Magic bullet vs Big Boss Blender Review

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Here is a comparison of Magic bullet vs Big Boss Blender . Compare features, specifications, reviews complaints etc.

About Magic bullet
About Big Boss Blender
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Magic bullet

About Magic Bullet
Magic Bullet is a new generation blender invented at Homeland Housewares which is compact and versatile for everyday use in the kitchen. Unlike any other blender, it is light, handy and saves time as it does any kind of job required in 10 seconds or less. It is designed in a simplistic way to facilitate easy usage without the need of buttons or any complicated manuals to go through. It comes with different sized cups which can be filled with the desired content to blend and placed it on the power base. All it needs is a press down and a twist counterclockwise to the cup for the blending process to start. It is the proven quickest and easiest way to chop onions, make smoothies, sauces, soups, etc inside 10 seconds.

Big Boss Blender

About Big Boss Blender Big Boss Blender is a multi blender system which comes with a wide range of attachments for performing a multi-tasking role in the kitchen. It can easily chop vegetables, grate cheese, grind coffee beans, make soups and sauces, batter, blend smoothies, etc in matter of seconds. It is very easy and user friendly in terms of using it and at the same time dishwasher safe for an easy cleaning. Big Boss Blender is compact but at the same time packed with power to even provide instant ice-crushing. Being relatively cheap than any other blender in the market, it also boosts a easy to use interface without the need of button settings or complicated procedures.

Compare Features: Magic bullet Vs Big Boss Blender

Magic Bullet Features Magic Bullet comes with a total of 17 pieces of equipment which includes mixing system chops, whip attachment, blends and all necessary equipments. The unit comes with a power base, 2 blades, 2 cups, 4 mugs, 2 sealed lids, 2 vented lids and recipes that can be made using it. Its built is durable and has a see-through material and is completely dishwasher safe. The cups and mugs are completely microwave and freezer safe avoiding the need of storage utensils. Magic Bullet measures approximately around 4 by 4 by 10 inches and comes with a standard 1 year limited warranty. Big Boss Blender Features Big Boss Blender is all-in-one product eliminating the need for a food processor, blender and coffee grinder in the kitchen saving extra space and money. It comes with 15 attachments that include 3 18-ounce large cups with 3 matching comfort rings, 4 assorted lids and stainless steel blade attachment for its power base which runs on a 300-watt powered motor. Sports lids are included to help take drinks blended together on the go. The cup attachments are microwave and freezer safe for instant heating or cooling of food items mixed using Big Boss Blender.

Compare Pros: Magic bullet Vs Big Boss Blender

Magic Bullet Pros One of the most important advantage of using Magic Bullet is its size. It is so compact that it fits anywhere inside the kitchen without taking extra space like regular blenders do. The ease of use is another feature that is to be considered especially if there is no complicated procedure involved for the blending and mixing process. Its range of different cups and mugs also provide the freedom to blend food items in desired quantity and for specific need. Also there is no need to transfer the blend into another glass for serving since the attachments are designed in the shape of a mug by default. Magic Bullet is well recognized for the microwave and freezer friendly nature of its components which provides the advantage of making a smoothie and putting the cup right away into the fridge instead of wasting time transferring the blend into another utensil. Also soup and sauces can be directly microwaved once mixed well for instant heating process. Its powerful blender helps in even breaking down ice to form a smoothie quickly and easily. The screw on lid provided with the vessels helps to seal it securely so that no mess is created during the blending process. Big Boss Blender Pros Big Boss Blender is very handy to use due to its compact nature and is easily affordable due to its low cost. It has the capacity to even blend single serving size into the cups provided along with it. The amazing fact about using Big Boss Blender is that all it needs is a push of the cups over the blade while blending instead of complicated selection buttons. The cups are reusable which makes life easy by avoiding the use of extra utensils to pour and use. It makes perfect smoothies and protein shakes and has the ability to even chop onions, garlic, herbs, etc. Big Boss Blender comes with a powerful motor that can even break down ice, frozen fruit and coffee beans without the need of any pre-grounding. It has rubber seals to avoid any kind of spill during the blending process. It comes with lots of attachments mainly plastic containers, drinking rims, travel caps, etc for everyday needs in the kitchen.

Compare Cons: Magic bullet Vs Big Boss Blender

Magic Bullet Cons Magic Bullet is compact and so the power needed to chop and break bigger pieces of food items is not available with it. The shaft bushing wears out after use for only couple of months and can start making lots of noise during the blending process. The screws available for sealing the lids can harm the user due to sharp tabs while the unscrewing process. Magic Bullet does not do well while grinding hard coffee beans or chopping big pieces of onions, cheese, etc and can end up being mushy unlike the claim. Sometimes because of the excessive need of power Magic Bullet can stop in between the process taking longer time for blending than it is suppose to. Tall blending vessels do not have well enough base support and gets worse with rounded edges on them tripping at the slightest perturbation. Big Boss Blender Cons Big Boss Blender has a tendency to sometimes unscrew the cap due to its powerful motor action which can spill the content of the cup outside. The unscrewing process becomes difficult if the cups are screwed and sealed to avoid any kind of spill. Also it does not always do satisfactory job while grating cheese or chopping larger pieces of onions. Excess blending of smoothies during ice breaking process can heat up the motor even making it smell. The customer service is not quite responsive and it can be a headache to actually get a new replacement product under any sort of guarantee provided by the makers.

Magic bullet Vs Big Boss Blender - Side By Side Comparison

Review Magic bullet /Big Boss Blender

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2 thoughts on “Magic bullet vs Big Boss Blender Review

  1. This is a great blender but the gaskets wear easily and stretch if you clean them. YOU CAN”T buy replacement gaskets! IT makes the unit worthless. I’d buy the magic bullet instead.

  2. Comparing the Magic Bullet and the Big Boss Blender…..I have now used both. I have used the Magic Bullet for 3 years the Big Boss Just a week.

    Compare Components – The first thing you will notice is the Big Boss includes fewer accessories:

    Big Boss Blender – 3 slightly larger no-handle containers, 2 travel sippy tops, comfort rims , a variety of specialty tops, 1 blade attachment, and a cookbook French & English.

    Bullet – 4handled mugs, 1 no-handle same size container, a smaller container, 4comfort tops, a variety of specialty tops, extra gaskets, 2 blade options, and a better cookbook.

    Compare Quality – The thickness of the Magic Bullet is greater and on handling the parts and pieces the Magic Bullet appears to be able to with stand more use and abuse than the Big Boss Blender BUT I have had my Bullet for a few years and it still works great ..time will tell with the Big Boss Blender!

    Compare Satisfaction of Use

    The Magic Bullet when used to make my Atkins shake could not hold a full shake container plus 4 frozen strawberries(I had to make it in 2 parts). Usually it would leave a few chunks to deal with.

    Big Boss Blender: Could hold all of the ingredients plus more. It made the smoothies faster and provided consistent smoothness throughout the drink(no chunks).

    Clean-up- both were quick clean-ups and dishwasher safe.

    Conclusion – considering the Quality, Satisfaction and Clean-up of both the Bullet and Big Boss Blender…(I didn’t really use the additional accessories included with the Magic Bullet). IF the Big Boss Blender can give me the same long lasting usability as the Magic Bullet has provided THEN the power of the Big Boss tips the scale … I’ll take the Big Boss Blender.

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