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Nubrilliance – It’s the first and only device to offer microdermabrasion at home with dual action therapy and a combination of crystal free diamond exfoliation and suction. There are fine and regular diamond tips to choose from besides five different suction settings, which ensures that the treatment can be customized based on one’s skin sensitivity and individual comfort.


Riiviva – It brings the principles of professional quality microdermabrasion to one’s homes. It has replaceable diamond tips for face and body and three different suction levels too. Microdermabrasion is all about abrasion and suction, which is followed as the tips pass over skin while the suction eliminates exfoliated particles and debris.

Compare Price:: Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance : $219.99

Riiviva : $299.00

What does it do? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – It offers an aesthetic and non invasive procedure that rejuvenates skin by exfoliating dead and flaky skin cells on the surface. With different levels of suction it can boost regeneration of skin by encouraging production of collagen and elastin. Of course the exfoliation makes a difference to one’s skin but the suction is the key element here and together they are responsible for a healthy afterglow post treatment.


Riiviva – With replaceable diamond tips for face and body and three levels of suction, it brings professional quality treatments at home. It’s an affordable way of getting the beauty regime of celebrities at home. The suction is crucial because it stimulates the dermis causing skin re-modelling. Thus skin starts repairing itself and looks smoother and healthier. Besides three levels of suction there are three degrees of coarseness for different skin sensitivity levels.

Does it work for acne? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – It makes some difference to acne related problems because skin looks clearer and smoother.


Riiviva – Riivivia microdermabrasion offers professional quality treatment for acne with diamond tip abrasion.

Does it work for stretch marks? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – That’s not what it has been designed for and shouldn’t be used for stretch marks alone.


Riiviva – Stretch marks become faint over time but they don’t disappear.

Does it eliminate blackheads? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – The precision round trip can be used for extra tight areas around the nose. It works for blackheads inside and outside the ear too.


Riiviva – Cleaning the surface with exfoliation and a healthy diet can reduce the damage caused by bacteria in the form of pimples and blackheads. That’s how it can help eliminate blackheads around the nose.

Is it good for Sun spots? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – It works well for sun damaged skin, fine lines and spots.


Riiviva – It reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots while making skin look softer and healthier.

Does it work on whiteheads? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – It can be used on pimples although there might be some pain because they are sore spots. It can also pull out whiteheads.


Riiviva – It works to some extent on whiteheads.

Does it work for wrinkles? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – With diamond peel exfoliation and suction it can reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and spots.


Riiviva – After only two weeks of use it can start making a difference to appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and acne scarring.

Does it work against Eczema? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – It slowly starts making a difference to those suffering from Eczema and applying a repair serum is a good idea. But it’s recommended that the wand should not be applied on the eye.


Riiviva – Those with existing skin condition, warts, eczema, dermatitis might not want to use microdermabrasion treatments. It’s also advisable to consult a physician before use.

Does it lead to pain? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – Using the right tip and following instructions to the T can ensure that there is no pain or harm caused.


Riiviva – While it doesn’t hurt one needs to learn to use it properly.

Is it safe? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – It does work on pimples but there might be some hurt because they are sore spots.


Riiviva – It’s said to be one of the top five nonsurgical cosmetic procedures carried out in doctor’s offices. It’s meant to be safe, effective and a trusted beauty treatment.

Is it FDA approved? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – It’s not approved by the FDA yet but those who experience problems using it are probably not using the kit correctly.


Riiviva – It is FDA approved.

Does it lose suction? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – Suction is its integral element and is meant to work. It’s a good idea to clean the tip and blow the casing because skin cells might get lodged between them. The tip should be replaced frequently as well. If there are any suction problems experienced, rubber band near the nozzle tip can do the trick. There will be no suction if the rubber band is missing, damaged or lost.


Riiviva – In many cases loss of suction is due to the kit not retaining the charge.

Is it permanent? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – No, the results are not permanent.


Riiviva – Acne scars are caused because of deep damage to facial tissue and need a trip to an aesthetician or dermatologist for laser/surgical treatments that can be the cure. However Riiviva microdermabrasion works well as a non invasive, inexpensive procedure.

Does it lead to breakouts? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – In fact it can have huge benefits for those who have suffered because of acne, spots etc for a long time.


Riiviva – Pitted, uneven and hyper-pigmented skin caused by breakouts can be resurfaced because of the way it’s been designed.

Is it the same as a chemical peel? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – It’s not a chemical peel but is today considered to be an adjunct for different treatments including chemical peel, laser treatments and topical infusions. As the dead layer of skin is removed topical products can penetrate much better.


Riiviva – It’s not a chemical peel. Here the top layer of skin is removed with high quality diamond tip and then dead cells are removed by suction.

Is it safe for use during pregnancy? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – Before using any new product during pregnancy it’s a good idea to consult a physician.


Riiviva – Skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy, which is why it shouldn’t be used then or till after one’s stopped breast feeding. At home microdermabrasion can lead to irritation of skin, breakouts etc while in-office treatments are not considered to be safe either because there can be adverse reactions before or after treatment.

Is it safe for Asian skin? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance: Yes, it claims to be safe for all skin types.


Riiviva – It is a non invasive procedure that has minimum risks involved. Unlike laser treatments it is meant to be safe for all skin types and has minimal risk of scarring.

Does it work for sensitive skin?

Nubrilliance – It’s important to watch the DVD and follow instructions before use. Checking the sensitivity of one’s skin before use also helps. Regular diamond tip can be used on less sensitive areas while high suction levels make sense for dry and sensitive skin. Use of exfoliating cloth, soothing skin can not only give better results but it ensures that there’s no hurt to sensitive skin as well.


Riiviva – Three Riiviva Professional Grade Chest Diamond Tips; fine for sensitive, medium for normal and coarse for regular users and those with non sensitive skin can be used to good effect.

Does it work okay on African American skin? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – It works well on African American skin and reduces acne related spots and issues too.


Riiviva – It’s simple and solid exfoliation that works well for African American skin too.

Can it be used for Rosacea? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – Microdermabrasion can have an adverse effect on Rosacea causing more irritation to the skin.


It shouldn’t be used by those suffering from Rosacea as it might actually worsen the problem.

How long does it last? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – One has to remember that more anatomically correct and extensive facelifts last longer while less involved abbreviated procedures last for a shorter period. Thus it lasts for a shorter period than real facelift. It works on skin tone and texture to an extent and gives decent results at home.


Riiviva – It is not a luxury product and a lot shouldn’t be expected out of it. However it can easily last for a couple of months.

Is it invasive? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – It’s a non invasive, non surgical procedure that exfoliates dead skin cells and the suction removes them. It promotes skin’s natural regeneration thus boosting its elasticity and making it look softer and smoother.


Riiviva – It’s a non invasive procedure that removes the outer layer of skin thus revealing younger, healthier, radiant and rejuvenated skin.

Does it unclog pores? Nubrilliance vs Riiviva

Nubrilliance – Oxygen and nutrients cannot move through the surface of the face when dead skin cells are not exfoliated. Thus there is a lack of healthy blood flow and skin’s intricate structure collapses. That leads to fine lines and wrinkles, which are avoided here and moreover it also unclogs pores giving skin a clearer and healthier appearance.


Riiviva – Dead skin cells block pores and create bacteria that forms into acne, Riiviva Microderm can help remove that layer keeping your skin glowing.

Is it the same as exfoliating?

Nubrilliance – It’s a non invasive procedure that gets rid of dead and flaky skin cells making skin look fresher and smoother. It also boosts production of collagen and elastin, which enhances elasticity of one’s skin. Different levels of suction also lead to natural cell regeneration of skin thus bringing efficient results for users along the way.


Riiviva – It brings the time tested microdermabrasion technique at home now so that users can get professional quality results like celebrities. It can lead to clear and youthful looking skin without paying a fortune for it. It results in a much deeper exfoliation, especially when compared to results that one has come to expect at home. And since it’s a non invasive procedure that is quite safe too, it can become a part of one’s regular skin care routine without any hassle.


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