Maxi Climber vs VersaClimber | Compare reviews, specs, pros/cons, price and more

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Compare How does it work? Maxi Climber vs VersaClimber

How does MaxiClimber work?

MaxiClimber is a unique exercise equipment that makes you reproduce the action of climbing a mountain to set every muscle of your body is set in action.

How does VersaClimber work?

VersaClimber is a uniquely designed exercise equipment that makes you work out by reproducing the movement of climbing a mountain. It activates most of the muscles, helps you lose weight, burns calories and fats and also safeguards your heart.


Compare Features and Benefits: Maxi Climber vs VersaClimber

MaxiClimber Features

MaxiClimber is designed to stand vertically so you exercise in the same way you’d climbing a mountain by getting all your muscles in action. It has an ergonomically designed exercise equipment, adjustable height option, a personal workout timer and more.

MaxiClimber Benefits

MaxiClimber guarantees total body workout for a lean and toned body by combining calorie burning cardio workout with muscle toning. It claims that its workout basically imitates the action of climbing a mountain and gets you to engage almost every muscle of your body in just 10 minutes thrice a week. It focuses on your upper, lower body and your core extreme workout and helps burn calories for perfect abs, legs, butt along with chiseled biceps and triceps.

VersaClimber Features

VersaClimber features the patented vertical climbing design. It offers the ultimate cardio exercise and total body workout experience.


VersaClimber Benefits

VersaClimber claims that it has an edge over every other cardio equipment for the ultimate body workout. A reputed name across the world, the key to VersaClimber’s popularity is its system which effectively combines both lower and upper body exercise into a natural vertical climbing motion. It boosts weight loss, calorie burning and fat melting and claims it works better than treadmills, elliptical, steppers and bikes. You need to exercise for just 20 minutes for spectacular results.


Compare Calories Burned: MaxiClimber vs VersaClimber

MaxiClimber claims that it burns 500 calories.

VersaClimber claims that it burns more calories (e.g. precisely four times more than a treadmill) than any other equipment can.

Compare exercises/workouts: MaxiClimber vs VersaClimber

MaxiClimber is designed to make you perform total body workout for burning cardio workout with muscle toning. It gets you to ‘climb’ the unit as you would climb a mountain so you burn calories, lose weight and acquire the body you desire.

VersaClimber combines both lower and upper body exercise to get you to carry out natural vertical climbing motion and replicate the movement of climbing a mountain.

Compare User Weight Supported: MaxiClimber vs VersaClimber

MaxiClimber : Not mentioned

VersaClimber : Maximum user weight- 350 lbs

Compare Material it is made of: MaxiClimber vs VersaClimber

MaxiClimber : It is made of cold-rolled steel.

VersaClimber : Not mentioned

Compare Price and What do I get? Maxi Climber vs VersaClimber

MaxiClimber : $279.70

VersaClimber : Different variations of VersaClimber are available, which range between $2000 up to about $4000.

Compare Dimensions and Weight: Maxi Climber vs VersaClimber

MaxiClimber : No Data Available

VersaClimber : Machine height is 8 feet and weight is 150 lbs.



Compare Reviews/Complaints, Pros/Cons

MaxiClimber Review – Pros and Cons

MaxiClimber is built on a revolutionary concept as it makes you imitate the moves you make while rock climbing, which is known to be a challenging exercise. You can turn to it for its own set of advantages it offers to achieve the desired physique.


MaxiClimber isn’t all that sturdy. It seems flimsy without resistance. It just appears to be a desperate imitation of the much popular VersaClimber. It tends to fall apart, seems difficult to workout on and doesn’t furnish information clearly even about crucial factors like maximum user weight. If details like that aren’t specified, overweight people are likely to get injured while using it. Wonder who’ll take the responsibility then…

Worse, its website offers misleading numbers even while it comes to estimating the amount of calories you burn. Its customer service isn’t any good either as they seem completely inefficient. And don’t be surprised when even a new piece delivered comes with scratches. It may not fold neatly as the holes won’t line up in alignment due to which you have to struggle a bit with it.

VersaClimber Review – Pros and Cons

VersaClimber offers challenging workouts in minimal time and works on upper and lower body simultaneously. It is also easy to store as it fits easily in any corner of a room.


Installation problems and resistance issues may be experienced due to its height. It’s expensive and requires and limited Range of Motion.


5 thoughts on “Maxi Climber vs VersaClimber | Compare reviews, specs, pros/cons, price and more

  1. I recommend you compare the Steelclimber too (all one word). Looks like it’s higher quality than the maxi climber and lower price than the VersaClimber.

    • Also the steelclimber allows you to switch to and from “cross walk” within minutes. Not sure if you can even do that with the other two.

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