Mia First vs Mia vs Mia 2

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About Mia First

MiaFirst is a great solution for cleansing the skin to the core level so that it radiates and shines beautifully. It is based on a thorough research that puts its patented sonic technology in the front and is said to provide great cleansing like no other brush or hands can. The 300 movements per second oscillations at sonic frequency is safe for skin’s natural elasticity and is hard on dirt and oil that are embedded in the pores deep down. MiaFirst comes with Speed 2 universal setting that is studied to be great for all types of skins though specific brushes for specific skin type can also be interchanged to it easily. It is rechargeable for durable usage and also is waterproof for carefree use.

About Mia

Mia is a device that is said to be 6-times more beneficial than using hands for cleaning. The secret behind its promise is its patented sonic technology that doesn’t use vibration or spinning but accesses a sonic frequency that oscillates at a rate of 30 movements per second to provide deep cleansing. It works well with the natural elasticity of the skin and loosens up dirt and oil that are layered in the deepest areas of the pores. Mia also has a range of different brushes that are designed to suit particular type of skin better than the universal speed 2 brush accompanied along and thus has the facility to interchange brushes on the device. It runs on a rechargeable battery and is completely waterproof.

About Mia 2

Mia 2 is a device that gently provides great skin cleansing without any harm to it using a new age patented sonic technology. Its 300 movements per second oscillations provide great care and comfort while maintaining the skin’s elasticity. The flexing action is great in removing dirt and oil that is seated in the deepest regions of the pores. There are 2 speed settings where the speed 2 is a universal skin setting and speed 1 is made for the delicate skin type. There is also 1-minute pulsing T-timer that reminds to move on to the next area of the face. It features interchangeable brushes too so that custom brushes for selective skin type can be used. It is also rechargeable and is completely waterproof.


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