Magic Minerals vs Sheer Cover

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How it Works

Magic Minerals is an all-in-one mineral powder with foundation, corrector and concealer that replenishes your skin and reduces, blemishes, appearance of age spots and dark circles. It makes your skin tone look even and also diminishes fine lines and wrinkles naturally.



Magic Minerals is ultra-fine micronized compact powder that lasts up to 12 hours. It is
hypoallergenic in nature and boasts of natural SPF. It contains no irritants and is also fragrance and talc free. It adjusts to your skin color instantly upon application and effectively conceals flaws by virtue of built-in color correctors.



Magic Minerals is a mineral powder, foundation, corrector and concealer all rolled in one so you don’t have to use a number of cosmetics separately. It is safe and natural as it contains no irritants and substances like artificial fragrance and talc. It has unique built-in color correctors and adjusts to any skin tone naturally.

Sheer Cover


How it works

Sheer Cover is a mineral make-up kit that is composed of 100% pure minerals. It has a special formula that rejuvenates your skin and gently conceals skin flaws. It has anti-oxidants that check aging of skin while its True Shade Technology provides the perfect color match. It also keeps acne at bay and reduces the unsightly appearance of pores without clogging them.


Sheer Cover is made from 100% skin-friendly natural minerals. It constitutes soothing botanicals and green tea extract and is free of substances like oils, perfume, dyes or talc. It also contains natural SPF – 15 and anti-oxidants. It is lightweight, hence it is perfect for regular use on face, hands, neck and décolleté.



Sheer Cover guarantees a healthy, lustrous and beautiful skin as it’s an all-natural formula that prevents skin aging and dullness. It contains no artificial ingredients like oils, perfume, dyes or talc. It offers protection from the sun since it has the goodness of natural SPF – 15 along with anti-oxidants. It is very gentle on skin and perfect for everyday use.

Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander


Makes your skin glow

A customer who used Magic Minerals says that she’s quite impressed with the end result of using the compact. She says she’s happy to note the shimmer that it adds to the skin every time it’s applied. It works great as a powder especially when applied over foundation. It stays all day and makes your skin look radiant. In addition to that, its brush is strong and durable. Magic Minerals does not make your face look cakey s it spreads over the smoothly. The customer has noticed that it pampers your skin with flawless coverage when applied. She further remarked that its mascara is also nice.

Not really all-in-one

Another customer who has used Magic Minerals has a different story to tell. She says that though it is available as an all-in-one mineral powder with foundation, corrector and concealer rolled into one, you have to apply an extra coat of some cosmetics before wearing Magic Minerals. For instance, if you have to cover dark blemishes you need an additional concealer even though it proclaims that it functions independently as one. She found the foundation a bit too pale due to which she has to wear her regular foundation and add minerals over the top.

Nothing beyond average

Yet another customer who used Magic Minerals states that it is at best, just about satisfactory. She refutes the claim that it makes miracles happen as it simply doesn’t fulfill all its claims. She feels that the Company should be more careful while packing the contents as she found the tip of the brush in a soiled condition after opening it. She didn’t find the mascara good enough after using it, which she also found difficult to wash off properly. Worse, she says that she’s getting acne on her face ever since she’s started using it. She says that it works only as a powder and not like the all-in-one mineral powder with foundation, corrector and concealer that it asserts it is as she has to use other cosmetics too for the desired results.


Sheer Cover Review


Lightweight and great texture

One of the customers who used Sheer Cover says she’s delighted with the overall result. She said that it is lightweight and also gives really good coverage, which imparts a look of even tone to the skin.


Quantity rather less

A customer who reviewed Sheer Cover complained that even though the powder is nice, the quantity is far too small. She said it’s probably just about 3/4 teaspoons, which seems unreasonable as it doesn’t last more than a month.


Not really long-lasting

Another customer who has used Sheer Cover noted that it does not stay all day. She says she has oily skin but then, good quality make-up should work on that too, which Sheer Cover doesn’t appear to. She’s also not happy with the tone and shade it lends. It comes in two shades viz. buff and latte, out of which neither makes her skin acquire the darker shade she wants.


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