NutriBullet Vs Healthmaster Review

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Here is a comparison of NutriBullet Vs Healthmaster . Compare features, specifications, reviews complaints etc.



If you are letting go of vital nutrients present in your fruits and vegetables because your juicer or blender leaves all the pulp behind then it’s time you got NutriBullet, the food processing system that is the extractor of nutrition as it breaks down the ingredients of the fruits and vegetables to make it into absorptive state for you so you get all the fiber, vitamins, iron and calcium that a juicer rips off. NutriBullet transforms your ordinary food into superfood with the supercharged smoothie (Nutriblast) that you need to consume just one cup a day. It gives you all the nutrients and makes you feel satiated so you do not consume unhealthy food. This in turn burns fats, lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol and regulates blood sugar thereby making your life longer and more active. The specialty of NutriBullet lies in its 600 watt motor, super sharp extractor blade and high-torque action that can easily bust open seeds and nuts, shred the hardest of skin and crack through stems. Easy to operate and clean, NutriBullet is a compact blender with a big 24 oz pitcher, two smaller 18 oz mugs. It also comes with a superfood recipe book.


If you are looking for a breakthrough in kitchen appliances, something that can give you delicious hot dishes and delectable cold dishes that will be healthy at the same time then you need to get HealthMaster, the fruits and vegetables emulsifier, in your kitchen. The system is a lot more than being a blender or just a processor. You can make healthy hot dishes like soups, yummy sauces, different coffee and tea blends and at the same time great fondue where you can use whole foods to get complete nutrition. Not just these, you can also whip up healthy and revitalizing smoothies, cool gelatos, refreshing ice creams and yummy sorbets with HealthMaster. It liquefies, pulverizes and emulsifies food using centrifugal friction that generates heat naturally thus retaining all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that your body needs to maintain good health. HealthMaster has a huge 70 oz pitcher to make a big quantity of great food. It has an 1100 watt motor that blends dry and wet food evenly with its 8 different speed buttons. All these and many more features are rolled into just one HealthMaster, your one-stop answer to all the blending and healthy food needs.

Compare Features: NutriBullet Vs Healthmaster

NutriBullet Features and Specifications NutriBullet, model NBR-12, is a high-speed 12-piece mixer system created by Magic Bullet. The portable and easy-to-use NutriBullet evenly blends and pulverizes fruits, vegetables and protein shakes to transform everyday foods into superfood in the form of NutriBlast. It is more competent than a blender/juicer as an extractor of vital nutrients like vitamins, iron, calcium and fiber from foods that juicer rips off by leaving the pulp behind. NutriBullet pulverizes effortlessly because it uses 600 watts of power, high-torque action and state-of-the-art blade design. It includes a power base, 1 flat and emulsifying blade each, 1 tall 24 oz container, and 2 shorter 18 oz cups, 2 patented re-sealable lids, instruction guide, and a recipe book with delectable and healthy recipes which doubles as a nutrition guide. In comparison to regular juicers or blenders available in the market NutriBullet is more powerful and has more capacity. At 12.9 x 9 x 13 inches in size it weighs 7.4 pounds. Whether you want to slice through the toughest skin, crack through stems or crush open nuts and seeds, you can use NutriBullet for all the purposes. Cleaning also needs just a thorough rinse saving a lot of your time and effort. Healthmaster Features and Specifications HealthMaster is a fruit and vegetable emulsifier that helps you prepare tasty and healthy hot dishes like soups, sauces, breads, coffee and tea blends, and fondue and cold dishes like ice creams, sorbets, gelatos and yummy smoothies with just one product. HealthMaster has an extra-large 70-oz translucent pitcher to make bigger quantities of food while using whole foods retaining all the vital nutrients, minerals, enzymes and vitamins. It’s a pulverizer, emulsifier and liquefier all in one and has 2 inbuilt micro switches for safe operation keeping your safety in mind. The versatile performer uses centrifugal friction that heats naturally thus retaining vital nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The HealthMaster has several state-of-the art and breakthrough capabilities like its operation is digital and one-touch. It uses high performing 1100 watts of power and 8 speeds along with pulse and ice buttons. The automatic cook timer makes sure your food isn’t under or over cooked and it also has a steam release vent. You can blend wet as well as dry foods with the 6 stainless steel blades. The inbuilt thermal reset sensor gives the blender a long life and you get a lifetime warranty on its motor and a detachable cord.

Compare Pros: NutriBullet Vs Healthmaster

NutriBullet Pros The high-performing extractor of vital nutrients that turns ordinary food into superfood, NutriBullet is a food mixing system that gives you an evenly blended smoothie NutriBlast when you blend vegetables and fruits extracting vitamins, calcium, fiber and iron from them that a juicer tends to leave behind in the pulp. NutriBullet uses a 600 watts motor that helps it grate tough skins, sever through stems and bust open seeds to give you the best of nutrition and makes fruits and veggies better absorptive no matter what you put in the mixer system. Even if you dislike the taste of greenies you can put in spinach, kale and any green vegetable and mix it with banana or prunes to get sweetened and yummy taste, which will be healthy at the same time. The smoothie NutriBullet prepares is neither too solid nor too liquefied. Nutrtiblast also keeps you satiated due to which you do not overeat or consume unhealthy food thus keeping obesity at bay and keeping blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure under control and lead a healthier, longer and more active life. While you spend a lot of time in making juice or smoothie in a regular juicer and blender you can make it in just 30 seconds in NutriBullet, which is also a breeze to clean – you just need to rinse it thoroughly in the right manner - unlike other juicers and blenders. It’s easy to operate and is compact more like a personal blender so it occupies half the space in your kitchen than what other food processing systems do. In spite of its high-torque motor it is relatively noiseless. If you get yourself NutriBullet you also get a manual and instruction guide along with it and also a recipe book which also serves as a nutrition guide. Healthmaster Pros The fruits and vegetables emulsifier HealthMaster will let you make the tastiest and at the same time healthiest of hot and cold dishes very easily. Whether you want to make soups, knead bread dough, make tea and coffee blends or even fondue to give you whole foods and thus their total nutrition, HealthMaster does it as effortlessly as making yummy ice creams, gelatos, sorbets and smoothies. The big size of its pitcher, 70 oz makes sure you blend protein shake enough to last you two meals so you get a whole day’s nutrition in just one go. HealthMaster is sturdy enough to evenly blend the toughest of fruits and vegetables like carrots and beetroots so you can add just about any fruit and vegetable you want – spinach, kale, celery, banana, frozen berries, apples or anything at all. It has an automatic cooking timer and eight different speed controls so you just need to toss in the fruits, veggies and protein powder and set the controls according to your need to get absolutely evenly blended protein shake. It takes only a few seconds to chop vegetables for your broth and just a minute to make smoothie if you set the right speed. It can also make most moist and softest bread and you will not need to buy a loaf ever if you make bread dough in HealthMaster. You can also relish different flavors of gelatos and ice cream with it. You also get a manual and an instructional DVD along with HealthMaster to help you through the process of blending. It is also much easier to clean than most blenders and juicers since it is dishwasher friendly but a breeze to clean even without one. Dry HealthMaster really well after washing it and there are hardly any chances of rusting.

Compare Cons: NutriBullet Vs Healthmaster

NutriBullet Cons NutriBullet extracts better nutrition and results in a more absorptive state of essential nutrients like fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamins of the fruits, vegetables and protein shakes that it blends evenly and is easier to clean too but it is not without drawbacks. Its biggest drawback is that its patented lids leak even when used for the first time. Even if you have fastened the blade into the base as tight as possible, after blending or extracting for a few seconds, the juice or smoothie spills out from the pitcher and all over the counter adding to your extra effort of cleaning the mess. Even if the leakage is not much if you miss the max mark in the jar there will be some leakage. What makes it worse is the fact that the leaked Nutriblast tends to enter the base of NutriBullet and that is a big disadvantage because it is not possible to clean the base at all. An unclean base has a risk of being infested by ants or even moulds growing on it. One problem it has common with other blenders or processing systems is that it leaves behind small lumps of the fruit or vegetables blended in it. Sometimes even if you add a lot of water to blend the nutriblast tends to separate the pulp and water if you keep it aside for even 10 minutes. There has been a problem of NutriBullet malfunctioning abruptly within a few minutes after it’s used a couple of times and the cup jams into the base. At times it fails to shred leafy vegetables or blend fruits well even though it uses a high-speed 600 watts power, has cyclonic action and great blades. It has also reduced the quantity of food to half in the second attempt. Healthmaster cons HealthMaster makes healthy and yummy hot dishes like soups and breads and also cold dishes like ice creams and gelatos but it is good only till it lasts, which is just about 3 to 6 months. After just a few months the motor of HealthMaster is known to burn out even if you use it carefully and not run it over and above the maximum capacity or even continuously. Apart from the motor malfunctioning it also emits electrical odor and worse still trips your fuse box or circuit breakers. There are some problems that surface as soon as you start using HealthMaster and that is it has leaking containers, which are also very difficult to remove or even fix back into the base. The older version of HealthMaster was known to have the chemicals of its plastic container mixing in food after which the makers made it BPA free but haven’t managed to improve its quality. The customer service of HealthMaster is extremely poor and it will take several weeks to get a replacement of the food processing system, even after that the motor of the new one is likely to burn out. HealthMaster also starts rusting within a few months and the rust of the blades will run and mix into your food or protein shake. The soup made even with the correct time and speed settings still cooks lukewarm instead of hot. HealthMaster also looks bulky and unsightly and makes a lot of noise while operating. It is also more expensive than juicers and blenders and you end up paying heavy shipping charges for getting a replacement if your motor conks out. Even though it claims to shred the toughest of veggies like carrots and beets, you need to cut them to pieces before tossing them into HealthMaster.

NutriBullet Vs Healthmaster - Side By Side Comparison

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  1. It is now widely known that plastic containers are not good. It is best to stay with the regular glass containers and blenders until they include glass containers with their products. If everyone demands it they will have to consider our health and environment if they are to have us buy their products

    • Yes I would prefer glass as well. But if all that IS at present, is bpa free plastic, the system still beats competition.


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