Ninja Blenders vs Healthmaster vs Healthmaster Elite

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Compare Features and Benefits

Ninja BL665Q 1200W Kitchen System Features/Benefits

Use this powerful blender for crushing ice, blending, pureeing & controlled processing. Not over yet!! It has unique capacity to knead dough for pizzas, breads, pretzels and cookies. Powerful 1200W PURE POWER with 3-speed + PULSE mean controlled processing. Stainless Steel Blades, Cord Storage, Push Button Controls

Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender

It has a substantial 72 ounce pitcher, professional grade motor of 1000 watts. Ninja 6 blade technology is another highlight and ultimate crushing ice action means it can be do the job in seconds. Blades, lid and the pitcher are dishwasher safe as well. Ninja 6-blade technology blasts solid ice cubes into powdery snow in seconds.

Ninja Master Prep Pro System

Improved version of the Ninja Master Prep, featuring a powerful 450 Watt motor and 2 extra prep bowls. Crush ice into snow in seconds. Blend frozen fruits into creamy Smoothies. Chop fresh ingredients evenly. Mince, Dice, Chop, Blend and Puree effortlessly. No soggy results!

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL200

Combines functions of many kitchen appliances into one. Frozen blending, dough mixing, food processing and complete juicing. Combines Ninja® blade technology with single-serve blending cups, a processor bowl, and easy-to-use attachments for all your kitchen needs. Say goodbye to over-processed mushy ingredients. Tight fitting lids prevent contents from leaking during processing. Safety lock and non-slip base, Interchangeable motor head, Fast and accurate, Consistent in chopping evenly.

Ninja Master Prep QB900

Easy to use food and drink maker. Transforms ice cubes into perfect creamy frozen drinks and desserts. Also makes perfectly chopped salads, salsas and dips quickly. No uneven chunks or mush. The large 48oz. pitcher is perfect for making several drinks at a time, featuring an easy flip pour spout and no-slip bottom.

Ninja Kitchen System 1100

Another powerful blender from Ninja which is perfect for ice crushing, blending, pureeing, and controlled processing. It can also knead dough for pizzas, breads, pretzels and cookies. Make “frozen fruit” Smoothies, creamy soft serve ice creams and sorbets, makes dough, fruit juices etc.


A fruit and veggie emulsifier that lets you make delicious hot and cold dishes that can also be healthy. You can make big quantities of food thanks to the 70 oz translucent pitcher that lets you keep all the natural nutrients of whole foods intact. It’s also a liquefier and pulveriser and its 2 inbuilt micro switches take care of the safety element. Centrifugal action that’s responsible for heating naturally is another brilliant feature of the Healthmaster.

Healthmaster Elite

It’s a powerful emulsifier that can convert fruits and veggies into liquid nutrition thanks to the 2 horse power motor and 12000 watts. That ensures fruits and veggies being blended at 20000 rpm. Healthmaster Elite can be used to make fruit juices, healthy drinks, soy based drinks, marinades, almond milk, salad dressings etc. It works well with both, hold and cold blends so can be used to make desserts as well.

Compare What do I get? and price

Ninja BL665Q 1200W Kitchen System

  • 2 Single-Serve Personal Cups
  • Ninja Kitchen System Base & 64 oz. Processor Bowl (60% greater capacity)
  • 72 oz. XL Pitcher
  • Cookie Paddle, Dough Hook & Dough Station

Price: $199.99 (at Also available at for $159.99 | $173.95

Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender

Ninja Professional Blender with 72 oz. Pitcher with Blade and Lid.
Price $99.99

Ninja Master Prep Pro System QB1004

  • 1 40oz Pitcher
  • 1 48oz Pitcher
  • 1 16oz Pitcher

Price: $119.80 (at Also available at for $59.99 | for $59.99

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL200

  • 40 oz. processing bowl with blade and Pulse lid
  • 40 oz. storage lid
  • Slicer/Shredder attachment with reversible disc and spindle
  • Grating Disc attachment
  • 48 oz. pitcher with blade
  • 2 16 oz. Single-Serve Blending Cups with Drink Lids
  • Dough Blade
  • Cookie Dough Paddle

Price: $79.99 at w/Free S/h. Official website |

Ninja Master Prep QB900

Ninja Master Prep comes with

  • Base with 450 Watt motor
  • 1 48 oz. Pitcher
  • 1 16 oz. Bowl

Price: $59.99 (at Also available at for $49.99 and for $53.99.

Ninja Kitchen System 1100 NJ602

  • Ninja Kitchen System Base and 40 oz. Processing Bowl with Blade and Lid
  • 72 oz. Pitcher with Blade and Lid
  • Whisk Attachment, Dough Hook and Dough Paddle

All this for just $159.80 (at Also available at for $132.58 and for $149.99.


  • 4 Recipe books and healthy eating plan included (If one payment option is chosen.)
  • Appetizers and Dressings recipe book
  • Smoothies and Power Drinks recipe book
  • Desserts and Ice Creams recipe book
  • Soups and Sauces recipe book
  • Super Slim Me eating plan
  • Tamper Tool

You can get Healthmaster for $199.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $29.99 or make four easy payments of $49.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $29.99, at

Also available at for $149.95 and at for $149.00.

Healthmaster Elite

It’s available in red, black and white and can be bought for four easy instalments of $49.99 plus shipping and handling charge at


What is the wattage?
Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 1100 watt Vs Healthmaster 1100 watts Vs Healthmater Elite 1200 watts.


What’s the pitcher construction of?
In Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 they are made out of BPA-Free SAN Plastic as compared to BPA Free Plastic in Healthmaster and Polycarbonate in Healthmaster Elite.


Dimensions of the unit
Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 14.4 x 9.2 x 10.5 inches Vs Healthmaster 21″ H x 12.75″ W x 16.5″ D Vs Healthmaster Elite 19.5″ H x 8″ W x 8″ D.


Pitcher capacity in ounces
Ninja Professional Blender has a 72 Oz pitcher while its 70 ounces each in Healthmaster and Healthmaster Elite.


What are the types of blades?
Blades are made out of Stainless Steel in Ninja Professional Blender NJ600, Healthmaster and Healthmaster Elite too.


Can it make hot soup?
Hot soups form cold ingredients is not possible with Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 Vs Healthmaster and Healthmaster Elite where the centrifugal force of the spinning blade means friction is caused, which can heat food.


Can I make dough?
Ninja Professional Blender NJ600: No

Healthmaster and Healthmaster Elite: Yes


Does it contain parts that are dishwasher safe?
The pitcher, lid and blades in Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 are dishwasher safe and it’s recommended to place the blade assembly and the lid in the top rack.

In the case of Healthmaster and Healthmaster Elite the base is not dishwasher safe and it’s advisable to wash lid, cap and pitcher by hand after filling the pitcher with warm soapy water.


Does the pitcher contain BPA?
Pitchers in Ninja Professional Blender NJ600, Healthmaster and Healthmaster Elite are all BPA free.


Does it contain microwave safe parts?
There are no microwave safe parts in Ninja Professional Blender NJ600, Healthmaster or Healthmaster Elite.

How is the unit different from other blenders in the market?

Ninja Professional Blender NJ600

Ninja Professional Blender is a powerful device for crushing ice, blending, controlled processing and pureeing with a single touch of a button. But since it’s not a juice extractor it might be needed to add water or ice to get the consistency you want. However you can get nut butter out of nuts by grinding them with it.


It’s a multipurpose blender unlike your regular ones as it can do 31 tasks for you. From hot soups to ice cream you can make it all in just one step.

Healthmaster Elite

It’s not your run of the mill blender either and can handle 31 kitchen tasks including liquefying vegetables to pulverizing fruits, blending smoothies to grinding grains. It can help you make baby food, mince herbs and fold batter, whip cream and melt chocolate fondue, crush ice, mix cocktails, beat sauces, mash potatoes, shred cooked meat and a whole lot more in just one step.


Compare Weight
Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 weight 8 pounds Vs Healthmaster 14.4 pounds Vs Healthmaster Elite 12 pounds.


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