to handle the viscosity of the paint precisely. That can be a time consuming and tedious exercise. You also need to remember that it can lead to mess around.

Doesn’t give decent coverage
At best the product can throw some paint at the desired area but the coverage you get is abysmal. You don’t expect a product to fall so short of expectations. It also takes a long time to get decent enough coverage, which is disappointing. It can be a huge waste of your time, not to mention the paint.

Not a well-made product
There can be breakages, like the seal between the hose and the container can come undone. It’s also annoying that the machine gets hot and can be tricky to handle.


JML Paint Sprayer Pro Reviews and Complaints

Not that easy to spray
And that’s particularly true if you are using emulsions because it has to be diluted down to really thin extent for it to work, but that means there are many coatings required. It’s supposed to make things easier for you but it only makes them harder and wastes your time.

Wagner Power Painter Optimus

Many issues for starters
You expect the product to work as it claims but the paint splatters on the wall and you don’t get an even spray. The paint has to be really thinned down and the suction pump is a bit dodgy to get working as well.

It takes a lot of time
If you manage to get it working and get the paint diluted to required extent, then there are further problems to deal with because it takes ever so long to get a good spray pattern. You really have to toil over this product, which is supposed to take up less of your time. At best this product can be used for outdoor surfaces where the finish doesn’t matter.

Customer service is terrible
You are going to be hugely disappointed and annoyed speaking to customer service desk because the staff is rude, unfriendly and not helpful at all. More waste of your time.

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  1. A good product but then gun leaks at times and the spray patterns is course for finer jobs. Else a good an convenient product.

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