Oster MyBlend vs Nutribullet Review

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Nutribullet Pros/Advantages

Powerful Motor
The 60 watt motor of Nutribullet makes it so effective; it can convert fruits and vegetables into health drinks with ease. The cyclonic motion used here is path breaking in many ways and gives you results that you can’t see with other blenders. And the exclusive blade design works wonders when doing its job too.

You will never run out of options when it comes to making health drinks using Nutribullet because it’s very versatile. The ease with which you can make drinks out of a variety of foods and fruits, from soymilk to frozen fruit is astonishing. And the results are quite good. You can even add your calcium and vitamin tabs and they will be pulverized into your health drink.

It’s very well made, clearly using top quality material. That’s the reason it’s quite sturdy and that’s something you want from your blender when you are investing your money in it. This one has the potential of being your long term companion in the kitchen.

Cleaning it is a breeze
Now you have the option of individualizing your smoothies and blending, cleaning them in one cup. That’s a lot easier than having to take the whole blender apart and that’s goes in the favour of this blender.

Reasonably priced
You think you’d have to pay big amounts for a top range blender like this one, but that’s not the case at all. It’s quite affordable making it great value for your money.

Nutribullet Cons/Disadvantages

Cups are quite tacky
In fact their quality is not up to the mark at all. They get worn out rather quickly; only after using for a couple of weeks. There are times when plastic parts might fall apart completely making the machine completely useless.

Returns are tricky, customer service appalling
You are made to run around in circles if you want to return the blender if you are not happy with it. It can be a big nuisance and matters are made worse by the customer service of the company, which is not helpful at all. You also have to pay high handling charges for returns, which can burn a hole in your pocket, especially for a bad product like this one.

After only a few uses you will start noticing leaks in the unit, which is a bit letdown. The leak can get down to the motor and that is a hazard waiting to happen.

Recipes are a disaster
You are given recipes for smoothies and health drinks but if you choose to follow them you are in for big disappointment. Most of them turn out to be a complete mess; they are watered down and needlessly foamy. If you want good results you will have to keep tweaking the recipes.

Can break down
In fact the machine can stop working after a few uses and you will have to try hard to get the cup out when that happens. The machine might completely stop working in such instances.

Oster My Blend Review – Pros/Advantages

Does its job well
You will be happy to find that this blender mixes and blends well, which is its primary job. The blender comes on automatically when it’s plugged in and the simple blending or pulsating option makes it very easy to use.

You end up stirring in case of full size blenders as well but there are no such problems with this one. It can make brilliant protein shakes for the health conscious and the results are outstanding.

Easy, quick and efficient to use
You don’t want to struggle with your blender when you are trying to make healthy breakfast in the morning and are hard pressed for time. Thankfully that will never be an issue with Oster My Blend because it’s easy to use and does the job quickly. Crushing ice or making frozen yoghurt, nothing seems to be a problem for this cool blender. It helps you make healthy breakfast on the go rather quickly.

It has a clever design
In fact it’s one of the highlights of this blender. The fact that the blades are a different attachment to the lid works well. The blade can be removed easily when you want to use it to drink by simply replacing it with the lid; it’s very clever.

Easy clean up
You will be pleased to find that the clean-up of the blender after you are done using it is quite straightforward. You also get a detailed manual for use and clean-up, which makes it a breeze.

Oster My Blend Cons/Disadvantages/Complaints

Bad execution
It seems like a novel idea that has gone into the making of this blender but the problem is that it’s not executed well at all. You use it for a few times and there is a risk of it getting overheated, which has to be a strict no-no. What’s worse is that you have to keep mixing ingredients manually from time to time to ensure that everything is blended well.

The design is shoddy
It’s one of the biggest drawbacks of this blender; the lid is just not up to the mark. That can lead to spills and leaks from the top, which will create a mess for you to clean up later. There is a malfunction with the blade assembly, which is a big nuisance because it can get stuck. And the problem cannot be solved easily; you have to turn it upside down and to get the cup on and off, which can only cause more leaks.

Tricky to use
One has to be very careful with putting the bottle into the blade base because the motor gets activated as soon as it touches. As a result there can be flakes of black rubber all over the counter. That’s just not what you expect from a blender that you pay good amounts for.
It’s not very convenient to use on the whole and there are many manoeuvres you have to keep making to ensure that it works, but then it fails badly.

Compare Features

Oster My Blend Features:

  • Prepare smoothies, diet drinks or protein shakes anywhere by only filling and blending.
  • Powerful 250-Watt Ice-Crushing Blender
  • 20-oz. BPA-Free Sport Bottle
  • Fast and Easy One-Touch Blending Action
  • Re-usable and Dishwasher-safe


NutriBullet Features: NutriBullet pulverizes fruits, vegetables, super foods and protein shakes into a smooth texture high-torque power base and 600-watt motor.

Power, patented blade design and cyclonic action extract all nutrients from food Includes one power base, one tall cup, two short cups, one flat blade, one emulsifying blade, two re-sealable lids, pocket nutritionist and manual with recipes.

Compare What do I get? And Price

Oster My Blend

  • Oster MyBlend Blender
  • Rubber Seal
  • Jar Bottom Cap
  • Instruction Manual
  • Blending Blade
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

All this for just $29.99. Official website Oster.com


  • NutriBullet Blender
  • The extractor blade
  • The milling blade
  • The power base
  • The tall cup
  • 1 short cup and 1 handled comfort lip ring
  • 1 handled short cup and 1 comfort lip ring
  • 2 stay fresh resealable lids
  • 1 user guide and recipe book
  • 1 pocket nutritionist
  • Nutribullet one year limited warranty
  • 30 days money back guarantee

All this for just $119.94. Official website NutriBullet.com


Compare Motor Wattage

Oster My Blend: 250 watt
Nutribullet: 600 watt


Is it Dishwasher Safe?

Oster My Blend: Yes

Nutribullet: Yes, all of the NutriBullet cups and lids are top rack dishwasher safe. The only things that cannot go in the dishwasher are the NutriBullet motor base and blades.


What is the container made of?

Oster My Blend: Plastic

Nutribullet: All of the NutriBullet Cups are made out of non-toxic high-impact plastic. Unlike glass, they do not shatter when dropped. They do not contain any BPA (Bisphenol A) or Phthalates.


Compare Blades

Oster My Blend: Stainless still
Nutribullet: Stainless still


Compare colors available

Oster My Blend: Pink, light powder blue, green, orange.

Nutribullet: Black


Is it BPA Free?

Oster My Blend: Yes
Nutribullet: Yes


Does it make soups?
Oster My Blend: No, it does not make soups as it requires a bigger blender.

NutriBullet: Yes, it does.


Does it extract nutrients?
Oster My Blend: It is not a nutrient extractor; it is not suitable for juice extraction.

NutriBullet: Yes, it can.


Does it crush/chop ice?
Oster My Blend: It crushes ice although you have to keep it turning off and on to prevent ice from getting stuck under the blade.

NutriBullet: No


Does it do wheatgrass?
Oster My Blend: No

NutriBullet: No


Does it destroy fiber?
Oster My Blend: It makes blended smoothie, which doesn’t destroy fiber unless a high-speed, professional blender.

NutriBullet: It does not destroy the fiber but just breaks down food into healthy nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes etc.


Does it grind seeds?
Oster My Blend: It grinds coffee beans and sprouted grains.

NutriBullet: It does not grind flax and raspberry seeds fully.


Does it grind coffee?
Oster My Blend: Yes, it does.

NutriBullet: Yes, it does.


Does it help you lose weight?
Oster My Blend: Yes, Oster My Blend blends ice, fruit, milk, water and ingredients that even weight watchers prefer.

NutriBullet: Yes, NutriBullet makes healthy drinks that help you lose weight, fight illnesses and enhance your health.


Can it juice carrots?
Oster My Blend: It blends carrots as well as ice, kale, bananas and walnuts perfectly.

NutriBullet: Yes, NutriBullet is able to juice carrots.


Does it leak?

Oster My Blend: The cap on the cup of Oster My Blend may spill ingredients being processed if it’s turned over. It also tends to leak while blending.

NutriBullet: It can leak but most users believe that if it leaks, it’s only when not used properly. If ingredients are over-crammed in the container, it can result in leaking.


Is it easy to clean?
Oster My Blend: Yes, Oster My Blend is easy to clean as it has dishwasher-safe design, which allows for easy cleaning.

NutriBullet: Except for NutriBullet’s motor base, all its parts including blades and lids are dishwasher safe.


Does it make Smoothies?
Oster My Blend: Yes, it makes smoothies.
NutriBullet: Yes, it makes smoothies.


Is it loud?
Oster My Blend: It is a bit louder than others.

NutriBullet: It sounds as loud as loud as any blender.


3 thoughts on “Oster MyBlend vs Nutribullet Review

  1. I like using the Oster My Blend better than the Nutribullet:

    1) Price is only $29 and the Nutribullet is $99 big difference.
    2) Blends about the same.
    3) The sports bottle that comes with the Oster fits standard cup holders.

  2. So the Oster is pressure activated and you plug it in before you screw on the cup? No wonder it is chunking up black plastic. Why not plug it in after the cup is attached, would make more sense with a one speed pressure activated blender.

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