LiLash vs Rapidlash Review

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There are many lash growth products in the market today, but it leaves many of us confused as to which one would work best for us. Comparisons made by others can help us in making an informed choice. LiLash and Rapidlash are both lash lengthener products. In a comparison between the two, it was seen that Rapidlash is nearly half the cost of the quite expensive LiLash.


LiLash vs Rapidlash
While LiLash did help and was effective in lengthening the length of eyelashes as quickly as two weeks, it was observed that continuous usage caused dark circles around the eyes and any stoppage in application caused the lashes to fall off creating bald spots.

Application of the LiLash did not result in any real irritation though a slight discomfort was felt in the beginning. LiLash was amazingly effective in producing longer and curling eyelashes. Rapidlash was less expensive than LiLash but was equally effective in producing longer lashes.

Rapidlash showed no negative side effects like dark circles and falling lashes as observed by LiLash users. The only downside to Rapidlash’s effectiveness was that it did not make the lashes curl at all, unlike LiLash.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
LiLash for $139.97. Official website
RapidLash for $49.95. Official website



Reviews and Complaints
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LiLash vs Rapidlash Video
RAPIDLASH eyelash growth serum

LiLash vs Rapidlash

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