Nubrilliance vs Crystalift vs Dr Denese Review

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Compare How does it work? Nubrilliance vs Crystalift vs Dr Denese

How does Nubrilliance work? is the first and only microdermabrasion device that can be used at home; it offers you a non-invasive way of exfoliating dead skin cells while rejuvenating the layers underneath. It combines the effects of varying levels of suction and regeneration of skin by producing elastin and collagen. Thus it enhances the elasticity of your skin and gives it that radiant afterglow. While crystal-free diamond exfoliation has a visible effect, it’s the suction that ensures that you get sensational results. It’s a professional grade microdermabrasion kit that can be used at home.

How does Crystalift work? works with the help of disposable Crystal capsules that are filled with mineral crystals. These water soluble capsules are safe for use and do the job of gently but effectively exfoliating your skin. The treatment is delivered to your skin with the help of the Crystal Wand, which fits well into your hand. With the help of the Comfort Control Knob you can adjust the strength of the treatment according to sensitivity of your skin. Skin debris and used crystals are collected in the deposit chamber making it easy to clean and a convenient product to use.

How does Dr Denese Skin Science Clinical Resurfacing System work? This professional grade device for microdermabrasion is akin to what you’d find in a doctor’s clinic. Unlike products that you find in stores, this product takes your skin care regime to a whole new level. You can see brilliant results just after a session with this product and there will be a noticeable difference when it comes to wrinkles, fine lines, skin tone, clarity, pores etc. Your skin will start looking firmer and a lot healthier.

Compare Instructions: Nubrilliance vs Crystalift vs Dr Denese

Nubrilliance Instructions

  • What it does for you?: It uses diamond peel exfoliation coupled with vacuum simulation to reduce fine lines, wrinkles around eyes as well. Not only does it help with your skin tone, texture and elasticity it also has answers for acne and spots due to aging.
  • Things you should know: It’s a doctor approved, clinically proven system that has a Fine Diamond Tip to be used on neck and face, while the Regular Diamond Tip can be used on arms and hands.

Crystalift: Instructions with the set have to be followed keeping safety considerations in mind. It’s a good idea to consult a physician before starting a new treatment or if adverse skin reaction is noticed. For your safety the product should be unplugged immediately after use and shouldn’t be used in the bath. Store it in a way that it doesn’t fall into a sink and keep away from water. You shouldn’t touch it if it falls in water; unplug immediately. It has a two-wire polarized attachment plug, which if doesn’t fit properly should be reversed.

Dr Denese Skin Science Clinical Resurfacing System Your skin should be cleansed thoroughly and dried before using the product. Use this product in short steady motions that are lateral and upward; downward motions should be avoided.

Treatment sequence: Use on the neck in short, small strokes; keep your skin taut with the other hand. Follow similar upward motions on forehead and cheeks. Finish with the eye area, above your eyebrows and lip region. Keep away from eyelids. Apply Skin Recovery Serum when you are done.

Compare How to use? Nubrilliance vs Crystalift vs Dr Denese

How to use Nubrilliance Know about different controls, accessories and treatment support creams that go with the products before use. Use the fine tip on your face and always start with the lowest setting. Brace the skin with your free hand to keep it taut while using the product. Quick short side to side strokes in 3-4 passes should be used on forehead and eyebrows. Smaller, precision, round tip can be used on nose and chin as it works on hard to get areas. Fine tip should be used on cheek and temples and it’s a good idea to move with the suction with your strokes. Smaller precision tip works well for lips and jawline, which should be tackled with short upward strokes while for your neck and chest areas, wider edged tip is recommended. For your arms, legs and feet you can use longer, firm strokes.

How to use Crystalift:

It uses a Triple Action process that works for all skin types to give you softer, younger looking skin in 10 minutes.

  • Step 1: You need to insert the crystal capsule in the appropriate compartment.
  • Step 2: Glide the wand on your skin, which will activate the dual action, crystal and vacuum lift process.
  • Step 3: Rinse off remaining crystals to get brilliant results.

There’s no need to apply any pressure while using the wand, you need to make sure it’s in full contact with your skin.

Dr. Denese Skin Science Clinical Resurfacing System: Use it on dry skin once a week and on oily skin three times a week. Each session lasts for about 5 minutes and there are 5 intensity levels; you are advised to start with lowest intensity setting and follow the instructions you find with the product.

Compare Benefits: Nubrilliance vs Crystalift vs Dr Denese

Nubrilliance : It works on aging effects on skin, fine lines, wrinkles, pores, sun damaged skin, uneven texture and more.

Crystalift : Exfoliates dead skin cells and allows smooth, fresh skin to surface.

Dr. Denese Skin Science Clinical Resurfacing System : Dead, old and gray skins are exfoliated by the Diamond tip while the vacuum clears these dead cells away leaving your skin looking young.

Compare Cleaning

Nubrilliance: Clean the system with dry cloth and the tips with soap and water.

Crystalift: Unplug when not used and discard capsule when empty and deposit chamber after four treatments. Use damp sponge to clean it outside and inside under the lid and make sure it doesn’t come in contact with water when plugged in. Tip of the wand should be cleaned with cotton swab and alcohol.

Dr Denese Skin Science Clinical Resurfacing System: Diamond tip should be cleaned after every use with Q Tip and alcohol. Tip should be replaced after around 25 sessions while filters after 2-4 uses.

Does it work for Acne? Nubrilliance vs Crystalift vs Dr Denese

Nubrilliance It does have an effect and scars on chin etc fade, but those on cheeks are difficult to get rid of. However skin does get a smoother look and it offers some relief from Acne.

Crystalift It works on acne.

Dr Denese Skin Science Clinical Resurfacing System It doesn’t guarantee results.

Does it work on stretch marks? Nubrilliance vs Crystalift vs Dr Denese

Nubrilliance: It has its benefits for stretch marks issues.

Crystalift: It doesn’t work on stretch marks.

Dr Denese Skin Science Clinical Resurfacing System

Stretch marks can be reduced because of growth of new skin.

Compare What do I get? and Price: Nubrilliance vs Crystalift vs Dr Denese

Nubrilliance You get 1 Nubrilliance microdermabrasion machine, Preparation cleanser, collagen regenerator, SPF Moisturizing cream, 3 Year Warranty, 1 Year Supply of Replacement Filters and Priority Processing for $239.85.

Crystalift 1 Crystalift machine, Complete Refill Series to last you a month, and Instructional DVD; all for $199.00.

Dr Denese Skin Science Clinical Resurfacing System 1 SkinScience Clinical Resurfacing Machine , 1oz Skin Recovery Serum, 6oz Hydrating Cleanser, 1 Resurfacing Sytem compelte with 3 regular tips, 1 fine tip, and 20 filters. You get all this for $182.00 or three easy payments of $60.67.

Does it harm? Nubrilliance vs Crystalift vs Dr Denese

Does Nubrilliance Harm?

Not if you use the right tip according to instructions.

Does Crystalift Harm

It doesn’t harm you.

Does Dr Denese Skin Science Clinical Resurfacing System harm

In no way is it harmful to your skin.

Compare Reviews and Advantages: Nubrilliance vs Crystalift vs Dr Denese

Nubrilliance Reviews and Advantages It really works on skin making it look softer and smoother; it also ensures that spots fade away. You have to use it two to three times during the week and using a moisturizer after using this product works wonders.

It does a great job of lifting eyebrows and plumping lips and the results last long as well. It also gives your skin a lovely natural glow.

Microdermabrasion can have amazing effect on your skin, but getting the treatment done from a professional can be very expensive. This product is reasonably priced, lasts long and is great value for your investment.

Crystalift Reviews and Advantages It works as you expect it to and one use every week can do the trick. Pores tend to disappear and your skin is baby soft, which is something not many products can boast of. You can get professional quality results when you use the high setting for this product. The instructional DVD you get with the product makes it very easy to use and it’s a good idea to follow the instructions to get best results.

It even works on acne, which is an added advantage. Where many products fail, this one works like a charm. The skin looks more refined and results get better after every use. It helps you get results like you would get in a doctor’s clinic from the comforts of your home. And it doesn’t take long to get this treatment done, which saves you a lot of time as well.

Such spa treatments can cost you a fortune, but Crystalift is affordable, good value for your money and saves you costs.

Dr Denese Skin Science Clinical Resurfacing System Reviews and Advantages : If you have been noticing wrinkles on your forehead that leave you feeling inhibited then this product will work wonders for you. Forehead wrinkles get softer after consistent use of the product. You will also notice a dramatic effect when it comes to crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes. The same is true for wrinkles around the lips and expression lines that are visible around the mouth. Thus you can combat these signs of aging with the help of this product.

It firms up your skin, which is another advantage of using this product. Thus your skin starts looking tauter and younger overall. It gets clearer and looks brighter and fresher as a result. To get that luminous, radiant skin you can rely on this product.



Compare Disadvantages and Complaints: Nubrilliance vs Crystalift vs Dr Denese

Nubrilliance The product can be inconsistent; some units have been known to work well while others don’t. In fact some of them come with a suction unit that doesn’t work at all and that makes buying the product a self-defeating exercise. There are some who have noticed adverse effects of using this product on their skin as well, which is a strict no-no.

But the biggest problem with the product is probably the customer service you are offered. The customer service desk is not helpful at all and in worst case scenarios can be very abrupt. There are times when you don’t even get any feedback from the company and you can go hoarse trying to get yourself heard. Lack of communication with the customer service naturally leaves you dissatisfied and the company simply doesn’t stand up and make itself accountable, which is not what you expect.

Crystalift: The machine doesn’t work smoothly and the wand gets clogged up after some use. Even after replacing it, the problems continue, which makes things difficult for you as the effectiveness of the product depends on the wand. After continual use, the product can stop working completely, which is an utter disaster and not something you expect from a product that you pay top dollar for.

There are many cheaper products that can do the job just as well, especially when you have to pay $10 for refills. Your warranty gets cancelled if you use any other crystals in the product. But other crystals are a lot cheaper and clearly the company is trying to make its bucks by holding you to ransom and charging huge amounts on refills.

Use of crystals in such machines is now considered to be passé, especially because some of them are considered to be carcinogenic. Hence it’s important to do your research before using the product that has crystals in it.

Dr Denese Skin Science Clinical Resurfacing System: You hardly feel any suction, especially in certain areas like around your nose. Even if you turn the setting to its highest level, you do not experience any suction. And if there’s no suction, you know you don’t get the expected results, which is a disappointment.

Tips aren’t contoured enough to fit your face or areas between the eyes. It’s a good concept but is not executed as well as it could have been. In fact microdermabrasion peels work a lot better. This product feels like a cheese grater or a sand paper rubbed over your skin and it doesn’t get rid of dead skin cells at all. There are several design flaws in the product, which leave a lot to be desired when it comes to the final results as well.

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