MyPillow vs Sobakawa vs Tempurpedic vs Tony Little Review

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Compare What is it? MyPillow vs Sobakawa vs Tempurpedic vs Tony Little

What is MyPillow – If you have been waking up at night due to your pillow that gets hot or keep tossing and turning then you can get over these problems and assure yourself of a good night’s sleep with MyPillow. This pillow has been created by Michael J Lindell, who suffered from similar problems so he’s designed a solution that works. It gives complete support to nerves in your neck, C1 and C2 vertebrae, which makes sure you sleep comfortably. Patented medical stuffing in the pillow keeps it cool, while it’s also dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic and easily washable too. You can get over stress and anxiety that can cause sleepless nights and feel well-rested in the mornings.

Sobakawa Cloud Pillow – Those who have been complaining due to restless nights and waking up feeling tired can sleep a lot better with the help of Sobakawa Cloud Pillow. It follows the tradition of Asian buckwheat pillows and is filled with over 10 million air beads. That’s the reason your back and neck is supported and what’s more, its contoured shape gives you adequate support and comfort. It’s a long lasting solution that will let you sleep coolly night after night.

Tempurpedic Pillows – Have a single piece of Tempur material and it’s ergonomically designed to give required support to your neck, back, shoulders and ensure proper alignment while you sleep in different sleeping styles.

Tempur-Neck Pillow: Contoured design supports head, neck and shoulders.

Tempur-Side Pillow: Contoured shape designed for side-sleepers.

Tempur-Classic Pillow: Standard pillow shape combined with contour. Provides comfort and support.

Tempur-Curve Pillow: Gentle curved edge supports your head no matter which way you turn.

Tempur-Symphony Pillow: Gently arched side for back sleepers on one side and traditional pillow for side sleepers.

Tempurpedic Filled Pillows
If you are looking for softer support, this pillow works because it has Tempur material sleeve that covers micro-cushions to create a shapeable pillow to ensure relaxed sleep.
GrandPillow – Filled with shapeable micro-cushions. Ultra-luxurious pillow.

Tempur-Traditional Pillow – Traditional feather pillow with TEMPUR support.

Tempur-Cloud Pillow – The perfect balance of softness and correct head and neck support.

Tempur-Comfort Pillow – Standard shape pillow with micro-cushions for pressure relieving comfort.

Tempur-Rhapsody Pillow – Standard pillow featuring conforming TEMPUR-HD sleeve and micro-cushions.

BodyPillow – The 48″ long design and shape provides support and stability to hips, neck and back.

Tempurpedic Travel Pillows
Those who like to travel in comfort can trust these pillows, which are perfectly sized and smartly designed for your journeys.

Tony Little Micropedic Pillow – If you are looking for utmost comfort while you sleep then you don’t have to look beyond Tony Little Micropedic Pillow, with its patented quad chambers. These chambers cradle your neck and spine so that they are properly aligned while you are sleeping. But the pillow is soft enough for complete comfort and millions of air infused microbeads means the pillow retains its original shape. The spandex pillow cases stretch as you move and also keep you cool at nights.


Compare Reviews and Complaints: MyPillow vs Sobakawa vs Tempurpedic vs Tony Little

MyPillow Reviews and Complaints

Doesn’t work – It doesn’t work well at all; it doesn’t offer you any support while you keep waking up because you feel hot. These are two things that this pillow claims to offer you but fails miserably on both the counts. What’s worse is that you are charged heavily for these comforts but you don’t get them; not at all good value for your money.

Simple problems annoy you – You don’t want to see niggling issues like crackling noise when you are sleeping on your side and your ear is pressed to it. But these things happen, which is a nuisance and keeps you waking you up from your sleep. That’s sort of defeating the purpose and the pillow can get lumpy too.

Annoying smell makes matters worse – There’s this really irritating and acrid smell that this pillow emits and it can be quite off putting to say the least. But returning the product is a nightmare because of appalling customer service.

Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Reviews and Complaints

Doesn’t stay cool – If you believe the infomercials you will think that the pillow is going to stay cold at night, but it doesn’t. There’s no sign of that cloud effect and you will wake up soaking wet at nights because of the heat.

Doesn’t work well after a few weeks – While initially the pillow might keep its shape and remain comfortable, the results fade after a few weeks. The pillow begins to stretch and lose its shape, which is annoying because you don’t get any neck and back support whatsoever.

It is loud and noisy – Forget sleeping comfortably, you won’t even be able to sleep quietly because every time you move the beads start rubbing against each other and make an annoying noise.

Off putting smell – Initially you notice a lot of gassing and it leaves a very bad smell too. Breathing in these gases can’t be good for you.

TempurPedic Tempur-Cloud Pillow Reviews and Complaints

Works brilliantly – Although the pillow is a bit high it doesn’t cause any misalignment and you can sleep comfortably every night. It stays cool like it claims and gives you relief from neck pains caused by other pillows.

Sizing is a problem – You get this pillow only in standard size, which might be a bit small for many of us. But given that the pillow works and lasts for long, it’s a small hiccup that can be overlooked.

TempurPedic Comfort Pillow Reviews

Works well – It has good water resistant qualities and it works much better than those plastic covers that make noise at nights and keep waking you up.

Liquids soaking through the pillowcase can be a problem – As it might lead you to having to wash the pillow and that will ruin it completely. If you follow the instructions that ask you to not wash the pillow and hence make sure it doesn’t get soiled, then it can do the job for you for long.

Tony Little Micropedic Pillow Reviews and Complaints

Large size pillows can be a problem – That’s because they are a bit fuller and harder, which is why you just don’t get the right amount of comfort when you use them. Standard size pillows work okay but bigger problems can have their own issues.

6 thoughts on “MyPillow vs Sobakawa vs Tempurpedic vs Tony Little Review

  1. I love the tony little pillow, but I’ve had about 13, and I have to replace each after about 2 months. I don’t understand why no one else stresses how the tony little pillow loses its shape so badly. It’s time to replace mine again, but it is costly. I tried putting 3 of the old ones together in a case, but they’ve lost their airiness and are hard now ones combined in a pillowcase. If I hold up my 2 month old pillow, all beads run down to bottom half inside the permanent case. Any one have a solution for me? Why do others have tony pillows that last?

  2. I use any pillow available and stick a folded towel between my neck and pillow for customized firmness, works perfectly. Can do this at home, hotels, etc…

  3. I have had my Tony Little pillows for a year now and it’s the best pillow I’ve had since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was going to the chiropractor every week for six months getting my spine aligned. When I brought this pillow I never went back. I have two of them and I use them faithfully. If I go away, I pack my big Tony Little pillows with me. I have had fibromyalgia for 8 years now and these pillows help me tremendously by keeping my spine aligned from neck to lower back. I would recommend them to anyone who is unable to get a good nights sleep due to any physical or health issues.

    • I just purchased the tony little pillow. I am having trouble finding the bets way to use it. The 4 chambers are a bit confusing. Any suggestions?

  4. I have had the Tony Little standard sized pillows. They work wonderfully well for awhile but then the micropedic beads loosen up and the support that you need is no longer there. The firmness of the pillow is gone and the indentations that cradle the head to keep the neck and spine in alignment are gone. In other words, the pillows have a short life.

    • I have had my Tony Little standard pillow for three years and have not noticed any difference in support. It is my favorite pillow so far!

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