Nutri Ninja vs Nutri Bullet vs Pro 900

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Compare How it works, Features and Benefits: Nutri Ninja vs Nutri Bullet vs Pro 900

Nutri Ninja

How Nutri Ninja works – The Nutri Ninja is provided with a 900 Watt motor that powers its PRO extractor blade to touch 21,000 RPM. Together they process the hardest of ingredients such as frozen ingredients, ice, seeds and more into a smooth blend evenly and consistently. The appliance pulverizes all ingredients in seconds with minimal liquid.


Nutri Ninja Features – The Nutri Ninja is a highly versatile appliance notable for its speed and power to process ingredients into the finest consistency.. Its features include the PRO extractor blade technology that processes ingredients with 21,000 RPM. Its blades are made of rust-proof stainless steel. The appliance is BPA free and dishwasher safe.


Nutri Ninja Benefits – The Nutri Ninja has an edge over others as it crushes the toughest parts of whole fruits, vegetables and greens such as seeds, skin and stem into smoothest consistency. It extracts nutrients from every part of the ingredient and blends frozen smoothies, desserts and more in seconds without use of extra liquid.

Nutri Bullet

How does Nutri Bullet work? – NutriBullet it uses an exclusive extractor technology powered by a 600 watt motor with cyclonic action and special patented extractor blades. Together they pulverize all parts of fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs including the stems, seeds and skins to extract maximum nutrients. You need to toss fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs etc. into the NutriBullet along with some water, switch it on and then extract smooth, tasty consistencies.


Nutri Bullet Features – Nutri Bullet boasts of superlative features such as high-torque power base and 600-watt motor. It also features special patented blade design including one flat blade, one emulsifying blade that break into cyclonic action to pulverize fruits and vegetables. It tears open seeds, opens up stems, slices tough skins and processes all ingredients.


Nutri Bullet Benefits – Nutri Bullet is regarded as the superfood nutrition extractor as it consistently yields fresh, healthy and delicious extracts that promote good health, younger looking skin, longevity and more. It serves the most delicious extracts with smooth texture. It features tented blade design, cyclonic action and more for the perfect blends.

Nutri Bullet Pro 900

How does Nutri Bullet Pro 900 work – NutriBullet Pro claims that it is equipped with a powerful 900 watt motor, two extractor blades and other features that make extracting nutrients from fruits, vegetables and more.. It splits open seeds and stems and also addresses tough skins. The appliance breaks down natural produces and extracts riches nutrients effortlessly to guarantee good health.


Nutri Bullet Pro 900 Features – NutriBullet Pro states that it is provided with a range of sophisticated hi-end components and functions that give it a distinct edge over others. It uses high-torque power base, two sharp extractor blades, cups of different sizes and more. It comes with the most advanced features, functions and parts that make it a tool par excellence..


Nutri Bullet Pro 900 Benefits
The NutriBullet Pro claims that it is a pro at supplying to you the healthiest, the freshest and the tastiest blends. It is facilitates extraction of nutrients from every part of fruits and vegetables to power your intake with the most nourishing blends. It boosts your health, energy levels, skin, immunity and more.


Compare Reviews and Complaints: Nutri Ninja vs Nutri Bullet vs Pro 900

Nutri Ninja Pro Review

Nutri Ninja Pro Advantages – One consumer calls Nutri Ninja Pro a powerful machine that delivers what it promises with a beautiful design compact enough to occupy a small space. Another user found its blending fast with 30-60 seconds while you finish other chores.


Nutri Ninja Pro Disadvantages
One consumer complained that its Flip-Top lid leaks when the cup is laid horizontally, another found chunks even though the ingredient wasn’t hard. The holding slots of the jar are uncomfortable and there were spills though the jar was filled below the Max line.


Nutri Bullet Review

A consumer says the Nutri Bullet started to leak after just using a couple of times right in its first month of use. Another time while making a yogurt shake, the rubber seal of the unit came off and its chopped up pieces mixed into the shake posing a health hazard especially to kids. On calling the customer service, the executive tried to make the customer keep the machine and ship them a replacement part.

Nutri Bullet Pro 900 Review

A user of NutriBullet Pro 900 feels that its design is faulty with the gasket in the blade assembly being irremovable and hence cannot be cleaned underneath before using. This flaw also makes the food seep in and dry and leaking into and contaminating the drink in its next use. Another consumer complained that the unit is made of poor-quality and just after three juicing sessions, the cups started leaking – disappointment considering its high cost and reputation. Also when container is fixed into the motor-base the switches get stuck with too much friction. With the switch failing, one consumer thought the device became worthless. Yet another consumer finds this a waste of money with no difference in the power compared to the original NutriBullet.

Nutri Ninja Pro Review

A user found the design of the Ninja Blender flawed where while making the chopped up pieces of food stuck at the top and the whole container had to be taken off and put back on after pushing the pieces down. It also didn’t blend smoothies well and couldn’t handle fresh and frozen fruit. It also makes a mess of foods with the need to repeatedly remove the container even if you add a few chopped pieces to prevent overloading the blender. The travel cup is great but the container is made of plastic and not glass, which is better for storage.

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