Nutri Ninja vs Breville Hemisphere Control

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Compare How it Works, Features and Benefits: Nutri Ninja vs Breville Hemisphere Control

Nutri Ninja

How Nutri Ninja works – Nutri Ninja states that it can give you tasty, cool and nutritious beverages with vitamin extraction. The blender combines power and versatility to help you blend, chop, extract and make salad dressings so that you can enjoy silky smooth beverages with the goodness of whole foods.


Nutri Ninja Features – The 900W motor rotating at 21,000 RPM and Pro Extractor blades easily break down toughest of fruits, veggies, seeds, stems, skins and greens without the need of liquids. The Sip & Seal lids give you great on-the-go smoothie cup. Its Shake Lid lets you pour directly from the jar and the 24-oz jar lets you make multi-serve drinks. Nutri Ninja declares to be BPA-free and dishwasher.


Nutri Ninja Benefits – Nutri Ninja claims to leave nothing unprocessed and extracts hidden nutrition. It is more powerful and faster than regular blenders and can give you countless options of nutrient-rich drinks, soups, frozen desserts, sauces, dips and more.


Breville Hemisphere Control

How it works – Breville Hemisphere Control claims to combine the functionality of blending with food processing task so that you can easily get evenly-blended food. It can blend light ingredients that float by pulling them down towards the blending blades and whip up heavier foods away from the food traps of the jar.


Breville Hemisphere Control Features – Its 750W high-torque motor and LCD timer with pre-programmed settings for Ice Crush and Smoothies The 5-speed control buttons and pulse control the RPM speed for consistent produce. The large 48-oz copolyster jar is BPA-free with a special blade and bowl system that prevents over or under processing.


Breville Hemisphere Control Benefits – The pre-set Ice Crush and Smoothie program ensures that the speed automatically adjusts for better blending results. The high-torque motor blends efficiently and quietly and the bowl’s contoured design prevents food traps for easy cleaning. The special central, long and sweeping blades give velvety cocktails and bowl-hugging blades give creamier smoothies.


Compare Reviews: Nutri Ninja vs Breville Hemisphere Control

Nutri Ninja Review

One reviewer complains that Nutri Ninja failed to blend smoothies very well and it couldn’t work on fresh and frozen fruit. He also complained that the design of the blender is very poor so much so that even when ingredients were chopped to pieces and added a few at a time to avoid overloading the blender, the flawed design made it necessary for the container to be removed and resulted in a lot of mess.

Breville Hemisphere Control Review

One consumer thought the Breville Hemisphere Control blender was really good and ideal for using every day to make smoothies, almond milk, and even hummus. However, the user also complains that the unit went dysfunctional within a month of its one-year warranty expiry date. The blender started giving trouble even though it was used just to crush ice for smoothies on a daily basis and was not used for any heavy blending task. The consumer also found that though Breville Hemisphere Control worked well to make fruit and veggie smoothies, it did not blend the blueberry and strawberry seeds well.

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