Jason Vale Fusion Juicer vs Jack Lalanne Power Classic Juicer

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Jack Lalanne Power Classic Juicer Reviews – Complaints/Disadvantages/Cons

Jack Lalanne is not well made
When you invest in a juicer you want to be assured that it’s of good quality but that’s not the case at all here; it’s tacky and certainly not well made. There’s a plastic screw, which connects to the blade and it’s a major issue because it breaks off. It’s supposed to be a powerful juicer with a strong motor, which transfers its energy onto the blade and this screw can undo it all, which is a shame.

Not convenient to use
One of the major problems with this juicer is that if you use it for leafy vegetables, kale you will find that things keep getting stuck. And that stops the motor, which is a hassle and waste of your time. In fact this juicer takes a long time to do the job it’s meant to as compared to your regular, even old juicers.

Cleaning can be a task
You are told that cleaning will be a breeze with this juicer but that’s not the case at all. You have to clean up constantly, especially the blade as it gets clogged up before you know it. The spout is another problem because it goes outside rather than pointing downward and that means the juice gets stuck all the time. And the fact that it doesn’t tilt down means it keeps spraying out when fruit is put into the machine. It makes things very messy and cleanup a pain for you, which is not what you expect. In fact overall the juicer is nowhere close to claims made about it on the infomercial.

Customer service is shambolic
This juicer is not up to the mark and if the motor blows up or you want to send it back for some other reason, you are in for a rude shock. The customer service is not helpful at all and you are made to jump through hoops and asked to wait for refunds etc but nothing ever shows up. It’s a bad juicer with a worse customer service.

Jack Lalanne Power Classic Juicer Pros/Advantages

Does a decent job
You want your juicer to do the job of extracting delicious, natural juices out of fruits and this one does that job well. If that’s what you expect out of it and don’t think of it as some path breaking juicer, then you won’t be disappointed at all. And for its price it brings you quite good value for money as well.

Can be the workhorse
As an entry level juicer it’s exceptional and importantly it can take on the role of being the workhorse for your regular needs. It’s powerful enough to be used on a regular basis and it does the job of extracting juice quite well.

Clever design, smart features
To begin with the motor is powerful and that’s what makes this juicer quite efficient. It’s also neatly designed and the feed chute is big and nice. Thus you won’t have any hassles using it.

Clean up can be managed well
There are complains about this juicer being a pain to clean up but if you do it right, things will be a lot easier. As soon as you are finished with juicing you can put the components in a dish washer and clean the blade immediately. You can do the cleaning job quickly if you do that.

It’s durable
One good thing about this juicer is that it’s long lasting. If comes with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. But that’s not all; it’s a long lasting juicer that will be your ideal aid in the kitchen for years to come. Thus it offers you good return on your investment.

Gives you excellent quality juice
And that says it all really; a juicer that gives you thick and delicious juice every single time is the one that serves its purpose, right?

Jason Vale Fusion Juicer Pros/Advantages

Works reasonably well
It’s not a bad juicer for what it’s worth. It’s not expensive and that suggests that you can’t expect the moon out of it. If you have reasonable expectations from it then you will find it pleasing to work with and it does give you decent quality juice on a regular basis.

Jason Vale Fusion Juicer Complaints/Cons/Disadvantages

Annoying wait for delivery
You hear about the juicer and order it so that you can get started at the earliest. But you have to contend with a never ending wait with the delivery. The company in itself can be a nightmare to deal with and you are better off buying it from Wal-Mart near you as it’s a whole lot quicker.

Falls apart
After a few uses it just stops working and it’s partly because the juicer hasn’t been designed too well. The plastic piece at the bottom of the pulp collector breaks easily, which can lead to a whole lot of problems.

Results leave a lot to be desired
The pulp can be quite soggy, which is annoying. And things like kale and parsley go right through the juice collector without even being juiced.

Something’s not right
And you get the first sign of it when you are told that it’s on backorder but you realize that it’s fully stocked in Wal-Mart. The cleaning is quite a mess with this juicer and it can take a lot of your time on a regular basis.

2 thoughts on “Jason Vale Fusion Juicer vs Jack Lalanne Power Classic Juicer

  1. I purchased the Jack Lalanne juicer several years ago and not a one of the problems mentioned in your article are true. In fact I have handed it down to my youngest daughter a year ago and she still uses it religiously. If you are promoting the Fusion Juicer by trying to destroy the credibility of another product you have become, or have been all of your life, a Democrat.

    Actually, I lied. I did have one problem with the Jack Lalanne juicer and that was the spout. It would continue to leak after the juicing process was complete. However, you have resolved this problem with the adjustable spout. GENIUS!!!

  2. Hello,

    I’m a loyal to the Jack Lalanne, with that said when I saw the Fusion I was disappointed that Fusion took something from the Lalanne juicer. I’ve been juicing 5 days a week for a long long time. My current Lalanne Juicer is the Express. I was kind of disappointed that the design changed from the blade not separating from the mesh bowl. My first Lalanne was the original stainless steel, I wish I held onto that one. I basically mix one kind of juice consisting of apples, carrots, beets, ginger, celery and garlic. I think the added plastic safety tab at the bottom of the discharge bowl was kind of too much because I can see that breaking.


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