ISO7X vs Bullworker Steel Bow vs Bow Classic vs Bully Xtreme Review

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Compare Reviews and Complaints

ISO7X Review – Pros/Advantages
ISO7X is a breakthrough fitness device that is built on the “power of isometrics” in order to help you develop muscle, including lean muscle quickly and body strength without causing stress on the joints. It also helps you toughen your shoulders, back, abdominals, obliques, and arms. ISO7X is effective because it challenges your muscles by providing for powerfully effective total-body workouts. It comes with an in-built calibrated strength meter that helps you track your workout progress along with results.

The body of ISO7X is constructed of durable material, which makes it robust. It’s an easy to use workout machine which women can use too. It allows you to do over 30 different exercises, which is quite a considerable number. ISO7X is lightweight, compact and portable, hence you can carry it out anywhere to have a quick and effective workout. What’s more, you don’t have to assemble it as it requires no setup.


ISO7X Review – Disadvantages/Complaints/Cons
There are some issues that ISO7X needs to work on. For starters, it focuses exclusively on isometrics exercises and leaves little room for cardiovascular exercises, which is a crucial part of complete workout. It doesn’t suitably address the issue of fat loss either. Its idea of performing 30 + exercises as per its wall chart gives you only seven seconds for each exercise, which may not be so effective in the long run. On the other hand, some exercise machines are known to offer more than 40 exercises too, if variety in workout is what pushes you. As for the make of the equipment, a beginner may find it a little difficult to use it owing to its somewhat complex design. Also, its wall chart has been known to provide incorrect information and has been questioned by the experts, which can bring about unwanted results. The exercises that ISO7X provides for seem to be too difficult.


Bullworker Review – Pros/Advantages
Bullworker is a versatile portable home gym that’s a highly useful fitness tool to develop muscle strength not just in the limbs but also in the core muscle groups that carry and stabilize the body. With Bullworker, the whole body can be exercised with two simple movements. It has a 3-pound fitness device that can deliver hundreds of pounds of resistance. It has a longest lasting muscle definition of any portable home gym. It has five fitness routines to choose from viz. Isometric, Isotonic, Iso-Motion, Resiliency and Endurance. The Bullworker also offers corresponding exercises for the legs and lower body. It can be used by young and old, men and women to benefit from any of the five fitness routines. It has spring-loaded, contracting cylinders which are linked to hand grips and can be pushed inwards on both ends to work on the arm muscles. Bullworker exercise with other free weight or fixed weight training really help you achieve fantastic results.


Bullworker Reviews – Cons/Complaints/Disadvantages
Bullworker may be equipped with great features, but it still comes with very less instructions on how to use. The guidance and teaching tools seems incomplete. It does not give a complete use of the individual products and how they can be used. With the isometric exercises your muscles can gain strength far more quickly than your tendons. It is not as effective as a traditional program of progressive resistance training lifting weights. One needs to keep a check on the physique and use the products to get a uniform look. The resistance is definitely tough so not suggested that a very weak women purchase this.


Bully Xtreme Reviews – Pros/Advantages
Bully xtreme is ideal for those who are interested in Isometrics exercise. It is manufactured on the concepts of isometrics. It is the only company that give their customers a Very Long Time Defects Warranty on their products. Its 3 tubing design permits each facet of the human body to work through independent of each other, as being a group of resistance rings, or flexible dumbbells. The three pipe layout is an update from older types, that used just two hoses. The major advantage is that there’s less risk of injuries and the human body gets a much better workout. Strength can be built by rapidly using isometric workout. The tension it offers is incredibly small therefore it is ideal for beginners. It is low priced and easily transportable. It gives a NO DEFECTS WARRANTY. It does not occupy a lot of space at home. The major advantage of this attachment is that it will allow you to perform a considerably larger number of movements.


Bully Xtreme Reviews – Cons/Complaints/Disadvantages
The other major disadvantage to this product offers is that it does not have any type of replacement or defects warranty. But it gives a 30 day guarantee on the product which does not solve the problem. With the P90X resistance bands one has to purchase the door attachment separately or if we only chin up bar we can use that to perform some of the exercises. This is still not as effective as having a door attachment. It loses its elasticity or tensile potency gradually. Through repeated use we get a lesser amount of tension as compared to when it was brand new. Multiple tubes cannot be attached to one handle. It does not have a door attachment. If at all the product loses its tensile strength, snap or perhaps break, the company might charge a small amount of money for handling and shipping.

Compare Workouts/Method

Bbuild strength and lean muscle fast! ISO7X as seen on TV uses the power of Isometrics – a series of static contractions exercises where you push or pull on the ISO7X using 70% of your strength and hold for just 7 seconds per exercise. It also has a built-in calibrated strength meter so you can track your progress and measure your results. ISO 7X builds strength, power and lean muscle without the need for multiple repetitions, and no strain on joints.


Bully Xtreme
The Bully Xtreme seven minute workout is just one of the many different training programs that come with the Bully Xtreme isometric exerciser. Using this simple and very effective 7 Minute Workout takes very little time and you will be pleasantly surprised at the incredible gains you will make in both muscle size and strength! Once both exercises have been completed you would rest for one to 1 1/2 minutes with this pull and push type workout.


The original Bullworker consists of two sleeved, spring-loaded, telescopic cylinders in the center, with two hand grips affixed at the outermost ends. Two opposing cables are attached to the hand grips at each end of the device. The apparatus weighs about four pounds. Exercises are performed by pushing inwards on the contractible cylinders or by pulling the cables outwards, away from the cylinders. The resultant compression of the internal spring creates the desired resistance; the Bullworker returns to its original position when pressure is released.

Compare Features

ISO7X Features
ISO7X is the breakthrough workout device that uses the power of Isometrics to build strength, power, and lean muscle faster than ever before! Isometrics is the proven way to stimulate muscle growth…FAST. Instead of using multiple reps that cause stress on your joints, the ISO7X works in a concentrated range of motion, focusing effort right on the muscle! Just activate the resistance and hold for 7 seconds to feel the power of the ISO7X.

It also has a built-in calibrated strength meter so you can track your progress and measure your results. It’s one of the most effective total body workouts you can do to build a bigger chest, strengthen your back, get powerful shoulders, and tighten your abs and obliques. Each set includes the ISO7X and exercise wall chart.


Bullworker Steel Bow Features

  • 5 Fitness Routines (Isometric, Isotonic, Iso-Motion, Flexibility, Endurance)
  • 0-100 lbs. of Resistance with 3 Interchangeable resistance springs
  • 20” long – Weighs 2 lbs.
  • Detailed & Extensive Exercise Chart including target muscle areas
  • All Steel Construction, powdered & chrome steel
  • Adjustable cable grips for hand pulling comfort


Bullworker Bow Classic

  • 150 lbs. of Resistance
  • 36” long – 4 lbs. wt.
  • Detailed Exercise Chart w/ Power Exercise Routine
  • Best model for lower body and leg exercises
  • All Steel Construction, powdered & chrome steel
  • Adjustable cable grips for hand pulling comfort


Bully Xtreme

  • Up to 600 lbs. of muscle building resistance
  • 82 health club type exercises that can be easily done
  • Portable home gym, fits anywhere and weighs less than 5 pounds.
  • A complete state of the art training system and muscle building nutrition program


Compare What do I get & Price


  • 2 ISO7X Exercisers
  • 2 Exercise wall chart

Price: – $19.99 plus $17.98 S&H. Official website


Bullworker Steel Bow

  • 1 Steel Bow Bullworker
  • 1 DVD: Sit-at-Home fitness program
  • 1 Carrying case

Price: – $69.95 + $14.95 Shipping-USA. Official website


Bow Classic

  • 1 Bow Classic Exerciser
  • 1 Detailed & Extensive Exercise Chart
  • 1 Carrying Case

Price: – $69.95 = $14.95 Shipping. Official website


Bully Xtreme
Physical products that you receive

  • Bully Xtreme Isometrics Home Gym (Isometric &Iisotonic exercise bar)
  • Full Color Wall Chart (illustrates 40 of the more than 82 exercises)

Online stuff

  • 50+ page nutrition e-book
  • Bully Xtreme “Iso-Synergy Exercise System” downloadable e-book
  • Easy to use “food calculating software” that tells you exactly how many calories, fats, proteins each food contains…
  • Complete workout training logs to record your progress
  • Software that allows you to see your progress and track it on your computer
  • Audio training programs
  • Bruce Lee strength and training workout series
  • Daniel Craig James Bond workout program
  • An incredible report on how to make delicious “Fat Burning Meals” that you can make at home easily
  • Fat burning software that calculates and logs your body fat.

Price: – $35.00. Official website


Compare Resistance
ISO7X : No information available.
Bullworker Steel Bow: 0-100 lbs. of Resistance with 3 Interchangeable resistance springs
Bullworker Bow Classic: 150 lbs. of Resistance
Bully Xtreme: No information available.


Does it have steel-cables?
ISO7X : Yes
Bullworker Steel Bow: Yes
Bullworker Bow Classic: Yes
Bully Xtreme: Yes


Does it have adjustable cable grips?
ISO7X : Yes
Bullworker Steel Bow: Yes
Bullworker Bow Classic: Yes
Bully Xtreme: Yes


Compare Product Dimensions
ISO7X : 12 x 8 x 4 inches ; 5 pounds
Bullworker Steel Bow: 20 x 2 x 4 inches; 2 pounds
Bow Classic: 36 x 2 x 4 inches; 5 pounds
Bully Xtreme: Not available

6 thoughts on “ISO7X vs Bullworker Steel Bow vs Bow Classic vs Bully Xtreme Review

  1. The Classic is the best. But to be honest, the whole Bullworker range is way too expensive. The amount of different exercises that can be performed with no equipment is almost infinite. A good training guide that deals with bodyweight training or old school Isometrics is a great, much cheaper alternative to the Bullworker.

  2. This is a pretty simple conclusion. When real comparisons are made the Bullworker Classic stands out as the best. It is the best built and best modified Tensolator product out there.
    I own, or have owned, all of models mentioned in this “comparison”. The Bullworker Classic performs the best in a straightforward observation of the items.
    I stated before, I own, and have used them all, even a Steel Bow 28. I use the Classic for muscle building and strength training for Wing Chun and skiing. It does what it is supposed to do.

  3. As a kid I had b.w. In early 70s, used it along w/ weights. I now hav classic, steel b., and pro. It’s all I use. I have the $1400.00 crossbow collecting dust. I,m 53yrs old and I,m built just like a young Ken Norton. Just by using b.w.,s alone. If you don’t know who Norton was, just google. Ali vs. Norton 1. Enough said babe!!!!!


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