NutriBullet Vs Ninja Pulse Review

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Here is a comparison of NutriBullet Vs Ninja Pulse . Compare features, specifications, reviews complaints etc.

Compare What is it and How it works? NutriBullet Vs Ninja Pulse

What is NutriBullet and How it works?

Transform your everyday food into superfood that will make you live a longer, more energetic, active and healthier life with NutriBullet, which is not a juicer or a blender but an extractor of the best of nutrition from your vegetables and fruits for your consumption. A juicer rips off all the fiber from your fruits and vegetables and a blender leaves big chunks. But NutriBullet, unlike traditional juicers and blenders, breaks down the ingredients of the food completely to give you better nutrition and absorption of nutrients like fiber, vitamins, calcium and iron. The 600 watt motor, great extractor blade and the cyclonic action like a bullet help in busting open seeds and nuts, shredding the toughest of skin and cracking through stems. Blenders make smoothies for you but NutriBullet gives you supercharged nutriblast that you need to consume just once a day to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, balance blood sugar, burn fats, and get relief from migraines too. It is easy to operate and clean. It is half the size of a blender with twice the power, has a supersized 24 oz pitcher, two 18 oz mugs and you also get a superfood recipe book with NutriBullet.

What is Ninja Pulse and How it works?

Getting yummy, evenly smooth and at the same time extremely healthy food has never been easier. If you think making delectable juices, smoothies, and frozen coffee drinks was a lot of hard work involving the use of different kitchen appliances, you need to get yourself Ninja Pulse, the food processing system that is high performing and at the same time compact and great for personal blending. The Ninja BL201 Kitchen System Pulse Blender can easily process whole vegetables and fruits and you can also use it for kneading dough – something juicers or blenders cannot do – and juice, process food and blend frozen food. Ninja Pulse will save a lot of your time and effort since it combination of functions of many kitchen appliances rolled into one. The integrated Ninja blade technology and pulsing helps you get consistently blended and processed food each time. Ninja Pulse includes a 40 oz bowl and unique pulse system lid and all the parts of the food processing system are easy to clean as they are dishwasher friendly. Processing food in Ninja Pulse is absolutely safe as it is BPA-free. You get all these features at a reasonable price too.

Compare Features: NutriBullet Vs Ninja Pulse

NutriBullet Features & Specifications

NutriBullet is a 12-Piece mixer system or a high-speed blender created by Magic Bullet. It pulverizes fruits, vegetables, protein shakes and superfood into an even texture. Portable, easy to use and safe for kids, Nutri-Bullet gives you best nutrition and healthiest lifestyle by extracting all the essential nutrients from your food. The secret of NutriBullet’s effortless pulverization lies in its 600-watt motor, high-torque power, cyclonic action and high-end blade design. The mixer system comes complete with a power base, 1 flat blade and 1 emulsifying blade, 1 tall cup, which is a 24 oz pitcher and 2 short cups that are 18 oz mugs, 2 patented re-sealable lids, manual and instruction guide, and a delicious recipe book which also serves as a nutrition guide. NutriBullet has more power and more capacity compared to any other blender or juicer in the market. It is 12.9 x 9 x 13 inches in size and weighs just about 7.4 pounds. It can slice through toughest of skins, bust open nuts and seeds and crack through stems to give you the goodness of all the parts of a fruit or vegetable. It is as easy to clean NutriBullet as it is to use it.

Ninja Pulse Features & Specifications

If you need a magic product in your kitchen that will save your time and make work easier then get yourself Ninja Pulse, an innovative food processing system that is high performing and at the same time compact and easy to use. Great for personal blending and food processing, Ninja Pulse can easily process whole vegetables and fruits and frozen fruits, yogurt and ice. But unlike regular juicers and blenders apart from juicing, blending and making smoothies Ninja Pulse can also knead dough. It’s a great combination of several kitchen appliances rolled into one and has a Ninja blade technology and pulsing incorporated in it that gives you evenly and smoothly blended and processed food each time you use it. Ninja Pulse includes a 40 oz bowl and patented pulse system lid. It does not operate on a battery and its primary color is black. At 12.0 x 8.0 x 13.0 it weighs just about 8.45 lbs. It is easy to operate, BPA free and all its parts are dishwasher safe. Ninja Pulse has a big container with two blades and two smaller personal cups with one blade each that works great for softer foods like fruits, ice cream and yogurt.

Compare Pros: NutriBullet Vs Ninja Pulse

NutriBullet Pros/Advantages

NutriBullet, not a juicer or a blender but the powerful extractor of vital nutrients from your food, turns your ordinary food into superfood by giving you Nutriblast. Operating on 600 watts motor it can shred tough skins, break through stems and open seeds whether it is almonds, chia seeds, chard, kale, prunes, broccoli or frozen berries. It works just as great on spinach and banana. You can just pop everything into the container and blend it into a consistent smoothie, which is neither too solid nor to liquid. NutriBullet is especially a good idea for people who do not like consuming green vegetables and in turn miss out on the essential nutrition that greenies have. Mix and blend all the greenies and other fruits together to get a non-green smoothie that your kid would love to have. This also keeps you full while giving the essential nutrition like fiber, vitamins, iron, calcium, etc so you can prevent obesity, keep your cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure in control and lead a healthy life. A juicer would give you half the nutrition since it leaves the pulp out but NutriBullet makes a nutriblast that is absorptive and nutritious. Traditional juicers and blenders take a lot of time to give you juices and smoothies but NutriBullet takes just about 30 seconds to make one. Juicers and blenders are also a nightmare to clean after use but NutriBullet can just be rinsed in the right way to keep it clean. So it takes about three minutes to make a smoothie and to clean NutriBullet. It’s a lot more compact and occupies half the space of a regular blender, juicer or food processing system and is also much quiter. You also get a manual, instruction guide and a healthy recipe book along with NutriBullet.

Ninja Pulse Pros/Advantages

If you are looking for a smart blender that will give you perfectly blended smoothie or chop your spinach and kale perfectly, Ninja Pulse is the product for you. The compact and personal blender will give you your daily juice, smoothie or even puree on the go. Ninja Pulse is very easy to operate and lightweight enough to handle easily. One of the biggest advantages Ninja Pulse has over other food processing systems is that its secure base prevents the juice or smoothie from dripping. The water-tight gasket also ensures you can thin your juice as much as you like without any leakage messing your blender and kitchen counter. The smoothie blends absolutely well in Ninja Pulse and the personal size of the blender at 40 oz makes sure you do not waste food by pouring too much content in the container. Because of its 700 watt motor and a smaller in size jar Ninja Pulse makes for a great food processor. It cuts vegetables and fruits evenly and can also make puree within no time and rather effortlessly. Ninja Pulse can also be used to knead dough and you can use the cookie paddle to whip up cookie dough that comes out neatly and effortlessly especially if you are making smaller batches of cookies. The blender is great for blending frozen drinks and yogurt. It also saves a lot of your kitchen and storage space since it is much more compact than other blenders and food processing systems. Also, cleaning Ninja Pulse is a breeze. Every part of the blender can be tossed into the dishwasher to clean it. So even if your kids want different flavors of smoothies, you can make smaller quantity of smoothies and clean up for the next flavor easily and satisfy their taste buds.

Compare Cons: NutriBullet Vs Ninja Pulse

NutriBullet Cons/Disadvantages

Even though NutriBullet makes you healthy by retaining all the essential nutrients like fiber, calcium, vitamins and iron unlike regular juicers and blenders and is also a breeze to clean, it has a drawback that its lids leak. No matter how hard you screw the blade into the base, a few seconds into blending or extracting, the juice or smoothie will spill all over the kitchen counter or your table. Often times the amount of leakage is not too large but it does leak a little especially if you miss the max mark on the inside then it would leak a lot and the liquid enters the base. Adding to the disadvantage is the fact that it is impossible to clean the base of NutriBullet and once the juice or smoothie enters it, you can do nothing about it thereby giving rise to the risk of ants entering it or even mould building in it. There can also be complaints of some grit of the fruit or vegetables like any regular blender. What’s more, if you keep the smoothie made in NutriBullet for about 10 minutes, you will see the pulp and the juice separating in your cup even if you use a lot of water to blend. NutriBullet is also known to stop working abruptly within a few minutes after just a couple of uses and the cup also sticks into the base along with your smoothie in it. Even when unplugged, in one instance NutriBullet started making strange noises several times in a night. In spite of being a pulverizer with 600 watt motor, high-tech blades and cyclonic action, in another instance NutriBullet did not manage to shred lettuce, pear, banana or lemon even when the quantity of the food was reduced to half in the second attempt.

Ninja Pulse Cons/Disadvantages

Ninja Pulse is a food processing system that also kneads dough even for cookies. However, given the small size of the jar, you need to make several batches of cookies and you can knead only about half the amount of dough compared to other blenders. You also might need to keep scraping the sides of the jar time and again. Ninja Pulse has small and more personal cups so you cannot make big servings of smoothies or juices big for the entire family at once. There has been complaint of it not starting as power did not reach the blender.

NutriBullet Vs Ninja Pulse - Side By Side Comparison

31 thoughts on “NutriBullet Vs Ninja Pulse Review

  1. I bought the Nutri Ninja Pro 900 in April. In September I couldn’t remove the cup from the base after blending. Called the company, they sent a replacement, very quick, courteous customer service. This month November, same thing could not remove the cup from base. Replacement sent quickly. After 4 days of using the unit, it won’t blend. Attach the cup, and nothing, motor won’t start. They want to send yet a third replacement. Really? How many times is this going to happen? Oh, and my 30 year old Oster Blender gives me a smoother smoothie. I use lots of seeds and nuts, I would not recommend using/buying this product.

  2. So you people are saying that if you want a very good blender/juicer which works as advertised – then my best
    bet is to buy the Ninja IQ Extractor and to forget the nice-looking 900 Watt NutriBullet ;[ because of all the motor
    problems and leakage problems with even the 900 Watt NutriBullet]!!??

    Also sounds like there is not much of a warranty on the NutriBullet Machine from some of the comments made.

  3. I’ve had 2 Nutribullet same problem with both. They do not blend to a smooth consistency, also leakage issue and the motor stopping in both. It would stop working then start again after a few days. Think I’m going to try the Nutri Ninja now as my bullet has completely stopped working. Great reviews on u-tube.

  4. I have the nutribullet pro. I love it and have used it continuously for about 3 months. However, about a month ago it stopped working. I called customer service and they told me to let it rest for a day. It started working right away… but about every three days it stopped working. I let it rest for a day and it started working. Now it doesn’t work at all. Found out that their service policy requires that you PAY for THEIR defect. So, it is useless. I would like to just buy a replacement as I still have 2 small cups (which we never use), a medium and a large. We actually only use the large one as my husband and I make the extractions twice a day with breakfast and lunch and share. The superfood I highly recommend. However, this is really irritating as we have only owned the thing for a few months. I am not willing to wait. I am going to go buy another extractor… pffffftttt! I am researching to see which one I will buy… I have not made my decision yet. Wish I could find someone locally to repair it…. I don’t think it is made very well.

  5. Well I just watched the info commercial on TV and now I am reading all the complaints about leaking. Let me say the lack of service from customer service and then also being told to buy a new machine by so many different people ( got to be some truth). I will not be buying this product. I need to know the manufactor stands behind IT’S product.

  6. Agree with Chris W’s comments. Havingthe same problem after 3 months. “When the bearing seizes, the assembly will emit a loud noise and actually force the burnt lubricant back into the contents. This can be verified by running clear water in the container for 20 seconds causing the water to turn foggy gray.”

    Others I know are experiencing this, too. DO NOT BUY!!!

  7. For Christmas this year I received the Ninja Pulse and I love it. It is very easy to use and extremely easy to clean. The portion size is perfect, I feel if it made anymore than it would be a waste. If you need anymore than it only takes a few minutes to make some more. Anyhow the kids love to make there own and makes them feel like they are a part of the process.

      • Maybe there’s a difference between the 600 series and the 900 series of the Nutribullet because I have never had any leakage whatsoever, I tend to overfill it as well, but I have the 900 series. So I will have to agree with Sharon. However, I am considering the Ninja because it can do so much more. The kids love the Nutribullet because it’s easy to use and it tastes really good.

  8. I own both the Nutribullet and the Ninja Ultra Kitchen System and do agree that the Nutribullet does leak at times. However, the worst problem with the Nutribullet is the loud noise coming from the blade assembly when the bearing seizes. The shaft size is too small and actually spins within the bearing (bearing to shaft spin) causing the lubricant to burn-up and exit out the rear of the assembly. When the bearing seizes, the assembly will emit a loud noise and actually force the burnt lubricant back into the contents. This can be verified by running clear water in the container for 20 seconds causing the water to turn foggy gray. The bearing is adequately selected for the application (specified for 35000 rpm), except it is not even operating because of the excessive heat caused by the shaft-to-bearing spin. Although the manufacturer claims that a vegetable lubricant is used in the bearing, the bearing part number does not reflect any changes to the bearing. Non vegetable lubricants can be poisonous!

    I haven’t had any leakage issues or bearing problems with the Ninja and I don’t expect to. The Ninja appears to use a oil impregnated bronze bushing and only operates in the pulse mode.

  9. I have a nija kitchen system and a nutri bullet and for small drinks I use the nutri bullet for large drinks I use the ninja, to me theres no difference and I challendge micheal wolfe to put the ninja to the test,, I feel the ninja will win hands down over the nutribullet,
    sincerely yours Vincent forbes of orillia

  10. I have a Nutribullet and LOVE it! I’ve only had mine leak once, and I realized I hadn’t tightened the cup enough. Once tightened, it was fine. And it was just a little seepage that was easily cleaned up.

    I’ve found that running my mixtures about 2-3 times makes sure to get all the chunks of things I don’t want chunky. 🙂

    But I do love it and am feeling great with my morning shakes!

  11. Had a Magic Bullet for 8 years then stopped working. Had a Nutri Bullet for 6 months, leaked all the time and then stopped working. I loved it while it worked, except the leaking. Considering Kitchen Ninja System. Already have the Pro which blends pretty well.

  12. Have no issues with Nutribullet, love it..Seen some complaints that it leaks but don’t fill your fruits, veggies that might be part of your problem. Use it daily , I’m 100% satisfied.. Only drawback I see if your making the drinks for your entire family, the Nutribullet may not be for you.. For a single person or couple its perfect. Easy to clean.. As for the ninja pulse never tried it so I can’t knock it sounds similar to the Nutribullet.. Its better to juice than not at all…

  13. Loved this until… Black and brown dust?? Started appearing in base, jars started leaking? Weird noises when running a few seconds than just stopped working??? The base never got wet don’t know why it stopped. Great idea if it worked!! No one repels to you after you fill out form on site. Phone # listed is a constant busy I bought WARRANTY but no way to get customer assistance. I went on their face book page they said contact customer service????

    • Hi. I am just today trying to get a thing shared all over FB about the NutriBullet. It leaked and got like in between the gray plastic wall and clear part. I cant get it out, so I asked them on FB how to get it apart, and told them there was a YouTube video. on it but wanted to make sure that what was said on YouTube would work. They said no. Then said contact customer service to PURCHASE a new one!!! I am furious! So, that’s that. I can’t use my current one, or well won’t because the smoothie that is in between the 2 walls will start to mold and well, YUK!

      • Also, since I see such LOVELY people on here calling people stupid and retard, I have NEVER over filled mine and it still leaked today. It was screwed on tightly, not over filled and yet it leaked, and the company’s solution was buy another. Such great customer service….NOT.

  14. I bought the Nutri bullet. Don’t get it. The reviews are absolutely correct. It spills into the gasket and nothing you can do to prevent it. There is a flaw in the construction. Once the liquid settles inside the power base, it’s over because the liquid drys making it impossible for the thing to operate after that and you can’t clean it. I’m returning mine today.

    • Seriously, I have been using the Bullet daily for 3 months. Don’t over fill the darn thing!! I have over filled it…and guess what??? It leaks!!! It was my fault not the bullets fault. Also, I got mine at Beth Bath and Beyond because I had read the complaints ….I did have a problem with the motor on my first bullet. I took it back to Bed Bath and Beyond….no receipt, no box….they replaced it immediately and I was on my way in a matter of minutes. Second bullet no problems at all. It is an awesome little machine.

  15. First off let me just say I LOVE my Nutri-Bullet. The leaking issue is a COMMON SENSE issue. The instructions specifically elaborate to NOT fill over the Max Line. Pretty Simple right? I found when filling the Nutri-Bullet above the max line (like way over) it would indeed start to start seeping into the threads. However it’s something you can clearly see and stop before it seeps down. I truly believe the leak issue is overrated, and just a common sense problem.

    There is always debate over the actually producers of the products writing these kinds of reviews, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit suspicious but I can tell you as a genuine consumer that I love love love my nutri-bullet and have never had an issue. It turns seeds into powder for crying out loud! (Sorry I just love my seasonings, and now I just buy the spice seeds whole and mill them myself =D)

    Also let me add I’ve never used a Ninja so I’m not knocking the product, just giving my opinion on the one product I am using and letting people know it’s “cons” are not as bad as they seem to making them out to be.

    • Wrong. I’ve never over-filled mine and it leaks. Check around the internet. There’s two versions and one has a wider gasket that doesn’t leak. Too many complaints for too long.

    • so you’re saying you have no common sense since you admit you also exceeded the limit and saw the results – real clever moron

  16. wow!! I really wish I read all of this before spending the money on the nutri bullet. I did some reading, but never once did I see the cons list. all I can say, is I’ll probably be sending it back!

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