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Here is a comparison of NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet Blender . Compare features, specifications, reviews complaints etc.
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Compare How does they work? NutriBullet vs Magic Bullet

How does NutriBullet work?
If you want to make the most of Nature’s goodness stocked in fruits and veggies, you just can’t juice or blend them; you need to extract them. And that’s what NutriBullet does with its powerful 600 watt motor, new extractor blade and path breaking cyclonic motion that helps you get the best out of all the Natural products you savour. NutriBullet can bust through seeds and get through stems of fruits and veggies, so that you don’t end up wasting the vital nutrients they carry. What’s more, it goes through tough skin of fruits too bringing you amazing health benefits. It will help you be on top of your blood pressure issues, manage sugar levels, reduce cholesterol and get rid of nasty migraines too. NutriBullet is your way of making your everyday foods into superfoods that will add years to your life.

Magic Bullet Instructions
Get the best out of your Magic Bullet by following a few simple pointers. Avoid over processing of food by simply using its Pulse Technique setting. To avoid leakage of fluids, make sure its blade assembly is screwed tightly onto the bullet cup or party mug and that the gasket is sealed properly too. Please don’t clean the power base in dishwasher. Use only the Magic Bullet tall and short cups and shaker/steamer tops in microwave.

How does Magic Bullet work?
You rarely end up using your blenders and food processors because they are so ungainly. But Magic Bullet is easy to use, which means you won’t shy away from making the most of it every single day and save yourself time in the kitchen as you and your loved ones eat healthy. At the heart of Magic Bullet is a blade that’s been specifically designed to make it so time efficient and it works well with the bullet shape design that ensures that the food is passed back into the Cyclonic Cutting Zone with tremendous force and speed. Thus no job is difficult for Magic Bullet, which will do it in a matter of seconds.

Since Magic Bullet is so easy to use, you won’t find it hard to inculcate healthy eating habits in your loved ones so that you and your family eats and stays healthy for a long time to come.

Compare Features: NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet

NutriBullet Features
It has a 600 watt motor, which is the reason behind its power. Moreover the exclusive blade design and revolutionary cyclonic action help convert your regular fruits, vegetables and superfoods into healthy drinks and shakes that have a smooth and even texture, just as you like. Now make the most of all the nutrients in foods thanks to the super powerful NutriBullet. It comes with a power base, one tall cup, two short cups, 1 flat blade and a emulsifying blade, two re-sealable lids, pocket nutritionist and a recipe manual making it the complete package for you.


Magic Bullet Features
Magic Bullet is an ultra powerful 17 piece mixing system that makes your kitchen chores a lot easier. Now you can chop, mix, blend and a whole lot more within seconds. Magic Bullet is known for its see through body, which keeps you in control of your kitchen jobs and all you need to do is press down the button for about 10 seconds to get your job done with precision. Importantly Magic Bullet is durable and will last you in the kitchen for long. It comes with cups and mugs that are freezer and microwave safe while other parts are dishwasher safe for your convenience.

Compare Blades: NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet

NutriBullet Blades
NutriBullet comes with a set of two distinct blades. The first one is the Extractor Blade which has a patented unique design that can break through seeds, thick stems and thick skins so that the nutrition hidden inside them is extracted well. The second blade, Milling blade is a flat shaped blade is perfect for milling grains, grinding fresh herbs and chopping nuts. Both blades are made of stainless steel material and doesn’t need sharpening.

Magic Bullet Blades
The Magic Bullet consists of two blades, the first one being a Cross Blade. It is designed to perfection for chopping, grating and blending food items including onions, cheese, meats and frozen drinks. The second blade is the Flat Blade which serves the purpose of whipping cream and grinding hard food stuff like coffee beans and spices. Both blades are easy to clean due to dishwasher safe property, made of stainless steel material and don’t need sharpening. The secret to its time-saving efficiency is the specially designed blade that works with the unique bullet-shape which circulates the foot back automatically into the Cyclonic Cutting Zone with a force and speed that it gets all work done in 10 seconds or less.

Compare Motor: NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet

NutriBullet : 600 Watts Magic Bullet : 250 Watts

Compare Weight: NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet

NutriBullet : 8 pounds Magic Bullet : 6 pounds

Compare Dimensions: NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet

NutriBullet : 12.9 x 9 x 13 inches

Magic Bullet : 13 x 8.5 x 10.5 inches

Compare Pitcher Size: NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet

NutriBullet: Features a 24 oz. capacity pitcher.

Magic Bullet: Features a24 oz. capacity pitcher.

Compare What do I get? and Price: NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet


  • 1 Extractor Blade
  • 1 Milling Blade
  • 1 Power Base
  • 1 Tall Cup
  • 1 Short Cup and 1 Handled Comfort Lip Ring
  • 1 Handled Short Cup and 1 Comfort Lip Ring
  • 2 Stay Fresh Resealable lids
  • 1 User Guide and Recipe Book
  • 1 Pocket Nutritionist

All this for just $119.94 + $39.90 S/h. Official website:


Magic Bullet

  • 1 High-Torque Power Base
  • 1 Cross Blade
  • 1 Flat Blade
  • 1 Tall Bullet Cup
  • 1 Short Bullet Cup
  • Shaker/Steamer Tops
  • Stay-Fresh Re-sealable Lids
  • Four Party Mugs with Comfort Lip Rings
  • The Magic Bullet "10 Second Recipe" Book
  • BONUS: 1 Bullet Blender and 1 Bullet Juicer

All this for just $99.99 $39.98 S/h. Official website:


Compare Pros: NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet

NutriBullet Pros
For starters, it’s a well made product with a solid base and doesn’t look tacky at all. The 600 watt motor is as strong as one expects it to be and can break through frozen berries, almonds and chia seeds as well. Importantly the nutrition of the pulp stays intact and the consistency of the drinks made is just perfect; it’s well blended just like one wants. It’s a good way of incorporating foods in the diet that one never tends to eat.

NutriBullet is very easy to use and ends up saving time in the kitchen. What’s more, it’s very easy to clean as well and doesn’t leave behind much mess, which tends to add to the kitchen chores. Hence it’s not only effective but also very convenient for use. The instructions in the manual are easy to follow, which saves a lot of headache. Another advantage of using NutriBullet is that it doesn’t create clutter in the kitchen as it takes very little space.

NutriBullet lives up to all its claims, which can’t be said about many other products in the market. Juicers tend to leave pulp behind, which is a criminal waste of essential nutrients.
But NutriBullet doesn’t do that and there are many amazing combinations one can try out while making healthy and nutritious smoothies, beverages and shakes that are also delicious. One can also rely on the NutriBlast recipes that come with the product and get amazing health benefits from them.

Magic Bullet Pros
Magic Bullet is a versatile product that can do so many jobs in the kitchen; from grinding coffee beans to making smoothies, making sauces like pesto and salad dressings as well. One can get sensational results by putting heavier ingredients in the blender first followed by lighter ingredients. It will ensure that the final result, whether it’s a shake or a salad dressing will be just perfect.

Magic Bullet works well and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its power and performance. However there are a few tweaks that might be needed in case of specific ingredients. Like coffee beans for example are best blended to a drip rather than espresso grind. It’s also a good idea to grind small quantities of cheese at a time. But on the whole Magic Bullet works as expected when grinding through various fruits, vegetables and berries extracting natural nutrients beautifully.

Cleaning Magic Bullet is ever so easy and a bit of water and dish soap can do the job. However if it’s been used to grind mixes that have oil or fat, one’s better off using a dishwasher. It’s a strong and long lasting product that is well made and is extremely effective. It’s perfect for the health conscious who want to get the best of natural products without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Compare Cons: NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet

NutriBullet Cons NutriBullet leaves some pulp in the end and to get that perfect mix one might have to use a colander to get rid of it. NutriBullet works well as a blender, but it claims to be a lot more and doesn’t match up to those claims. The infomercial is a bit misleading, which is slightly disappointing. If one already has a blender at home it’s difficult to justify buying NutriBullet at the price it comes for. Magic Bullet Cons The problem with Magic Bullet is that it only crushes ingredients at the bottom and one has to manually mix products till they are ground to chosen consistency. Moreover it is not very big so can’t hold too many ingredients, which is a shame. The gasket rings are not up to the mark, which means the smoothie can leak on the motor leading to disastrous results, including burnt motor. It also ends up making a lot of mess, which takes ages to clean. Magic Bullet also doesn’t seem to be as powerful as it claims to be.


NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet - Key Features Comparison

Compare Material - Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet

NutriBullet - All Plastic parts - According to the Nutribullet blender is made from BPA-free non-toxic, high impact plastic that unlike glass does not shatter. Magic Bullet is made from stainless steel. The tall cups are made from high-impact plastic, not sure if they are BPA free.


Compare Safety Features: Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet Neither of the blenders have any special safety features.

Compare Noise - Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet

Nutribullet - The manufacturer of the Nutribullet does not mention how much noise this blender makes, but according to the reviews "NUTRIBULLET IS VERY NOISY" especially when making the superblasts. If you think your Nutribullet is become too loud you need to contact the Nutribullet customer care service as the blade assembly in the Nutribullet could have been compromised.

Magic Bullet - Being a high RPM blender, Magic Bullet is very noisy. Wrapping it with a towel will help you reduce some noise.

Compare RPM: Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet

Nutribullet and Magic Bullet has a FIXED RPM of 10,000 Revolutions per minute

Compare Horse Power: Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet

Nutribullet - 0.8 HP i.e. 600 watt

Magic Bullet - 0.33 HP i.e. 250 watt

Compare Cooling Fan: Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet

Nutribullet - It has a plastic fan

Magic Bullet - No information available.


Compare Motor Fan: Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet
Neither Nutribullet nor Magic Bullet disclose any information about the motor fan. Probably some cheap plastic material

Compare Cleaning: Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet

Nutribullet - Except for the power base and blade holders, all other parts are top shelf dishwasher safe. They can be also hand washed with warm (not hot) soapy water and rinse. The Nutribullet blades cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

Magic Bullet - Apart from the power base, the Magic Bullet cups, blades, party mugs, lids, lip rings, the bullet pitcher and bullet juicer kit pieces are all dishwasher safe.

Does it leak?

Nutribullet - There is a plethora of reviews (complaints actually) of leaking Nutribullet.

Magic Bullet - Yes it does leak. There have been a lot of complaints from Magic Bullet users about leakages.

Compare Certification: Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet

Nutribullet is meant for domestic use and does not have special certifications, It is just BPA-free.

Magic Bullet too doesn't have any special certifications. Its just a cheap blender not intended for heavy use.

Does it knead dough

Nutribullet does not knead dough.

Magic Bullet - No this model of the Magic Bullet cannot knead dough.

Can it make nut milk

Nutribullet - Yes, Nutribullet is capable of making nut milks, Please visit this website to know more about recipes and instructions of making nut milks with Nutribullet

Magic Bullet - Yes you can make nut milk with Magic Bullet

Is it a centrifugal juicer?

Yes - Both Nutribullet and Magic Bullet are Centrifugal Juicers


Does it have variable speed?

Nutribullet and Magic Bullet have just one 1 speed setting.

Does it make soup?

Nutribullet - Yes you can make HOT soups with Nutribullet, here is a list of various soups you can make with Nutribullet

Magic Bullet - Yes you can.

Does it make smoothies

Yes Nutribullet can make smoothies

Magic Bullet - Yes it makes smoothies, people love it for that.

Does it make juice

Yes. Both Nutribullet and Magic Bullet can make various juices.

Can it make milkshakes

Yes Nutribullet and Magic Bullet can make milkshakes.

Does it make almond milk

Nutribullet - Yes it can make Almond milk, here is a video of how to make Almond Milk.

Magic Bullet - Yes it too can make almond milk

Does it make carrot juice?

Nutribullet - Yes Nutribullet can juice carrots

Magic Bullet - It can in THEORY, but practically it is a very time consuming task to do, even the manufacturer of Magic Bullet accepts that.

What is it good for?

Nutribullet can make soups, dressings, desserts, all-natural ice creams, dips and more. The NutriBullet can turn mill brown rice into brown rice flour with the Milling Blade. It can turn almonds into almond butter, wheat berries into all-natural wheat flour and more. Magic Bullet chops onions, mince garlic, grate cheese (hard or soft) and do virtually any job in the kitchen. Smoothies and Protein Shakes, Turn tomatoes, onions and hot peppers into zesty salsa. Make taste tempting guacamole, thick, hearty bean dip or quicky quesadillas. It can make chicken salad, make Fancy Frozen Coffee Drinks. creamy Alfredo or Pesto sauces to instant homemade soups - even nacho cheese topping for chips, frozen margaritas, dreamy daiquiris, perfect pina coladas.

Does it blend seeds?

Nutribullet claims to emulsify toughest seeds with the extractor blades.

Magic Bullet : No, Magic Bullet cannot blend seeds.

Does it crush ice?

Nutribullet : With its powerful motor it can crush ice, but too much power can turn it mushy. Don't overfill it with ice. Crushing ice is hard on the blades, so be careful and don't do it too often.

Magic Bullet : Claims to crush ice provided you don't overload it. But many customers have complained that it just spins the ice.

Does it make baby food?

Nutribullet : Yes it can make baby food

Magic Bullet: It does make baby food, but may not bee the best option to make baby food. There is a dedicated Baby food maker - Baby Bullet.

Does it make beet juice?

Nutribullet : No problem. You can make Beet Juice with Nutri Bullet.

Magic Bullet : Not very suited to make Beet Juice.

Does it make ice-cream?

Nutribullet : NO, Nutribullet does not make ICE-CREAMS. However it does make frozen dessert using bananas, frozen blueberries, frozen peaches.

Magic Bullet : No, Magic Bullet too like Nutribullet is not a Ice-Cream maker. It too can make frozen desserts though.

Neither Nutribullet nor Magic Bullet is a REAL Ice-cream maker.

Does it make nut butter?

Yes both Nutribullet and Magic Bullet can make nut butter.

Does it make nut milk?

Nutribullet : Yes it can make nut milk.

Magic Bullet : Yes, you can make homemade almond milk with a magic bullet. But you cannot use it too often to make nut milk. It will take a heavy toll on the not-so-reliable blades of the Magic Bullet.

Does it make sorbet?

Yes Nutribullet and Magic Bullet can make sorbet


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102 thoughts on “NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet Review | Compare NutriBullet with Magic Bullet

  1. Someone just discarded a Magic Bullet, with all the accessories too, and because it was left in the Building Laundry room, I picked it up. Being a regular ‘Red Green’ or ‘Mr. Fix It’, I disassembled the unit. (Easy 4 screws!) It turns out the 110 VAC Power cord had been ‘yanked’ or torn out of the unit. I replaced it with a 14AWG 110VAC ‘Zip’ cord I had lying around, by stripping the wire about 1/4 Inch and breaking out my trusty soldering iron, and ‘voila’ ! This Nutri-Bullet is fantastic ! Juices, Blends, Milk Shakes, Etc., Etc., etc. !!

  2. I purchased the Magic Bullet as a replacement for a very cheap version that I had bought. The cheap version was better. The Magic Bullet was a disappointment from day one. The motor did not seem as powerful, it leaks, and I was never able to make the recipes turn out the way the advertisement showed. The chopping/blending was very inconsistent as there were always big pieces of food left in the blades. For instance, the guacamole (which we love) always has big pieces of avocado and onion stuck around the blade and you have to scrape it out and take out the big pieces and blend again. Also, the chicken salad was mush. Even smoothies have pieces of ice and fruit in them. It grind coffee beans nicely though, but I normally wouldn’t pay $50 for a coffee grinder.

  3. I have had four Magic bullets over the years and still have a good one. No complaints and they do wear out…but no complaint…we use them a lot.

    This Father’s day I received a Nutri Bullet and am disappointed. it leaks, and the gasket is sloppy. And, more concerning, It smells of burning rubber every time I use it. I thought it would go away with “break in” but not to be.

  4. I have a magic bullet and love it. I bought mine at Costco and when the mixing container leaked into the motor I took it back and they replaced it on the spot with a brand new one.

  5. I have a magic bullet at 250W that works well for smoothies and have used it for many years. Considering buying the Nutribullet at 600W so I can add lots of vegges to my smoothies. Now I see there is a Nutribullet RX and a 900W machine. How does one decide on those three newer ones and how many more are there out there?

  6. Hi, I have had the original Amazing Bullet for many years, though have only been using it for about 3 years (it was sitting in it’s box in a cupboard) I saw the nutri bullet ads on tv, and decided to find the old Amazing bullet and give it a go. Very happy I did. I don’t know if it was made by same people who bought out Magic Bullet and Nutri, but they look the same. Does anyone know if Amazing and Magic are the same? If they are the Amazing Bullet is really good and I would replace it with one of the others if it dies of old age. Would appreciate any feed back re: Amazing Bullet,

  7. I am very happy with my NB. I have a Jack LaLannes power juicer and a Ninja. I enjoy both but my NB is by far the easiest to use on a daily basis. I also enjoy the fact I am getting all the nutrition from my food. I have no problem with leakage. You just do not fill past max line.

  8. I bought the 900W version of the Nutri Bullet a couple months ago at a local WalMart. I was tired of spending an hour or more with an Omega VRT330S to get a half gallon or so of juice from a PILE of produce. Great juice, just a lot of effort and seemingly, a lot of waste. I admit I was sucked in by the infomercial, but I was already considering a VitaMix or something suitable to make the job (and cleanup) easier, and faster. The Nutri Bullet obviously isn’t a replacement for a VitaMix although I don’t know if the VitaMix can pulverized things like the Nutri Bullet can. The Nutri Bullet is severely limited by the size of the largest cup available. I don’t use it every day, but so far I’m pretty happy with my NB. It doesn’t make juice, but if you’re good with some texture, it’s a pretty good machine in my opinion.

  9. Really have enjoyed this product it lives up to the claims, morning mix of fruits and veggies mixes up well even when ice is added.

    • Folks don’t get fooled by such paid reviews…stay clear of NutriBullet and buy something that really works.

      • My Nutribullet works pretty good Ronnie. It would be hard not to recommend it to someone looking for this type of blender that can live with the small volume of the available containers. I happened to try a green juice last summer in Laguna Beach, CA and really liked it. A long time ago I had a centrifugal type juicer that was a real PIA, so when we got back I tried a nice Omega VRT330S juicer… still a pain to use and it seems like you waste a lot of the produce you pay for. I gave this a try and I think it’s a nice compromise. It’s not a juicer, but it’s not advertised that way either. It’s probably not for everyone, but if you’re OK with a drink that has some texture I think the NB works very well. And by the way, I wasn’t paid by anyone to write this.

        • Not paid to rave about this product. Love my Nutribullet. Bought it off the telly here in Oz some years ago and got a free Magic Bullet which sits unopened in the cupboard. Would never buy it from a TV advert again as they sell a couple of months later in Target for 1/3 price. After saying that, 4 in my family use it daily for frozen smoothies. Freeze all our fruit: bananas, strawberries,blueberries. I always make sure to cut them smaller so as to not put strain on the motor. Mixes in less than a minute. Pure bliss :p

      • Buy something that really works? Do you have any suggestions, or do you just go online and complain?

      • Ronnie, I am not a paid review. I have had my NB for well over 3 years and have purchased several for my family. 2 have been replaced because of damage (caused by the user), but everyone has made good use of them and are still using them on a daily basis. Sorry you had a bad time, but don’t speak for the rest of us

  10. We have had at least 3 magic bullets and found that the blade base (on all 3) crack within a years time. My wife’s daily lunch consists of a fruit/greens smoothie, so its used ALL the time, have just became used to buying a new one within a years time. Now we have gone to the nutri bullet, heavier duty machine with what looks like a replaceable bearing assembly. We have owned the nutri bullet for about 8 months and it is getting so noisy that I cant stand using it any more, needs a new bearing, which looks easy enough to replace with the small screws holding it in.

    We are getting tired of having to replace these machines, great idea, but when used 2-3 times daily they just dont seem to stand up. Would love a representative to contact us on their own behalf to resolve these issues….but I am a realist, that would not happen, I guess we will keep trying.

    • I had a magic bullet for over 10 years and it worked awesome! Too bad the people who used it broke it. I’d still be using it.

  11. I’m not quite sure how long I have had the magic bullet. It is probably 6-8 years. It makes great fruit smoothies & blends sauces etc. I use it a lot as well for eggs as it makes scrambled eggs & omelets light & fluffy. I have had it leak through a number of times when I didn’t have it screwed on tight or the rubber seal was not on right. The GREAT THING; I RINSED IT OUT, YES I UNPLUGGED IT AND RAN WATER RIGHT THROUGH IT. I let it sit for several days, sometimes in the sun to let it dry, and it ran like a charm. LOVE IT! This has happened with eggs and also when I was making Alfredo sauce.

  12. I have had my Magic Bullet for several years and have not one complaint about it!! (other than a small leakage problem which was fixed when I repositioned the rubber ring!!! my own fault!) I love it–it travels everywhere with us when we are in out 5th. wheel or when we go to Florida for the winter. I am now looking at getting the NutriBullet as I want to juice more vegetables and nuts and you can’t do that in the Magic Bullet. Am looking forward to trying it.

    Thank you – The reviews from all have helped.

  13. I have had 2 Nutri Bullets now and love the concept, but have had problems. The first one would not engage when you placed the cup on it and therefore it wouldn’t work. They sent me another one and the problem with it is it leaks into the base and there is no way to clean the food that leaks into the sides. I am so disappointed because I love it when it works.

  14. I was told that most spillage are because of overfilling and not following directions. I’m finding that to be true…have never had any spillages..

    I Love mine very much and fill so much healthier.

  15. You never compared the motor sizes….that leans the public towards the Nutribullet because you repeatedly comment on the motor size of the Nutribullet….bogus comparison!!!!

  16. Totally bogus….you never told what size motor the magic bullet has come on! NO COMPARISONS CAN BE MADE, NOT A FAIR FIELD…HELLO!!!!

  17. NutriBullet is what Magic Bullet should have been. This thing has the power and the blades to actually mix stuff without having to add water.

  18. Magic bullet mixes ok but but hard to keep clean. Cannot get my hand to end of mixer opening too small. . Dirt collects on 4 vertical lips on container.

    • We have a sponge on a handle that has soap in it and it does a great job of cleaning it! Or throw it in the dishwasher. I have had mine for several years and love it!!

  19. Great site, lots of current data! I have a NB, and would not change it for a Blendtec. There are 8 of us at any one time eating, but the NB is for me alone, I love smoothies, plan to lose weight soon as I come across the correct recipe, and CAN have a smoothie for dinner and sleep good and wake up not starving. No complaints. On time some leakage, but that was my doing, did not screw the lid tight and might have gone a bit over the max line. No problem since I paid attention!

  20. Thanks for the review. I would just make the investment with a Vitamix for $329 refurbished, it will last forever. I have read several Nutribullets breaking down on the Target website. That is too bad, seems like a good product but a lot of hassle to return if it keeps breaking.

  21. Can we buy the recipe book or download it from somewhere. I want to go buy the Nutri Bullet from Bed Bath and Beyond but would like the recipe book too.

    • I’ve used mine on and off for 2 years. Their web site offers a recipe book for $30, but I use mine only for smoothies, and there are tons of free recipes on the wed for smoothies, more than I can try in my lifetime! You can also buy spare parts, and some health foods (very limited) from them.

    • You can buy it for a few bucks on eBay! You can also buy the Nutribullet there also for about $50 by people who only used it a few times.

  22. After watching infomercials on the Nutri Bullet, I did some research and found that it wasn’t smart to purchase by phone or Internet. Terrible reviews on their customer service. Went to bed bath & beyond used 20% off coupon and paid $80. We have been juicing with it and so far we love it. The Nutri Bullet is more powerful and have less attachments to clutter up your kitchen.

  23. I just bought the Nutribullet 2 days ago, and have been amazed at the power of this little machine! It liquefies carrots, spinach, bananas, seeds, anything I put in there. My husband and I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables and bought this to make smoothies to remedy that problem. I can’t say enough good things about it! It’s small but very powerful, relatively quiet and doesn’t sound like it’s about to taxi down the kitchen counter and take off! I saw the Magic Bullet at Costco for about half of what I paid for the Nutri Bullet ($99.00), but after reading the reviews I am absolutely convinced I made the right choice. I love my Nutribullet.

  24. I think I rather have the Nutribullet I want to make smoothies with fruits and veggies so I can lose some weight I mean a lot of weight lol!! and maybe get my husband and son to eat more fruits and veggies So will the magic bullet system with the blender and juicer do the same thing ??? I got the double deal now feel I got screwed..

    • I’m not exactly sure what your post was getting at. however, I bought a Nutribullet a few weeks ago and LOVE it, its a beast! so when I came across a Magic Bullet today at a fantastic price, I hopped on it. The NB pretty much turns all your ingredients into liquid, period… the MB can do that, but doesn’t have too. The NB is more powerful & quite a bit bigger than the MB. I am glad to have both (as I am pretty protective of my NB) The NB has a gorgeous metal base and is the only appliance allowed out on the counter, besides the coffeepot. Sounds like the MB can replace several smaller appliances like a coffee bean grinder, chopper etc.

  25. If I have a good enough blender that WILL ‘blend’ / ’emulsify’ all ingredients, I should need a Nutribullet, correct?

    • not sure if you bought a bullet yet. I have the Nutribullet, Magic Bullet, and a traditional blender. I use the bullets far more than I have ever used the blender. Cleanup is super easy, it takes about 2 seconds to run blade over water to rinse it off. After drinking smoothie from mixing cup, we do the same, just run it under hot water. A blender is so much bulkier/heavier. I used to dislike it when our daughter made a smoothie in blender, because it took the space of the entire sink to clean up. With the bullet, space is never an issue (great, because I usually have a sink full of dirty dishes).

  26. I have both the Nutribullet and the Magic bullet and bought 2 Magic Bullets,the NutriBullet is far more powerful and easier to blend fruits and veggies..The older Magic bullet would stop working when liquid would seep into the rings and stop working..It did a good job but was smaller and not as strong..I now use the Nutribullet and there is a lot of differences in the power and is larger to make your job easier..I had triple by pass and was told to eat fruits an veggies as my only diet..That gets old quick..But a smoothie in the Nutribullet fills me up and I get my food in a tastier meal..It makes a large amount and can be stored with the lids for later but I dont leave any thing to drink for later..Great for nuts to grind finer and put some in the smoothie for nutrition Great Product…

      • I am with Sharon. Are the Magic Bullet and Nutribullet cups and accessories interchangeable? Thinking of purchasing both and if the cups and accessories are interchangeable, then that will help with my decision .

        • just read where they are not interchangeable. That is very disappointing! Interchangeable accessories would make owning both, Magic Bullet & Nutri Bullet, a no brainer for me. But having 2 sets of accessories takes up a lot of space and I a full-time RV’er. Space is limited.

  27. Trying to decide between the magic and nutri bullet. The magic bullet has a nice 2 for 1 special now, but does it break down foods the same as the nutri, utilizing all nutrients? The only reason I want one is to try and sneak foods my children normally would never attempt to eat.

    • Look online before you buy, their 2 for 1 price is not so good. They’re on sale in most stores right now for $50.00

      • I bought mine from Target with $49. I wanted to make liquid smoothies though and these posts scared me a little. I guess I will keep the MB for other kitchen uses and buy a NB for juices and smoothies.

        • Our Magic Bullet just died yesterday and we are upgrading to the Nutribullet today, but we have been making multiple smoothies most days for 2 people for over 7 years now without any problems! It won’t juice raw veggies and we found it really isn’t great for a lot of the things the recipe book suggests but for your standard smoothie (banana, milk/water, protein powder & frozen fruit or ice) it’s been great! I’m looking forward to the higher powered Nutribullet though to do stuff like seeds & nuts.

  28. Can you exchange Magic Bullet and Nutri bullet Cups? I just got a Nutri Bullet and would love to get an extra large size cup.

  29. I find that the NutriBullet does not extract the almonds as well. It leaves chunks behind and I have to end up eating the particles left behind. Like this article stated is that it still leaves the pulp after the extracting process. Clearly the only difference I see with the Nutri Bullet is it’s 600 high watt motor than a blender.

    • You will continue to love it, but make use of the web’s extensive recipes of smoothies. And if losing weight is a goal (mine is but I have no will power) consider adding fibre to the smoothie, the NB does an excellent job with it. I use protein powder, nitroux blast, fruits, kale and or spinach, and sometimes ads nuts, flax seeds, etc. Am going to buy chia seeds because they are supposed to make you feel full. As of now, I still get hungry, even adding a raw egg to all the protein, it seems to not help.

  30. My wife and I picked one up recently and just love it. It does what it says! WOW! even Chia seeds gone. Make sure you don’t fill liquid pass the max fill line and you’ll be just fine. Its much quieter then our last personal blender. Since some greens are stronger(in taste) then others, start with spinach and work your way up to things like kale. I’d say one of the best things is the short blend time, 30-45 seconds.

    • Can not see how you say the Chia seeds are gone. I have used the NutriBullet 20+ times with Chia. They are almost all in their original state. I find that I have to mill the seeds then store them in a different container.

      Are you sure that you do not work for the company?? 8)

      Public. do not be fooled by the large cup sizes. they are larger than the Bullet but the Max fill line (OR YOU HAVE LEAKAGE) is nowhere near the top of the cup. The 24oz cups maxs at about 16.

  31. I have had the Magic Bullet for a long time and use it for everything with great results. It is one of the few appliances I have purchased that actually lives up to its claims! That is why I’m buying the NutriBullet too but my main question was the difference between the 2 and if I really need to purchase the NutriBullet if I already have the Magic Bullet.

    The official Nutribullet website has an FAQ section that answers these questions: It says:

    Q: How does the NutriBullet compare to the Magic Bullet?

    A: The NutriBullet has a 600 watt motor (Magic Bullet has 250). The NutriBullet large vessel has a 24-ounce capacity (Magic Bullet is 18 ounce) and the NutriBullet comes with the all-new Extractor Blade that emulsifies even the toughest of ingredients including seeds, nuts and stems.

  32. “NutriBullet Cons: NutriBullet leaves some pulp in the end and to get that perfect mix one might have to use a colander to get rid of it…but it claims to be a lot more and doesn’t match up to those claims.”

    “NutriBullet Pros: NutriBullet lives up to all its claims, which can’t be said about many other products in the market. Juicers tend to leave pulp behind, which is a criminal waste of essential nutrients. But NutriBullet doesn’t do that…”

    Did I miss something or are the pros and cons contradictory?

    Either way, great article, I might have to try the NutriBullet and see if I can get a little better smoothie with it.

    • My NutriBullet has never left pulp..if I have tough fruits etc I remove it off the base give a little shake and whiz a little longer and it comes out smooth as silk also are you putting in liquid up to the max line??

  33. I already have a Magic Bullet, the only difference really in the Nutri Bullet are the blades and recipe book , can I purchase that ?

    • Yes, this is worthy. Magic bullet is 250 Watts only and the Nutri bullet has 600 Watts. It makes a big difference in the outcome. It is why the price is double.

    • The cups dont interchange and the blades are different..250 watts versus 600 watts is a big difference for the outcome..I had good luck with both for smoothies but liquid got into my Magic bullet bought another an had same prob..No prob with NutriBullet great machine…

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