NutriBullet Vs Baby Bullet Review

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Compare Features: Nutribullet vs Baby Bullet

Nutribullet Features : Nutribullet suits all mixing and juicing needs in the kitchen. Its 600-Watt motor functions on cyclonic action with a high-torque power base and patented blade assembly. It pulverizes fruits and vegetables quickly tearing through the seeds, slices tough skin foods and processes them with high accuracy. This helps in extracting a healthy and delicious blend from all types of food items.

Compare NutriBullet and Baby Bullet Blades

Nutribullet: The new age Extractor Blade is one of the reasons behind the powerful performance of NutriBullet and there’s also the Stainless Steel Milling Blade.


Baby Bullet on the other hand comes with Baby Blend Blade for blending and pureeing while the Milling Blade can be used to make cereals by milling grains.

Compare NutriBullet and Baby Bullet Motor

Nutribullet: You have a 600 watt motor in your NutriBullet .

Baby Bullet: The high torque power 200 Watt motor base is the reason behind the strong performance of the Baby Bullet .


Compare Material

NutriBullet: The NutriBullet cups are made from high-impact plastic which do not shatter when dropped. The Nutribullet materiel is BPA-free and Phthalates-free.

Baby Bullet : As like the NutriBullet The Batch-bowl, Short Cups of the Baby Bullet are made using BPA free non-toxic high-impact plastic.

Compare Vessel/Jar/Pitcher Capacity

NutriBullet : Extra large tall cup you get with the NutriBullet ensures that you can emulsify and make Nutriblasts of your choice. Moreover there’s also a short cup that has a one handled comfort lip ring and one handled short cup with a comfort lip ring.

Baby Bullet : It comes with the Batch-bowl to make large batches of baby food, two Short cups to mix and store ingredients.


Compare Microwave/Dishwasher Instructions

NutriBullet : It is not intended for microwave use. Placing any parts/accessories in the microwave may damage the blender. All the lids and cups are top-rack dishwasher safe. DO NOT PLACE the NUTRIBULLET MOTOR BASE IN THE DISHWASHER.

Baby Bullet : The Batchbowl, short cups, both the blades, storage cups with date dial lids and the Soft Tip Spatula, are dishwasher safe. DO NOT PUT ANY PART/ACCESSORY OF THE BABY BULLET IN THE MICROWAVE.

Compare What do I get and Price?

NutriBullet : Your NutriBullet package includes an Extractor Blade, The Milling Blade, The Power Base, The Tall Cup, 1 Short Cup and 1 Handled Comfort Lip Ring and 1 Handled Short Cup and Comfort Lip Ring, 2 Stay Fresh Resealable Lids and 1 User Guide And Recipe Book. It is available for $119.94 at

Baby Bullet : Your Baby Bullet package includes Batchbowl, 2 Short Cups, Power Base, Milling Blade, Baby Blend Blade, Pocket Nutritionist, Spatula and User Manual and Cookbook for preparing. You also get 2 stay fresh re-sealable lids, batch tray, 6 date dial storage cups and storage tray for storing. You get all this when you buy Baby Bullet for $99.95 plus shipping and handling charge or five easy payments of $19.99 plus shipping and processing fee at

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