Nutri Ninja vs Ninja Pulse vs Ninja Pro vs Ninja Master Prep

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Compare How it works, Features and Benefits: Nutri Ninja vs Ninja Pulse vs Ninja Pro vs Ninja Master Prep

Nutri Ninja

How Nutri Ninja works – Nutri Ninja gives you cool, delicious and nutritious beverages with vitamin extraction. It can chop, blend, and extract retaining the goodness of whole foods with silky smooth consistency.


Nutri Ninja Features – Nutri Ninja’s 900W motor, 21,000 RPM rotation, and Pro Extractor blades process tough fruits, vegetables, greens, stems, skins, without using liquids. Sip & Seal lids give you on-the-go smoothie cup and Shake Lid lets you pour directly from the jar. The 24-oz jar makes multi-serve drinks.


Nutri Ninja Benefits – Nothing is left unprocessed or lumpy and its powerful and versatility can give you countless options of nutrient-rich drinks, soups, frozen desserts, sauces, dips and more.


Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL200

How Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL200 work – Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL200 brings together power and convenience by combining Total Crushing Technology and Nutri Ninja cups to meet all your kitchen needs for smooth, processed and blended ingredients within seconds.


Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL200 Features – The 700 watts motor and Pulse Technology pulverize the toughest whole fruits and vegetables. Superior stainless steel blades crush ice and frozen fruit within seconds. The dough hook lets you mix pizza and bread dough and dough paddle makes cookie dough.


Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL200 Benefits – Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction makes yummier, more nutritious, silky smooth beverages loaded with vitamins and fiber from whole fruits and vegetable.

Ninja Professional NJ600

How does Ninja Professional NJ600 work – Ninja Professional NJ600 has powerful blades that pulverize the toughest fruits, veggies and ice in seconds to blend your favorite ingredients into healthy juices, sauces, dips and smoothies.


Ninja Professional NJ600 Features – The 1000-Watts Professional Performance Power ensures heavy-duty blending and processing. It has a huge 72-oz Pro Blender Pitcher with Pour Spout, Ninja 6-blade technology and total crushing technology to crush ice to powdery snow in seconds. It has cord storage and.


Ninja Professional NJ600 Benefits – It has a sleek design and outstanding performance. It blends and purees with controlled processing. The extra-large blender jar can easily make and hold drinks and smoothies for the whole family.

Ninja Master Prep QB900

How Ninja Master Prep QB900 works – The revolutionary Ninja Master Prep QB900 is a food and drink maker that can turn ice cubes into creamy frozen drinks and desserts in seconds, chop salads, salsas and dips without chunks or mush.


Ninja Master Prep QB900 Features – Ninja Technology gives ice crushing action and a special processing power chops ingredients uniformly. The 48oz. jar makes several drinks simultaneously and has an easy flip-pour spout and slip-resistant bottom. The 2-cup processor dices, chops, blends, minces, and purees. Interchangeable motor preps appetizers in the processor and makes drinks with a switch.


Ninja Master Prep QB900 Benefits – One touch pulse and ergonomic design create a safe product for quick health drinks.


Compare Reviews and Complaints – Nutri Ninja vs Ninja Pulse vs Ninja Pro vs Ninja Master Prep

Nutri Ninja Pro Review

A user of Nutri Ninja Pro said that it is a powerful and brilliant machine that stayed true to its claims. He was also impressed with its beautiful and sleek design.

However, the user found that the flip-top lid leaked even when tightly screwed when the cup was kept horizontally. Another consumer thought it should make a drink without holding or pressing down the and because of this it may be an issue for older users. He also found chunks even though the ingredients were not hard. The jar holding slots are uncomfortable and the maximum line on the jars is inaccurate and causes spills.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Review

One consumer thought it blends fruits and vegetables well only if ice is not used. He also said the blender should be more powerful because while making fruit smoothies, the ice did not blend smoothly because of lack of power. Another user thought with the absence of buttons, this blender is hard to work because one needs to press hard on the top to keep the container in place. Someone else found the smoothie glasses are too small.

Ninja Professional NJ600

A user thought everything was pulverized within seconds. But because of the absence of cyclonic blades, which other cheaper blenders have, it does not make great smoothies and leaves the texture too grainy and uneven. He also found this blender too noisy and did not liquefy fruits and veggies no matter how long he blended.

Ninja Master Prep QB900 Review

A user thought the blender is just about satisfactory, though it did not work too well on smoothies when vegetables or other hard ingredients were used. And, it has a chunky design compared to other traditional blenders. Because of the big size the user consumer found it difficult to use it regularly.

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