Paint Pad Pro vs Point N Paint

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Compare What is it? Paint Pad Pro vs Point N Paint

What is Paint Pad Pro – It is a unique painting system that promises you a quick and easy way to paint your walls.

What is Point N Paint – It is a painting system that claims to save you time, money and effort while getting you professional quality results.

Verdict – While both the painting systems work on similar principles, we believe Point N Paint has an edge given the quality of results it offers. That makes it the winner for us in this category.

Compare How does it work? Paint Pad Pro vs Point N Paint

How does Paint Pad Pro work? – It comes with a special tray and roller, which makes it easy to apply the paint. You can roll the pad over it and take off any excess paint with the ridge on the edge of the tray, according to its claims. The attachable handle allows you to reach those hard to get areas while the pointed tip means you can paint smoothly without any splatters or lather.

Paint Pad Pro stresses that it can be used on textured and embossed paper as well. At its heart is a dual purpose applicator pad that has thousands of bristles bonded to full suspension backing. It enables the paint system to follow the contours of the surface and the result is like dozens of brushes are working together to offer you convenience and save you time.

It’s smart design and superior construction ensures that it is a long term solution for you. It assures you that now the paint will either be on your wall or the pad. Overall it claims to give you the speed of rollers and precision of a brush. Thus you get maximum coverage without a lot of effort.


How does Point N Paint work? – This painting system assures you an easy way of painting while you are saved time as well. The secret lies in the fact that it holds eight times more paint than the brush. As a result you spend more time painting and are saved time needed to reload the system.

To start with this system you can pour the paint in the no spill tray before loading it into the pad painting tools. With the edge of the system you can glide along the moldings, corners and get around the fixtures and fittings as well.

It stresses on the fact that there will be no brush strokes or runs when you paint. What’s more, you can paint an entire room in less than an hour.

Verdict – We like the functioning of Point N Paint, but the pads used in Paint Pad Pro ensure that you paint with precision and in double quick time. That’s why it is the winner in this category for us.

Compare Price: Paint Pad Pro vs Point N Paint

Paint Pad Pro – £9.99

Point N Paint – $15.08

Verdict – There are similar in price and there’s not a lot to choose between them here.

Compare What do I get? Paint Pad Pro vs Point N Paint

Paint Pad Pro
1 x Paint Pad Pro
1 x Built in Mini Edger
2 x Large Paint Pads
2 x Small Paint Pads
1 x Non slip paint tray
1 x Built in application roller

Point N Paint – You get your entire Point N Paint system with two large paint pads and two small pads.

Verdict – You get same number of pads with both the paint systems, and that’s why we think they are both even here.

Compare REVIEWS: Paint Pad Pro vs Point N Paint

Paint Pad Pro Reviews

Too many problems – Blake who used Paint Pad Pro complained in his review that though he was excited to receive his product, the enthusiasm died down right at the onset. The first problem was that the pads were very difficult to assemble with the holder and finally when you manage to do that, you realize pretty quickly that it’s a huge mistake. When you fill the pads with paint they don’t stay attached and fall off. The results leave a lot to be desired because it’s patchy and streaky and you have to clean the mess. He has now decided to return the paint system and get his money back. He doesn’t think it’s a technological breakthrough at all and is back to using his trusted roller and tray.

Disastrous results – Alan who reviewed Paint Pad Pro exposed in his review that he just about managed to put the whole system together and use it, but to disastrous results. The pads flew off instantly and trying to fit them back with all the paint around them was a tricky proposition. He then tried to use the small pad on the edges of the wall, but the paint seeped right through. He adds that his son had the same problems using the system he bought, which makes him believe that it either has serious design issues or is just a scam. For more Paint Pad Pro reviews, visit this page.

Point N Paint Reviews

No coverage – Rita who bought Point N Paint complained in her review that she tried to use it to paint the nursery for her kid but got no coverage from it whatsoever. She was also annoyed that the extender handle was broken and there was the design issue with the roller being on the side. Overall, it was a terrible experience for her and thinks buying this paint system is a waste of your money.

Nothing unique about it – Juan who used Point N Paint exposed in his review that though they claim it is an innovative concept, it is really nothing more than a sponge and a handle with no paint brush on it. He believes it’s only the tray and roller in the system that is useful, but then you can buy that cheaply in a local store. He was also annoyed that it took over 10 days for it to arrive from China.

Doesn’t live up to the claims – Keisha who reviewed Point N Paint revealed in her review that the paint does drip and it doesn’t edge well at all. Halfway through her painting job, the foam pads ripped apart and that was a nuisance. Another problem for her was the fact that it doesn’t work with standard poles. It might do an okay job but she doesn’t think it’s worth the money you pay for it.

Verdict – Both Paint Pad Pro and Point N Paint claim to save you time and effort while painting, but don’t deliver the results you expect from them. You might be better off using a regular tray and roller instead.

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