NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro REVIEW

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Compare what is it? NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Max and NutriBullet Pro are both specifically engineered blenders that break down the toughest of food items and ensure that the smoothies have all their essential nutrients and minerals intact to give the healthiest and most nutritional blends. They are both powerful enough to break down the cell walls of food, greens, frozen fruits and even ice quickly and thoroughly. They come with convenient design and containers for a quick and healthy smoothie on the go.

Compare what does it do? NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

Both blenders, NutriBullet Max and NutriBullet Pro , have powerful motors that allow breaking and pulverizing of the toughest ingredients. They have the capacity to blend and evenly provide a smoothie from vegetables, fruits, turmeric roots, seeds, frozen fruits, tough stems, nuts, thick skins and ice. These blenders can effortlessly break all of them down and at the same time keep their nutritional value intact. Each of these food items is broken down into easily digestive and nutritious form for a healthy smoothie every single time.

NutriBullet Max comes with 1200 Watts power to perform the extraction process. It also has a pre-programmed autocycle with automatic shut off and an increased capacity in comparison. The blender also comes with additional pieces and a stainless steel drinking vessel.

NutriBullet Pro is a 900 Watt blender that combines and mixes almost all food items powerfully. It comes with a nine-piece set including a travel mug to carry the smoothie on the go.

Compare Features: NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Max

It comes with a unique pre-programmed Autocycle technology. The blender has a series of programmed short and long pulses that are designed to move the ingredients thoroughly around. The technology also comes with an automatic on and off feature that shuts off the system after blending the content after a minute. NutriBullet Max comes with 12 pieces that include a 1200 Watt blender base that turns the extractor blade at a high speed. This powerful blade assembly utilizes Bullet Cyclonic Action to get the most nutrients out of the food ingredients. It also offers a stainless steel travel mug that keeps smoothies cold for hours.

There is also a 32 oz. Colossal Cup in which the ingredients can be extracted and drank from. There are two vessel grips provided for comfortable sipping from the cup. And if the user wants to carry the vessels out, they can simply use the two re-sealable Flip Top To-Go Lids on them for easy, mess-free drinking. Furthermore, the two comfort Lip Rings are provided, simply twist on them and sip from any cup. NutriBullet Max is accompanied by a user guide for easy instructions and 30 recipes that can get the users started on a healthy journey right away.


NutriBullet Pro – This blender comes with a 900 Watt high-torque motor base that can powerfully burst open seeds, crack through stems and shred tough skins effortlessly. NutriBullet Pro features 9 pieces in total that provide various value added services. The sharp and precise extractor blade system utilizes Cyclonic Action to unlock the hidden nutrition inside the food items. There is a 32 oz. Colossal Cup and a 24 oz. Tall Cup with a Lip and Handled Lip Ring respectively. These can be applied to the motor base directly to get the best blend and drink right from it with the help of lip rings. It also features a pocket nutritionist guide that offers a glossary of ingredients and their nutritional content, health benefits, seasonality, requirements for preparation and more to help build custom smoothies quickly and easily.

Compare Wattage: NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Max : 1200 Watts.

NutriBullet Pro : 900 Watts.

Compare Horsepower: NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

There is no information available for both NutriBullet Max and NutriBullet Pro blenders.

Compare Motor Speed (RPM): NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Max : No information available

NutriBullet Pro : 25,000 RPM

Compare Blades: NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

Both NutriBullet Max and NutriBullet Pro feature one Extractor blade that uses Bullet Cylonic Action to unlock the hidden nutrients inside the toughest of ingredients. Their blades are made of stainless steel material and don’t need sharpening. NutriBullet Max recommends replacing the blade after every six months of regular use.

Compare Bowl Capacity: NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Max – It features a 32 oz. Colossal Cup with 2 Vessel Grips and a 3 piece pitcher of 1 Liter capacity.

NutriBullet Pro – It has a 32 oz. and 24 oz. Colossal and Tall Cup with Lip rings.

Compare Speed Settings: NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Max – This blender has a one-touch button that activates the pre-programmed cycle. Its automatic shutdown shuts the motor off after optimum extraction is done.

NutriBullet Pro – It comes with a single speed setting to be used manually.

Compare Material: NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Max – It comes with a stainless steel vessel and blades. The rest of the body is made using 80% plastic and 20% metal.

NutriBullet Pro – The blender has stainless steel parts along with BPA-free and microwave safe plastic jars and lids.

Compare Noise – NutriBullet Max and NutriBullet Pro both are pretty loud while blending.


Compare Cleaning: NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

The parts in NutriBullet Max and NutriBullet Pro can be easily washed in the top-shelf of a dishwasher. The jars can also be filled with soapy warm water and blended for a bit to get a quick hand wash. The blades and base are not washable.

Compare Price: NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Max – $149.99

NutriBullet Pro – $99.99

Compare Warranty: NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Max – It comes with a 1 year limited warranty

NutriBullet Pro – It offers 5 years warranty

Compare Reviews: NutriBullet Max vs NutriBullet Pro

NutriBullet Max REVIEW

A user, Luther Waters, reviewed NutriBullet Max as a decent system but complains about the Autocycle blending program. He says that a few people may like this newly added feature but he prefers the manual jar twisting system to turn the blender on and off that the NutriBullet 600 and 900 is designed with.

Noel Jefferson, another NutriBullet Max reviewer, states that the on-touch blending program is completely unnecessary. Due to such automation the price is higher than other models and the rest of the benefits still remain the same.

One other review by Gail Lyons claims that the blender’s cup itself is so huge that there is no way one person can directly drink from it. She also says that one has to guess the amount of ingredients and ice to be added due to lack of measuring lines.

A customer, Audrey Roy, asserts in her NutriBullet Max review that the stainless steel cup is too massive to fit in a cup holder and turns out to be useless most of the time. She also complains about the auto-on feature in her review and says that NutriBullet Max has a tendency to switch on even before it’s locked. The push down lock also requires some force that can be a little difficult for older people or the ones with smaller structure.

Emma Yates, a NutriBullet Max user, discloses in her review that it makes a rattling noise while blending. Also, the plastic cups are not of very high quality as they start to age and fade after a couple of regular uses.

NutriBullet Pro REVIEW

Amanda Marsh, a NutriBullet Pro user, reveals that the system worked great only for 6 months and later started leaking. Apparently, the leak got so bad that the motor stopped working. She complains that the warranty service of NutriBullet Pro is terrible. According to her review, it is difficult to get a replacement or refund for the system.

A review by Robert Powers exposes that NutriBullet Pro ’s extractor blades start to gradually fail. The assembly turns loose, wobbly, and leaky after 8 months of regular use.

Clinton Graves shows his dissatisfaction towards NutriBullet Pro . In his review, he writes that the motor part on the top of the base where the blades are to be fitted started making a loud noise. He also noticed some burning smell and it seemed like the entire base was getting unstable during the blending process. He had to ultimately stop using the system since it acted weirdly and could have led to harmful consequences.

According to NutriBullet Pro review by Clara Jennings, the colossal cup is sized perfectly but the plastic prongs on the cup break of too easily. Without those the system fails to perform.

Elvira Nichols, a NutriBullet Pro reviewer, states that it is made using poor quality material. The cheap plastic tab that holds the cup in the blender snapped off after few months of use. She also complains in her review that NutriBullet Pro performs inconsistently and the motor base’s performance deteriorates after each use.

As per a NutriBullet Pro review by Darrel White, the chopper and cutting blade surface started to degrade after several uses. He mentions in his NutriBullet Pro review that the system is poorly built and the blades are made using low-grade stainless steel material.

A similar complaint regarding the quality of NutriBullet Pro is seen in the review of Arlene Sanders. She writes that the 32 oz. cups broke down due to the unit getting jammed. There was no way to remove them but to break the locking tabs. She also reveals in her NutriBullet Pro review that the rotation of the motor loosens the blade attachment and this runs all the way to the cup. Such an operation makes it difficult to twist it for turning the motor off.

Crystal Mathis also discloses similar issue in her NutriBullet Pro review. She found that the unit remained on till it was unplugged completely. Her colossal cups jammed in the unit too and required breaking off of the tabs to remove them.

Another customer, Rudy Roberson, states that NutriBullet Pro stopped working after third use. The rubber gasket came off and it made a horrible mess in his kitchen. He also says that the blades started to strip and caused the liquid pour through the machine.

A NutriBullet Pro review by Ether Johnston says that fitting and twisting the unit can be frustrating and requires her entire weight behind to do so. Her review further asserts that cleaning NutriBullet Pro blades is difficult as it is difficult to reach the underside of the two closest blades to the casing.

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