Jay Kordich PowerGrind Juicer vs Vitamix

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Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro Longevity Hybrid Juicer

It revolutionized the juicing industry with its revolutionary hybrid technology. Its patented new technology brings more juice and nutrients per ounce of produce. The juicer is basically a hybrid, using both extracting and grinding to deliver the best of both types of juicers. Its has super quit induction motor that ensures ease of use and speed of an extractor combined with the juice volume and juice quality of a grinder. Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro has four international patents to its credit so it is way ahead of its competitors in terms of sheer class leading performance. Its heavy duty surgical quality stainless steel blade and patented double feed chute guarantees years of flawless performance.

The Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro Vitality Hybrid Juicer

The new PowerGrind Vitality Juicer is a fabulous appliance that’s a must-have for your kitchen. It is constructed with a super powerful and simultaneously quiet motor. It is easy to assemble, disassemble and extremely easy to clean, which makes it very simple to use.

The PowerGrind Vitality Juicer uses a patented hybrid/slow juicing technology that gives it an edge. Its two-step process allows it to both grind and extract juice more efficiently. This gives you up to 30% more juice of superior taste, quality, texture and colour from the same amount of ingredient as compared to other juicers. It prepares all kinds of juices, works extremely well with leafy green vegetables and is the only juicer that makes nut milk.


Vitamix Turboblend 4500 Countertop Blender with 2+ HP Motor

The versatile TurboBlend 4500 Countertop Blender whips up the yummiest home-made smoothies that everyone’s surely going to love. The blender comes with dual speeds so you can choose the speed you want to run. Get even consistency of purees with this 2-speeds blender’s enormous speed of 218 miles per hour and be rest assured, if you use the TurboBlend 4500, there will be no thick chunks in your preparation.

The 64oz jar size of this Vitamix blender can hold enough food to be blended to serve a full meal. Get smoother blends while reducing wear and tear of the coupler with the pulse feature of this 2-speeds blender. In addition to that, it also has an easy to clean front panel.

Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200S Black is the perfect blender designed to outperform others as it is loaded with a whole lot of vital features. It offers variable speed control for flexibility and creativity and also high speed setting for maximum processing for exceptionally thick ingredients. This blender also has the powerful 2 peak output horsepower motor that blends really fast. What’s more, it even features easy grip handle and soft touch control that makes your work incredibly fast and easy.

The Metal to metal and container to base coupling it is equipped with ensures maximum durability and long life. The spill proof lid with removable lid plug is greatly beneficial as it allows you to add ingredients while processing without any mess. Its patented tamper feature allows continuous processing of thick ingredients. Vitamix 5200S Black is the perfect appliance you can count on to prepare foods right from breakfast to dinner, appetizers to desserts and more while enjoying new levels of flavors, nutrition and ingenuity.


Compare Reviews, Complaints, Pros/Cons

Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro Longevity Hybrid Juicer Complaints

Binding up
Jay Kordich PowerGrind Juicer finds it difficult to process carrots and apples without binding up. It needs to be disassembled twice on each use to clean out the basket before continuing with basic juicing. Even the vegetables and fruits when processed as instructed may not be ground finely around the blade area. You need to stop and take the machine apart, remove thick chunks, juice, reassemble and try again to make it work.


Stops frequently
This machine slows down quickly and also stops when you try to push anything heavy through the shoot.


Poor build quality
The juicer has a plastic feel to it and does not seem that it is going to last ling.


Needs constant clean up
Vegetables don’t get processed through the blade area properly after fed into the unit. The machine needs to be taken apart to remove parts that which would not juice, reassembled and switched on again.


Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro Longevity Hybrid Juicer Pros

Impressive engineering
The Power grind hybrid Juicer by Jay Kordich works marvellously. It leaves very little pulp behind and what is left is very dry. The amount of juice that is extracted is about twice as much as one got from the older juicers. It’s runs steadily, so you can be sure that you’re getting all the nutrients in your juice.


Highly Versatile
The Jay Kordich Juicer is highly versatile as it can handle all kinds of fruits and vegetables singlehandedly, right from apples, carrots, strawberries, watermelons, pineapples with the skin and even nuts and serve perfect blends.


Easy to clean up
The juicer makes your work really easy as its clean-up is very easy. The juicer comes apart and all the components can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. It’s also easy and pleasurable to use it. Besides, it is small enough to fit under your kitchen cabinet.

Vitamix Turboblend 4500 Countertop Blender with 2+ HP Motor Pros/Advantages

Highly resourceful
Vitamix Turboblend 4500 is a highly versatile blender which will make it possible for you to introduce more fruits and vegetables in your diet. You can now process a whole lot of produces in this blender that prepares healthy smoothies, raw greens, frozen fruit, fresh fruit, and soy milk or juice and also drastically cuts down on prep time. You will love the convenience the Vitamix offers and will surely impress you with its performance. Whole fruits and veggies are liquefied with Vitamix Turboblend, resulting in smooth and well integrated smoothies.


Easy to clean
The Vitamix is very easy to clean and you’ll surely use it everyday.


Heavy Duty Performer
The 2-speed blender with thermally protected 2+ peak horsepower motor of Vitamix Turboblend ensures a powerful blending result every time. It does what normal blenders cannot including challenging tasks like grinding shredded coconut to make coconut butter and more.


Vitamix Turboblend 4500 Countertop Blender with 2+ HP Motor Cons/Complaints/Disadvantages

Does not blend fully
The Vitamix Turboblend 4500 does not seem to be more powerful than other blenders, which would’ve given it an edge. Whether one sets its speed at low or high, it starts blending but does not really create a vortex that ensure that your ingredients are getting blended finely. You have to stir it to get it to blend, and that’s something which a good blender should be able to handle without stirring.


Lacks vital features for perfect performance
The blender does not have some useful features and does not function as a food processor par excellence. It does not come with a variable dial and some more important features are completely missing which would have equipped it with best quality.


The Vitamix Turboblend 4500 is very expensive. Blending tasks that it performs can be easily handled by machines that cost much lesser.

Vitamix CIA Professional Series Reviews and Complaints

Professional Vitamix CIA Series Platinum is undoubtedly solid in looks and functions. It comes with an excellent jar and lid including the brushed stainless. If the combination of the ingredients you toss in is perfect it will give you the best delicacies for sure. It’s top notch when it comes to preparing yummy smoothies and ice creams. In addition to that, the sorbets from frozen fruit it can whip up are really awesome too.

Having Professional Vitamix CIA Series Platinum is akin to possessing a restaurant quality blender which opens up a world of possibilities you never thought of. It is a pro at preparing a whole lot of delicious foods such as baked egg dishes, creamy soups and more in very less time. If you are a great cook and creative too, the Professional Vitamix CIA Series Platinum is the perfect appliance for you. Summarizing it, this appliance is a thumbs up and a must have for smart kitchens.


Vitamix 5200 Reviews and Complaints

Cost effective
If you have been looking for a perfect blender, your quest for it ends in Vitamix 5200 . It is the perfect appliance that comes at a price less than $500.


Stirs up a feat
Vitamix 5200 works extremely well in preparing a whole array of delicacies like shakes, salad dressing, sorbets, nut milks, marinades, soups, baby food, chocolate pots, smoothies and more easily.


Saves loads of time
The blender is adept at preparing lots of delicious foods, smoothies and more in very less time. It’s perfect for those who are forever running out of time but love cooking lots or have to prepare entire meals from the scratch.


Blends and chops real fast. Easy to clean too
Vitamix 5200 blends and chops everything in a matter of seconds and is as simple and easy to clean up.


Great construction and built
The body and structure of Vitamix 5200 is simply great, which not only makes it look good but also handle well.


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