Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven vs Nuwave Oven Pro Review

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Compare How does it work?

How does Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven work? Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven is the portable, see-through oven (also known as the Aroma Turbo Oven) that exemplifies what’s becoming popular in today’s kitchens. More and more people wish to switch over to the latest and the best kitchen appliances from the traditional, full sized “fixture” appliances. Aroma Oven, being compact and portable, is the ideal solution that meets the need for the latest appliances. Besides, it is also faster and more energy-efficient. Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven makes it possible for you to fix your food wherever convenient for you. You can set it up on a coffee table, in an office, a college dorm or just about anywhere where even without normal kitchen facilities are absent. With Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven, you can cook food anywhere, even outdoors. What is special about Aroma table-top Turbo Oven is that it allows you to observe cooking through its large, tempered, glass pot. You can monitor the status of food being prepared by you as the oven is see-through. What’s more, it also has a built-in timer, which assures wholesome cooking perfection and eliminates the possibility of overcooked or burnt food. Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven means cooking the “TURBO” way, for which you just need an electric outlet. It includes a filter, a built-in exhaust fan and a heating element. It cooks food with turbinate hot air which revolves around the meat or products it cooks. With space provided around all sides and under the rack, food cooks uniformly and does not sit in its own grease. When placing food on the rack, some space between the food and the filter of the heating unit should be maintained on the top. To cook properly, make sure that the top unit (which propels the heated air) must be set on the pot tightly to conserve heat and for correct convection air flow. How does Nuwave Pro Oven work? Nuwave Oven is a revolutionary oven loaded with scores of features that help you prepare great-tasting food in minutes in any state. If you need to cook frozen food, count on Nuwave Oven to do it and that too without heating up your kitchen. The Nuwave secret is that it works on a combination of convection, conventional and infrared cooking technologies. It can be set at lower temperature which prevents food from burning even as it prepares .perfectly delicious food quickly. Tricky foods prepared in Nuwave like meats can be moist yet browned without the need for preheating or defrosting. It's lightweight and compact and so perfect for your countertop. Nu-Wave Oven is a lightweight and compact oven that offers a perfect combination of convection, conventional and infrared cooking technologies. It is a Nuwave Oven feature that’s really unique and most distinct when compared to other appliances. The triple combo cooking power is the term used for technology behind Nuwave Oven. It basically combines three types of heat while cooking: conduction, which is direct heat like the conventional oven at home, the convection, which is the fan that circulates hot air around the food, and the infrared that penetrates the food cooking from the outside as well as inside at the same time. This technology allows us to cook food perfectly every time and reliably so. The food that Nuwave Oven cooks is prevented from burning and yet it cooks delicious food quickly without heating up the kitchen.

Compare How to use?

How to use Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven Make sure you follow the right procedure to get the best out of Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven. Also, don’t hesitate to purchase an extra high rack of oven if you want food to be cooked evenly all over. How to use Nuwave Pro Oven Just place food, fresh or frozen, into the oven. You don’t have to preheat or defrost the food at all. you can also go in for multi-layer cooking by placing different foods on each layer to save time and energy.

Compare Price

Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven comes with 30-day satisfaction guarantee which entitles you to try an item for 30 days. It can be returned for store credit (less shipping charges) and if it’s not opened or used, full refund can be obtained. Price - $84.95 Nuwave Oven Pro Nuwave Oven ProParty Mixer & Twister Blender (with S&P only) Nuwave Oven complete cookbook, Nuwave cooking club lifetime membership, a cooking guide, 90-day money-back guarantee, instructional DVD, 3-year top-to-bottom warranty is available on payment of just three easy installments of $39.95 shipping & handling Compare Weight Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven: Not available Nuwave Oven Pro: 12.6 pounds

Compare Cleaning Instructions

How to clean Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven Follow instructions given in the manual for proper use and care of Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven. Do not immerse the top in water. Wipe inside and outside with a warm, damp cloth. If needed, remove and soak the grease filter in hot detergent. Avoid soaking hot glass pot in cold water. Wait for it to cool before cleaning. Do not use abrasive cloth or cleanser for glass. Just add 0.5 inches of water while cleaning if necessary. How to clean Nuwave Oven Pro Cleaning Nuwave Oven is a breeze. All the parts of Nuwave Oven can be easily separated for thorough cleaning and, except for the power head, are dishwasher safe. To promote the durability of your dome, it is important to wash it immediately after use. When placing in the dishwasher, do not use the heated dry cycle to save on energy and cost.

Compare Wattage

Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven: No information available Nuwave Oven Pro: 1500 watts Compare Capacity: Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven: 10.7 Quarts

Compare Features and benefits

Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven Features and benefits Energy-saving: saves electricity and cooking time Easy and safe to operate: no need to preheat or defrost food! Excellent food quality: uniformly cooked food crispy outside and yet moist and juicy inside Healthy way of cooking: retains nutrients and at the same time, drains excess undesirable fat and cholesterol Turbo-frying: provides the effect of fried foods with very little cooking oil used Ease of cooking: foods need not be turned or stirred for even cooking Visibility: cooking in progress is visible, and no burned foods because of the timer.

Nuwave Oven Pro Features and benefits Fastest cooking: the best feature of the Nuwave Oven. It’s faster than every cooking appliance in the market. More powerful: Nuwave Oven may be smaller than a traditional oven, but it’s far more powerful than others. It can cook up to 50% faster using its triple cooking technology, and it does so in a much smaller space. Saves money: Nuwave Oven saves big on your money and the energy bill. The whole line of ovens use 85% less power than a conventional oven. It’s due to the fact that there is no preheating required, and since the oven is compact, no areas are unnecessarily heated, as in case of a conventional oven. Cooks frozen foods: Nuwave Oven can also cook frozen food, which saves money on costs associated with defrosting. Extremely energy efficient: the oven not only saves money, but helps save the environment by being more green and eco-friendly. Does it bake? Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven: Yes Nuwave Oven Pro: Yes Where is the oven made? Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven: USA Nuwave Oven Pro: China Is the oven BPA free? Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven: Yes Nuwave Oven Pro: Yes

Compare Cooking Methods

Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven Cooking Method Consuming saturated fats, trans fats and dietary cholesterol contribute to raise blood cholesterol levels to dangerous levels. When food is prepared with supplemental fats it increases the consumption of these unhealthy fats. Fats have high energy densities compared to other types of foods. The intake of extra fats can contribute to the consumption of more calories than the body would typically use, thereby contributing significantly to weight problems. Aroma's Turbo Oven eliminates the need to cook with additional fats on account of which food comes out healthier, whether deep-fried, pan fried, or sautéed. The Turbo Oven allows you to cook food without any procedure that hinders quick, delicious and wholesome cooking. Since it allows you to cook quickly, it minimizes the loss of nutrients from the food. With the Turbo Oven you can actually cook meals in half the time. More importantly, Aroma's Turbo Oven makes it much easier for you to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for your whole family in less time. NuWave Oven Pro Cooking Method NuWave Oven Pro uses triple combo cooking power to cook your food up to 50 percent faster. The triple combo cooking power is the special combination of technologies like conduction, convection, and the infrared that help cook food quickly, evenly cooked inside and outside. What makes using Nuwave Oven even more attractive is the fact that it actually uses up to 85 percent less energy than normal appliances don’t. It helps you save both time and money. Does it have a dome? Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven: Yes NuWave Oven Pro: Yes Plastic Dome Does it fry food? Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven: Yes NuWave Oven Pro: Air fries food. Does it dehydrate food Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven: Yes Nuwave Oven Pro: Yes Is it a microwave? Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven: No Nuwave Oven Pro: No Does it use radiation? Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven: No Nuwave Oven Pro: No Does it toast? Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven: Yes Nuwave Oven Pro: Yes

Compare Reviews/Advantages/Pros

Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven Reviews/Advantages/Pros 1) Easy to clean and maintain 2) Inexpensive and portable 3) Just right for small families 4) Excellent for thawing out, warming up, and reheating 5) Serving portions of foods with different seasonings can be cooked at the same time on the rack without the flavor of one mixing with the other. For instance, in a family of 4, the father may be on a low sodium diet, and his steak or chop has salt substitute or low sodium spices. His son likes hot, spicy seasonings and the wife is on a bland diet without peppers, etc. The daughter adds her own spices as she pleases. All four meat pieces are cooked at the same time without intermingling of the flavors/seasonings, thanks to the unique Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven. If a rare steak is desired, the lid may be opened to remove one to be taken out easily. NuWave Oven Pro Reviews/Advantages/Pros Replaces conventional ovens, toaster oven, bread maker, rotisserie, microwave, grill, dehydrator, indoor grill. Does not heat up the kitchen. Great for cooking and heating leftovers. Works fine for bacon, sausage, steaks and small roasts (Not verified. As per reviews)

Compare Complaints/Disadvantages/Cons

Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven No complaints about Mercola Aroma Turbo Oven available. If you have any please post on this site. Click here to report a complaint. Nuwave Oven Pro Complaints/Disadvantages/Cons Low Quality and Spares Problem Customers have complained about poorly made parts of NuWave Oven Pro. The oven works well for a few months but breaks down shortly. The spare are hard to procure and makes the oven dangerous to use. Dome Cracks The dome of the NuWave Oven Pro cracks after a few months of use. Half-cooked food: The NuWave Pro Oven does not cook large food properly especially at the outer edges of the food. Customers have reported the food is cooked completely only if placed at the center of the NuWave Oven Pro rack which often wobbles. It takes much longer to cook the food than as claimed in the infomercial. You have to flip the food in the midway to cook it. Does not FULLY cook, chicken and veggies simultaneously. Cleaning: Too many parts to clean after every use. Pathetic Customer Service and Return Policy Hard to get to the Customer Service. If you return the Oven, you still have to pay for the shipping.

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