Nutri Ninja Duo vs Vitamix Review

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Compare Features:Nutri Ninja Duo vs Vitamix

Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ Features – Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ is a blender that promises to take the guesswork out of making your favourite drinks thanks to its Auto-IQ technology. Moreover it also has functions like time pulsing, blending and pausing patterns to make things easier for you. The countdown timer also tells you the time required for the chosen program to finish or in case of manual speeds to keep track of blending time. Thus it ensures that you are on top of things while you make your chosen beverages at any time.


Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 Features – Vita-Mix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 claims to be a power packed blender that lets you make nutrient rich juices and smoothies in a matter of minutes. The control switches it has mean you can get the job done easily while the speed control mix allows you to adjust the speed of the blades. This blender can thus let you do several tasks for chopping to mixing and grinding meat too. It asserts that it is virtually indestructible and has been built to last.


Vitamix S30 Features – Vitamix S30 promises to bring high performance engineering with the convenience of a personal blender. It has a Variable Speed Control and pulse feature that can lead to a variety of textures so that you can make meals according to your requirements. The powerful motor can crush ice and whole foods so that you can get the most out of them. Its metal drive system makes it highly durable while the safety interlocking system turns the machine off when the container is not in place. Vitamix is a personal blender that combines high-performance engineering and convenience to prepare meals at home or on-the-go single and double servings of recipes. It is compact and has two BPA-free containers – double-walled 20-ounce container that becomes an instant travel cup and a 40-ounce container. It has a variable speed control and pulse, powerful motor base, durable metal drive system, and interchangeable blade base. Its machine components are dishwasher-safe and it comes with a Tamper for use with the 40-ounce container.


Of course Nutri Ninja Duo has modern technology for ease of use, but Vitamix S30 is definitely more versatile as a blender and its durability, safety features make it the winner. Also Vitamix is a brand you can trust.

Compare Design: Nutri Ninja Duo vs Vitamix

Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ Design – The idea behind the Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ is that it can blend whole fruits and veggies to bring maximum nutrients into your glass of drink. That’s the reason its design is such that it can take in whole fruits and blend them into a nutrient rich drink. The blender is high powered and its performance is boosted by blades that can not only get through whole fruits and veggies but pulverize ice too.


Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 Design – Smart engineering design is at the heart of this blender and it strengthens all the parts in it so that it lasts for a long time to come. Some of its important elements are the virtually indestructible polycarbonate container and all stainless steel enclosed blade assembly with sealed ball bearings. The motor is also thermally protected to offer you the best performance.


Vitamix S30 Design – One of the highlights of the design of the Vitamix S30 is the interchangeable base blade that can be easily attached to both containers. What’s more, it also has the signature laser cut, stainless steel blade design. Both the containers are double walled but the 40 oz one also has a two part lid, which lets you create variety of recipes in small batches. The safety interlocking system is an added advantage.



With the varied design of its two containers and the interchangeable base blade, Vitamix S30 takes this category.

Compare Benefits: Nutri Ninja Duo vs Vitamix

Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ Beenfits – The biggest advantage of using this blender is that it extracts maximum nutrients out of rich fruits and vegetables. Thus you can get all the health benefits you are looking for from your glass of smoothie or juice for that matter. The blender can be used to make your favourite beverages because it can crush ice too. The program functions that this blender has mean you don’t have to worry about the blending tasks, which are done automatically for you. Regular and Jumbo Multi-Serve Nutri Ninja Cups with Sip and Seal Lids let you carry your drinks on the go.


Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 Benefits – It is a versatile blender with 2 peak horsepower that can help you make smoothies and juices besides mixing, grinding and chopping as well. The all stainless steel enclosed blade assembly adds to its overall performance. The metal to metal driver and the fact that the motor is thermally protected, ensure safety while using it. It lets you control speed and functions according to your requirements as well. It comes with a 5 year warranty.


Vitamix S30 – Whether you want to make nutrient rich drinks from whole fruits or crush ice, Vitamix S30 has the answer for you. But what’s more, it can also let you make different types of meals and simple functions keep things convenient. The 20 oz container lets you take servings on the go while the 40 ounce container is perfect for making small batch recipes. You can also use the tamper with this container and mix thick and frozen mixtures into the blade. It comes with a 5 year full time warranty.


Verdict – Vitamix S30 is the clear winner here because of its versatile functionality, smart design and of course the warranty, which puts your mind at rest about its quality.

Compare Technology

Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ Technology – One of the highlighting technologies used in the Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ is Auto-iQ technology, which includes smart programs for pulsing, blending and pause patterns too. Thus you are saved the hassle when blending. The Total Crushing technology on the other hand can not only blend whole fruits and vegetables but pulverize ice too.


Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 Technology – While there is no direct information on the technology used here, it claims to be a heavy duty, professional quality blender with 2 peak horsepower. That boosts its performance while easy to use controls ensure easy functionality. The smart engineering and strong blades make the blender quite effective too.


Vitamix S30 Technology – Again there is no specific mention of the technology used in this blender but Vitamix S30 takes the high performance engineering element and brings it for your personal use at home. It has variable speed control and pulse features that give you different options at your fingertips. It also has one peak horsepower with powerful blades that lead to a highly efficient performance.


Verdict – Vitamix S30 probably does the same tasks with its inherent features but the Total Crushing and Auto-iQ technologies used in Nutri Ninja Duo make it the winner for us.

Compare Power

Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ – 1300 watts.

Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 – 2 peak horsepower

Vitamix S30 – 1 peak horsepower.

Verdict – Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 with two peak horsepower wins this one.

Compare Blades: Nutri Ninja Duo vs Vitamix

Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ – Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor Blades used here are powerful and sturdy enough to pulverize ice.

Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 – It has powerful blades with stainless steel enclosed blade assembly.

Vitamix S30 – It has powerful stainless steel blades.

Verdict – Nutri Ninja Duo blades seem to be more powerful since they are able to pulverize ice without any difficulty, that’s why it’s the winner for us here.

Compare Pitchers/cups: Nutri Ninja Duo vs Vitamix

Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ – It comes with Regular (24 oz) and Jumbo Multi-Serve Nutri Ninja Cups (32 oz) with Sip and Seal Lids.

Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 – It has a 64 ounce polycarbonate container that is virtually indestructible.

Vitamix S30 – It has a double-walled 20-ounce container to blend individual servings that can be taken on the go and 40-ounce container with 2-part lid for a variety of small-batch recipes.

Verdict – The containers in Vitamix S30 are sturdy, smartly designed and more useful, which makes it the winner for us.

Compare What do I get and Price

Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ – You get your Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ with Regular (24 oz) and Jumbo Multi-Serve Nutri Ninja Cups (32 oz) with Sip and Seal Lids for $175 plus S&H charges.

Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 – It comes with a 64 ounce polycarbonate container and is available for $378.95.

Vitamix S30 – You get a 20 oz double walled container, a 40 ounce container with a 2 part lid and a tamper with your Vitamix S30, which you can buy for $409.


Verdict – Nutri Ninja Duo is definitely the cheapest and the clear winner here, but you have to remember that Vitamix S30 is more versatile, professional grade blender that offers a lot more too.

2 thoughts on “Nutri Ninja Duo vs Vitamix Review

  1. This has got to be one of the worst comparisons I have ever read. The writer is obviously clueless and never even tested the units. Writing a review based on what you read on the web is sad. You might also want to do some fact checking. The Ninja is 1500 watts and 2hp just like Vitamix. Also, if purchased direct, it comes with a lifetime warranty. As for versatility and features, the Ninja comes with 3 different size mixing cups, a larger blender top and has an optional food processor attachment that the Vitamix doesn’t. I’m sure that the Vitamix is a very high quality machine…for double the money it sure as hell better be, but stop posting B.S. reviews.

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