NanoSpeed vs Micro Chargers Review

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NanoSpeed Super Vert Crash Set

Get your spills and thrills with gravity defying cars placed on the triple loop and watch them go down on inverted cockscrew. There are 5 high-intensity, intersecting crash points to add to the fun on the NanoSpeed racetrack that is a source of great speed and excitement. All vehicles have been boosted to attain maximum speeds and can lead to instant stunts that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Two exclusive NanoSpeeds that offer you massive speeds on micro scale will be the first of the collectible pullback vehicles for you.

NanoSpeed Super Vert Crash Set Reviews – Complaints/Cons/Disadvantages

Not well made
And you notice it as soon as you start putting the set together. It’s self-contained and not strong enough to hold itself together on the ground. The track itself is made out of individual pieces that are too soft and flimsy. And that becomes a problem when the cars are launched because it seems like they are being flung around like projectiles.


Cars are a problem
These drives are absolutely weightless, which means when you try to place them on the track or off it, they stick to your fingers. They flip often too and don’t go the distance at all, which makes them absolutely useless.


Good idea, bad execution
It certainly had the potential of being a fun thing but it isn’t because it’s a very badly executed plan. It feels like the NanoSpeed was never tested before it was brought out.


Inconvenient for regular use
It’s just so tricky to disassemble and then put back together that you’d just want to put it away. Using it should be fun but it ends up being a huge chore.


The motor is noisy
And that’s quite annoying because you usually want the cars to be the source of high speed sound but this is just irritating.


Not worth the price
You wouldn’t mind paying the full price for cars and track that works, but this one so doesn’t. It’s a complete waste of your money in that regard.

NanoSpeed Super Vert Crash Set Pros

It’s fun for kids
They seem to absolutely adore it because the cars go down the track old-fashioned way; rubbing the wheels backwards on the floor. Kids just won’t stop pushing the cars and will have a lot of fun with it. The track itself is brilliant and exciting to add to the fun kids can have.


Works well
Kids can make the cars go around the track hundreds of times and they will keep singing and chanting the number of times as it happens. It’s a source of hours of fun for them.


Can be put together easily
All you have to do is make sure you put the pieces together properly and snap them tight in place. You will not have hiccups with them anymore. You can put the whole thing together in a matter of minutes.


Colourful and durable
The track is neatly designed and is quite colourful, attractive, which is what a kid’s toy should be. Importantly the track is quite sturdy as well and will be fun for kids for a long time. The cars are tiny and reach great speeds but they are durable at the same time.

Micro Chargers

For unlimited racing fun now you have Micro Chargers that race like a rocket but they are so sleek and tiny that they can easily fit into your pocket. They get up to phenomenal speeds; about 600 miles per hour at micro scale speed. The quick charge technology is at the heart of these cars as the power is transferred to the engine of the car. Thus they go so fast and far and what’s more, they can jump and blast through the air as well. You can race them on the track or off it and have loads of fun.

Micro Chargers Complaints

Cars are really tiny
And they go on the track quite fast too. It should normally be a lot of fun but in this case you can barely see who is winning, which is a bit of a disappointment.


Cars don’t last
You will have to keep replacing them and it’s not about the batteries as the cars themselves that break because probably they are not so well made.


It’s overpriced
It’s not reasonably priced and for what you get out of it, you’d hope it’s sold a lot cheaper.

Micro Chargers Reviews – Pros/Advantages

It is cool
It comes with two cars initially so that you can start racing instantly and have fun with it. The track is smartly created as well and there’s a lot you can do with it to add to the excitement. The fun never stops and it’s quite addictive.


Easy to use
Putting the track together is easy and nothing falls apart because it is well made. Kids can use it to their heart’s fill and keep racing. The cars will get up to very high speeds, which is thrilling. Not only kids but cats love it too.

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