Nutri Ninja vs Magic Bullet

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Compare Features and Benefits: Nutri Ninja vs Magic Bullet

Nutri Ninja Features and Benefits

It is a blender that brings you maximum nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables to your smoothies, shakes and superjuices. It also offers a way around the common problem of regular juicers and blenders, which either remove the fibres or keep heavy chunks of food behind.

• Nutri Ninja vs Magic Bullet is powerful because of the extraction of nutrients and vitamins. It does that without the need for any liquids. It can also make frozen smoothies and desserts, while nothing stays unprocessed behind.

• Ninja PRO extractor blades it has give it the power to crush frozen ingredients, seeds, stems, skins, whole fruits, and ice into smooth consistency.

• It makes the most out of 900 watt motor with 21,000 RPM PRO extension blades to ensure that it can get through the toughest ingredients to give you smooth results.

• Nutri Ninja lets you make drinks with nutrients in their most absorptive state. Hence they are helpful to those who have health issues and sportsmen too.

• It can support immune system, digestion, fitness recovery, energy, promote sleep and more.

Magic Bullet Features and Benefits

It is a blender that not only claims to give you the best out of food items by drawing their nutrients out, but promises to help you lose weight three times faster than with diet and exercise alone. It also offers you a smart alternative to those awkward and bulky blenders and food processors that can become the bane of your existence.

Magic Bullet has been specially created with a bullet shaped design, which ensures that the food is circulated back into the Cyclonic Cutting Zone. The specially designed blades then do their job and it works at so much force that practically any task can be handled in about 10 seconds.

All you have to do is place the cup on the high torque power base and press. That’s all it takes for the Magic Bullet to start working its magic for you.

• Magic Bullet gives you a large variety of options; from different types of party dips to frozen margaritas and pina coladas, pasta sauces and desserts as well.

• It easy to use and as long as you press it down it works. You can also choose the hands free motion easily for your own convenience. This Lock On Mode can be used till you get completely smooth consistency out of your chosen foods. There’s also the Pulsing technique for different tasks.

It is very convenient to clean and store too.


Compare Reviews and Complaits: Nutri Ninja vs Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet Review – Pros and Cons

One customer who used the Magic Bullet said that it is very compact, which means it doesn’t have any power to break down bigger pieces of food items. Another problem is that the shaft bushing goes through wear and tear within a short span of it. That makes it less effective and there is a huge noise every time you use it.

Another customer who used Magic Bullet revealed that the screws that are given to you to seal the lid can actually end up hurting you because they have sharp edges. It also has its limitations and cannot be used to grind coffee beans or chopping big pieces of onions, which end up being mushy.

One customer who reviewed Magic Bullet complained that it has a greater need for power, which means sometimes it stops functioning while blending. Thus the process on the whole ends up taking more time than it actually should. It doesn’t have a strong base for the tall vessels and things are a lot worse when it comes to the round vessel. Little disturbance and they are ready to fall all over the place.

Another customer who used Magic Bullet said that it crushes food items but only at the bottom. You have to manually mix them up well to ensure that you get the chosen consistency. The gasket rings are not well made and the drinks can leak on the motor, which can be dangerous. Of course you also have to worry about mess to clean up later.


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