Nicer Dicer vs Nicer Dicer Plus vs Salad Chef Review

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Compare What is it? Nicer Dicer vs Nicer Dicer Plus vs Salad Chef

What is Nicer Dicer
It claims to be a chopper that dices ingredients to perfection in seconds. It declares it’s ideal for chopping julienne, veggies, tomatoes, cheese, peppers, hard boiled eggs, herbs and more.


What is Nicer Dicer Plus
It proclaims to be a 10-piece multi-chopping system that allows you to cut ingredients in 11 different ways and reduce your prepping and cooking time greatly. It can cut, slice, dice, cube, julienne, wedge, grate and quarter with its 5 different inserts in different sizes, slices, and thicknesses.


What is Salad Chef
It is introduced as the fastest salad making system ever that uses a single compact counter top container to let you rinse, spin, slice, dice, cube, julienne, grate, serve or store all in the same container.

Compare How Does it Work? Nicer Dicer vs Nicer Dicer Plus vs Salad Chef

How does Nicer Dicer work?
You just need to place one hand on the container and other on the surface of the dicer and apply a little pressure on it. The perfectly chopped ingredients will automatically transfer from the cutting surface into the bowl.


How does Nicer Dicer Plus work?
Whether hard food or soft, to get uniform cubes, wedges, or julienne, you just need to keep the ingredient on the blade surface and press down the top lightly with both hands. The container collects the cut ingredients. Also, flipping sides of the blades provides different thickness.


How does Salad Chef work?
It works as an amazing salad chopper and a high-speed salad spinner. Rinse the ingredients in the basket, snap it on to the container and spin the lid to get dry food ingredients in seconds. After draining the water, lock the container lid and insert the interchangeable blades to start slicing, dicing or chopping the ingredients.

Compare Features and Benefits: Nicer Dicer vs Nicer Dicer Plus vs Salad Chef

Nicer Dicer Features and Benefits
its blades do all the work so the ingredients stay cleaner since your hands do not touch them. It guarantees professional and consistent results every time, is compact enough to be left on the counter top. Cleaning up is easy because it is dishwasher safe.


Nicer Dicer Plus Features and Benefits
It promises it meets all your cutting and chopping needs with a single handy set. It has a 1,500ml capacity container with 5 different inserts and 11 different ways to cut: in cubes, sticks, wedges, slices, quarters or eighths. The extra sharp grater mandolin slicer comes with safety food holder other than the cutting top and base, collector, plug-cutting punch, and peeler.


Salad Chef Features and Benefits
With just one kit, you can rinse, spin, slice, dice, cube, shred, julienne and grate with just a snap. The secure lids lock into place to give you sturdy chopping. The transparent containers are durable and shatter-proof and their fresh seal lids make for easy storing. By pushing the button and brush you can remove the smallest of stuck ingredients, rinse under running water or toss it into the dishwasher.


Compare Blades: Nicer Dicer vs Nicer Dicer Plus vs Salad Chef

Nicer Dicer Blades : Made of high-quality stainless steel

Nicer Dicer Plus Blades : Durable super-sharp stainless steel blades.

Salad Chef Blades : Razor sharp, never-dull, hardened stainless steel blades that need no sharpening again.

Compare Material: Nicer Dicer vs Nicer Dicer Plus vs Salad Chef

Nicer Dicer Material : Made of sturdy impact molded plastic. Bowls of polycarbonate construction

Nicer Dicer Plus Material : Constructed with sturdy BPA-free plastic.

Salad Chef Material : Made of durable and shatter-proof hard plastic

Compare Safety: Nicer Dicer vs Nicer Dicer Plus vs Salad Chef

Nicer Dicer Safety Features : It is safe to use since fingers never touch the blade while using.

Nicer Dicer Plus Safety Features : Grater comes with protective cover and slicer has a blade protector to ensure safety.

Salad Chef Safety Features : No need to touch the blade while chopping, which come with slide-in storage sleeves.

Compare price and what do I get? Nicer Dicer vs Nicer Dicer Plus vs Salad Chef

Nicer Dicer : Available for Rs. 999 for a single piece. Second piece costs Rs. 1499 along with a free recipe booklet, demo CD and Perfect Peeler.

Nicer Dicer Plus : Available for Rs. 596.

Salad Chef : Available for $19.95, includes a bonus Medium Slicing Blade with Safe Storage Sleeve and recipe guide book.

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