Ninja Intelli-Sense vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs Vitamix

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Compare what is it? Ninja Intelli-Sense vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs Vitamix

Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System and Vitamix 750 Blender are professional level food processors that can chop, blend, cream, puree and do more with any type of food item. Both the machines are high-performance systems with pre-programmed selections to choose from, for easy operation. The Intelli-Sense, along with the Smart Programs, also has Smart Vessel Recognition that transforms it into three different appliances to perform various prepping and chores in the kitchen.

Vitamix 750 Blender is a self-cleaning machine that provides a versatile option and its durable power blending modes help in creating fresh, flavorful dishes from whole-food items.

On the other hand, Ninja’s Nutri Ninja Auto IQ is a powerful blender that takes the guesswork out of drinking. As the name suggests, it has an Nutri Ninja Auto IQ technology that combines timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns to get that perfectly blended output. Apart from the preprogrammed settings, there are two manual speeds to get the maximum out of the food ingredients. The blender has the capability to break down and extract nutrients and vitamins from whole fruits, vegetables, seeds, and ice. There are multiple cups provided with lids that allow users to take them on the go.

Compare what to expect? Ninja Intelli-Sense vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs Vitamix

Ninja Intelli-Sense
This blender features a unique touchscreen and controls that provide easy options to the users at the touch of a button. The 12 pre-set Smart programs can be selected via the panel. These programs are – smoothie, extract, dressing, puree, dough, chop, dips, frozen drink, ice cream, and a snow cone. The control panel also offers the chance to select the desired pulse speed between high and low. The Smart Vessel technology of Intelli-Sense adjusts the blending programs and displays them as per the container attached to the base. The blender comes with the famous range of Ninja blade assembly that can pulverize the food items and cut through the toughest of stems, seeds, and ice to blend them into a smooth, even drink.

Nutri Ninja Auto IQ
The Nutri Ninja Auto IQ feature of this blender provides automated blending programs to get perfect results each time. It automatically configures the system and blends with patterns of mixing, pulsing and pausing and automatically stopping when the timer runs out. Simply select between Blend mode for softer ingredients and Ultra Blend for hard, frozen, or fibrous ingredients to see it work automatically and give desired results.

Vitamix 750 Blender
This professional quality blender comes with an elegant design and 5 pre-programmed smart-blending settings. These settings are automated for making smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, and puree. One of the modes of the blender is the self-cleaning cycle for easy cleansing purposes. It also offers full custom control via its ultra-responsive variable speed dial and pulse to precise chop and mix ingredients as per their requirements. The blender is designed with a powerful motor and is still 40 % quieter than its previous designs to make it the ultimate blender for home use.

Compare Pre-set Programs: Ninja Intelli-Sense vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs Vitamix

Ninja Intelli-Sense
This blending system offers various pre-set program options for the various vessels that it detects automatically and presents on the control panel.

For the Total Crushing Pitcher, Ninja Intelli-Sense offers pre-set programs that combine blending and pausing patterns that do the work automatically till it is stopped. It has a Smoothie option for making super-smooth drinks and shakes from milk, liquids, and tougher ingredients such as frozen fruit and ice. The Ice Cream option of the system can create scoop-able frozen ice cream or sorbet for a delicious treat. Use the Frozen Drink option to blend juices and fruits with ice for a blended frozen drink. The Snow Cone option can pulverize ice into snow cones, slushies, or granitas. The user can also switch to Low, High, and Pulse option to manually blend the food items.

The Single-Serve Cup attachment of the blender offers various pre-set programs, too. It has Extract option for blending tough, leafy, or fibrous whole fruits and vegetables, along with skins, seeds, and stems. The Dressing option can be used to make fresh dressings, sauces, and marinades. A Refresher option can be selected to make fresh juices form water and vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

A Precision Processor Bowl attachment offers Puree option to make fine, smooth sauces and perfect hummus with ease. The Dough setting can be used to create dough for baked items such as cookies, bread, and pizza. You can also use its Chop setting for fine chopping results with the help of its automated timed pulses and pauses. The Dips setting is perfect for making sides and dips from spinach, artichoke, and make mashed potatoes.


Nutri Ninja Auto IQ :
The Nutri Ninja Nutri Ninja Auto IQ comes with pre-programmed settings to make drinking and meal making easy. It delivers consistent and delicious results at the touch of a button. There is a start and stop cycle for continuous running of the system. A timer is available that counts up to 60 seconds for timed blending. The Pulse option runs only when it is pressed down and can be used for a short burst of pulsing softer food items for a fine result. The Automatic Blend mode is designed to pulse and blend softer food ingredients while the Ultra Blend mode can cut through frozen, fibrous, or hard ingredients to generate smooth, consistent results.


Vitamix 750 Blender :
This powerful, automatic blender provides five program settings that cover most commonly used recipes. The available programs are Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, Soups, Purees, and a Cleaning Cycle.

Compare Knives: Ninja Intelli-Sense vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs Vitamix

Ninja Intelli-Sense
The various vessels of Ninja Intelli-Sense are designed to accommodate blades for specific purposes. There is a Chopping Blade Assembly for precision processing and cutting needs. The Stacked Blade Assembly of the blender does the entire regular blending job and the Pro-Extractor Blade is designed to blend toughest food items with ease. The Dough Blade Assembly is made using an all-black plastic material to prepare dough, bread, and batter.


Nutri Ninja Auto IQ :
The system comes with the powerful Ninja Pro Extractor Blades Assembly that can cut through the toughest of food items with ease.


Vitamix 750 Blender :
This blender comes with high-quality cutting blades that are 4 inches in diameter. The stainless-steel hammer-mill blades of the system are laser-cut for precise results even with the toughest of food ingredients.

Compare Cleaning: Ninja Intelli-Sense vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs Vitamix

Both Ninja Intelli-Sense and Nutri Ninja Auto IQ systems come with containers, lids, and blade assemblies that can be easily rinsed and hand washed using warm, soapy water. The blade assemblies should be carefully washed to avoid any direct hand contact with the blades as it is highly sharp and can cause serious harm. These parts should be rinsed and air-dried thoroughly before reassembly and use. The containers, lids, and blade assemblies are also dishwasher safe if placed on the top rack. The blades should be removed from the containers before placing it into the dishwasher.

The touchscreen motor base of the blender should not be washed but instead cleaned with a clean, damp cloth. Ensure that the unit is first unplugged and later use only a soft microfiber cloth to clean the touchscreen area to avoid scratching. Use an all-purpose cleaner to remove any residue from the control panel with ease.

Vitamix 750 Blender should be half filled with warm water and a couple of drops of liquid dis hwashing detergent to clean the interiors. Users can rotate the Variable Speed dial to 1 and keep pulsing by pressing the start and stop switch in between. The user can also slowly increase the speed till 10 and allow the machine to run for 30 to 60 seconds. Alternately, one can simply use the Cleaning program mode of the system, which runs on its own for approximately 1 minute. After the program stops, one needs to simply rinse the container and drain it for reuse.


Compare Accessories: Ninja Intelli-Sense vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs Vitamix

Ninja Intelli-Sense
Along with the motor base and the three vessels, Ninja Intelli-Sense system comes with a Single-Serve Cup Kit of 24 oz capacity and a 24 oz double-walled to-go tumbler for carrying smoothies and drinks on road.

Nutri Ninja Auto IQ :
One of the accessories provided with the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ system is a 12tbps Coffee & Spice Grinder that has a stainless steel bowl and blades that perform dry blending and grinding tasks. The durable cups of 24 oz capacity are made of high-quality polycarbonate Eastman Tritan material that is durable and cleans easily. A travel cup of 24 oz capacity is also provided with the blender. It is made of durable stainless-steel material and has a double-walled insulation to keep the drinks colder for up to four hours.

Vitamix 750 Blender
The system comes with a dry grinding carafe of 32 oz capacity and a 48 oz wet carafe. Vitamix 750 Blender also comes with a 20 oz personal carafe set with adapter and a cookbook with easy recipe options.

Compare Pitchers: Ninja Intelli-Sense vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs Vitamix

Ninja Intelli-Sense
This system comes with a 72 oz Total Crushing Pitcher that can hold a maximum of 64 oz liquid. It is well-suited for blending whole fruits and ice for the entire family. The 64 oz Precision Processor bowl can chop, puree, garnish, and make dough suited for the whole family. The single-serve 24 oz capacity cup can be used for blending personal drinks and make-to-go smoothies quickly and easily. They come with a travel lid that converts it into a to-go cup.

Nutri Ninja Auto IQ :
The Ninja Nutri Ninja Auto IQ comes with three Small, Regular, and Jumbo Multi-Serve cups with 18, 24, and 32 oz capacity respectively. These cups can be used for chopping, pulsing, and blending juices and smoothies for one, two, or more people.

Vitamix 750 Blender :
The Vitamix 750 Blender blender has a low-profile 64 oz container that is well-suited for family meals and fits comfortably under most kitchen cabinets.

Can it blend hot ingredients

Both, Ninja Intelli-Sense and Nutri Ninja Auto IQ are not designed for blending hot liquids or ingredients.

Vitamix 750 Blender is designed to handle hot ingredients and processing them while making hot soups and sauces, but users need to take care and follow proper instructions to handle it well.

Is it microwave safe?

Ninja Intelli-Sense and Nutri Ninja Auto IQ , both, do not have any microwave-safe parts. There is no information available regarding the parts of Vitamix 750 Blender .

Compare Container Material: Ninja Intelli-Sense vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs Vitamix

The containers in Ninja Intelli-Sense and Ninja Nutri Ninja Auto IQ are made using high-quality Eastman Tritan plastic that is extremely durable and BPA-free. The Vitamix 750 Blender also has a BPA-free material and is made using co-polyester.

Compare Wattage: Ninja Intelli-Sense vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs Vitamix

Ninja Intelli-Sense – 1200 watts

Nutri Ninja Auto IQ – 1000 Watts

Vitamix 750 Blender – 1440 watts

Compare Warranty: Ninja Intelli-Sense vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs Vitamix

Both Intelli-Sense and Nutri Ninja Auto IQ have 1-year limited warranty while Vitamix 750 Blender provides 7-year full warranty.

Compare Price: Ninja Intelli-Sense vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs Vitamix

Ninja Intelli-Sense
Nutri Ninja Auto IQ
Vitamix 750 Blender

Compare Review: Ninja Intelli-Sense vs Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs Vitamix

Ninja Intelli-Sense

Marvin West, one customer who used Ninja Intelli-Sense , reveals that this kitchen system offers a lot to people who are looking for an all-in-one blender and food processor. With its various vessels and smart technology, the blender provides multiple options for kitchen work.

Another user, Kim Hammond, states that Ninja Intelli-Sense is pretty easy to use, all thanks to its control panel and pre-programmed modes. She also says that cleaning up the system is also a breeze.

Freda Paul praises Ninja Intelli-Sense in her review by stating that it is easy to use and its automated programming does help to complete tasks quickly. The fact that it can precisely sense and work as per the containers also provides the right options to perform various chores.

Nutri Ninja Auto IQ REVIEW

Mindy Cobb, a user of Nutri Ninja Auto IQ , asserts in her review that although it is a very good blender, it is a little difficult to clean. The rubber/silicone gasket slot in the system’s blade lid is not easily accessible while cleaning. This makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. It requires constant cleaning that can be difficult since it is not very easy to access it in the first place.

Another user, Santiago McBride, writes in his review that its base keeps on moving and twisting on the countertop while in use. He also noticed that the cup needs to be tightly screwed to the blade assembly to work but makes it difficult to remove the blade for cleaning after use.

As per the review of Moses Valdez, Nutri Ninja Auto IQ makes a lot of noise and even leaks at times. It also started smoking while trying to chop nuts in it that should be a breeze as per its advertisement.

Rachel Harmon’s review applauds Nutri Ninja Auto IQ for its easy functioning. She loves the fact that smoothies are made easily and the pulsing and continuous mix functions work very well to suit particular needs. The only issue she notes in her review is that Nutri Ninja Auto IQ is a little noisy while blending.


Vitamix 750 Blender REVIEW

Jodi Kim, a Vitamix 750 Blender reviewer, discloses that the blender is good at blending only food items that are in large quantities and are extremely moist. Also, she is confused about the customer service’s instructions that asks to use Vitamix 750 Blender only when there are 4 or more servings required and that it shouldn’t be used in thick batches.

According to Ellen Hernandez’s review, Vitamix 750 Blender is not good for juicing since it leaves behind a lot of pulp. Also, she noticed a metallic smell that comes from the machine while it tries to blend frozen fruit without any liquid.

A similar complaint is written in Vitamix 750 Blender ’s review by Jack Abbot. He says that the juicing process is not smooth even when tried in various settings and the output is pretty rough and pulpy. He also asserts that the soups do not really get piping hot even though there is steam coming out from the container.

Pam Owen, a Vitamix 750 Blender customer, exposes it to be not a good investment in her review. The container fails to lock into the place many times and needs to be held in place while doing some heavy-duty blending.

Contrary to the negative review, Debbie Goodman says that Vitamix 750 Blender is great for making sorbets and smoothies quickly, less than two minutes. She also mentions that one doesn’t have to worry about stopping and scraping the side if the contents are kept below the fill line. Her review further adds that Vitamix 750 Blender offers consistent horsepower and stays durable even if it’s used every day.

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  1. I’m concerned that this review is not up to date, as I own the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ and it is 1500 watts of power, which is more than all of the above blenders mentioned. This does not help me determine whether it is better than the Intelli-Sense version.

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