Optimum 9400 vs Thermomix vs Nutribullet

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Compare What is it: Optimum 9400 vs Thermomix vs Nutribullet

About Optimum 9400

It claims that it is a globally recognized appliance regarded as the best in the market and is as an exceptionally versatile appliance that performs 15 different functions. Its blades spin at a speed of up to 49,000 rpm. It guarantees it does more than what regular blenders can while preparing the finest smoothies, juices, restaurant-quality meals and more.

About Thermomix

It is a twelve in one kitchen appliance created with a unique, ultramodern design and digital features via touchscreen technology, it performs single handedly functions such as weighing, mixing, chopping, milling, kneading, blending, steaming, cooking, beating, precise heating, stirring and emulsifying.

About Nutribullet

It is a sleek kitchen appliance that processes ingredients by extracting nutrients out of every part of fruits and vegetables unlike any other appliance. It helps reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar and guarantees good health, energy and strength.


Compare How does it work: Optimum 9400 vs Thermomix vs Nutribullet

How does Optimum 9400 work?

The Optimum 9400 operates with a 2,238 – 2,611 Watt motor and a 20, 35 and 45 second automatic blending panel or a variable speed control dial. It has a 6-blade assembly that rotates at a speed of 44,000 rpm.

How does Thermomix work?

Thermomix boasts of hi-tech functions as it combines functions of twelve appliances in one and brings the digital world in your kitchen. It has a huge collection of recipes online for you to view and refer to conveniently as an owner.

How does Nutribullet work?

The highlight of the Nutribullet is the function it carries out by breaking down ingredients into their most nourishing state. Within moments it pulverizes every single part of fruits and vegetables minutely like no other appliance and serves you the healthiest fiber-rich recipes like meals, smoothies, juices and more.


Compare Features and Benefits: Optimum 9400 vs Thermomix vs Nutribullet

Optimum 9400 Features

Optimum 9400 comes with a motor that reaches up to 2,611 Watts and blades that spin with nearly 48,000 rpm speed. It has a 20, 35 and 45 second automatic blending panel or a variable speed control dial, 6-blade assembly and more.

Optimum 9400 Benefits

Optimum 9400 goes beyond ordinary blenders in terms of functions, features and experience that help you prepare an array of meals, smoothies and more in a jiffy. It blends ingredients instantly, crushes frozen food at an incredible speed, freezes mix for ice cream and heats soups with equal flair without generating loud noise.

Thermomix Features

Thermomix comes equipped with features like digital technology, unique locking bars, electronic motor protection and more.

Thermomix Benefits

Thermonix guarantees the ultimate comfort and convenience in kitchen as it can perform functions of 12 appliances independently. It is also notable for Recipe Chips, its exclusive interchangeable storage devices that include a collection of recipes in digital form. It provides the luxury of digital technology, saves space in kitchen, cuts down on cooking time and makes things easy.


Nutribullet Features

Nutribullet boasts of sophisticated attachments like the extractor blade, the milling blade and others that make it possible for it to extract and emulsify the toughest of parts like seeds and nuts. It is a smart-looking slender appliance that crushes ingredients into their most nourishing state in a jiffy.

Nutribullet Benefits

With Nutribullet in your kitchen there’s no need to look elsewhere for whipping up the healthiest, tastiest and nutrients-rich recipes. It converts ordinary fruits and veggies into superfoods by enhancing nutrients absorption by extracting them out of every part. It helps you prepare delicious nutrient-rich soups, dressings, desserts, ice creams, dips and more along with flawless processing of foods in various stages. It guarantees to help you keep diseases at bay, lose weight, get relief from joint pain and improve overall quality of life.

Compare Wattage: Optimum 9400 vs Thermonix vs Nutribullet

Optimum 9400 : 2,238 – 2,611 Watt motor

Thermomix : 500 Watt motor

Nutribullet : 600 watt motor

Compare Horsepower: Optimum 9400 vs Thermonix vs Nutribullet

Optimum 9400 : 3 Horsepower motor

Thermomix : 0.65 Horsepower motor

Nutribullet : 0.78 Horsepower motor

Verdict : Optimum 9400 is a clear winner here with its powerful 3 hp motor.

Compare Motor Speed (RPM): Optimum 9400 vs Thermonix vs Nutribullet

Optimum 9400 : 44,000- 48,000 rpm

Thermomix : Speed continuously adjustable from 100 to 10,700 rpm


: 10,000 RPM

Compare Speed Settings: Optimum 9400 vs Thermonix vs Nutribullet

Optimum 9400 : 9 Speed Control Settings

Thermomix : Special speed setting (alternating mode)

Nutribullet :

Compare Blade Speed

Optimum 9400

Blades can spin at a speed of up to 48,000 rpm.


Speed of blade reaches up to 10,700 rpm


Generates cyclonic action and rotates at 10,000 RPM

Compare Material

Optimum 9400

Heat-Resistant BPA free jug and stainless steel blades


High grade plastic material, stainless steel blades and mixing bowls •


Non-toxic high-impact plastic. BPA- free body


Compare Safety Features

Optimum 9400

It is made of heat-resistant BPA material and is prescribed for safe wet and dry applications.


It is constructed from heat-resistant BPA material, top quality plastic and stainless steel components.


NutriBullet Cups are made out of non-toxic high-impact plastic. They are unbreakable and BPA-free.

Compare Cooling Fan

Optimum 9400

Made of iron



Made of plastic

Compare Blade Assembly

Optimum 9400

6 Stainless Steel Blade Assembly



Compare Noise

Optimum 9400

Noise level minimal at 80-90 decibels


Not very noisy


Not noisy


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