Iron Gym vs Perfect Pushup vs Pushup Elite Review

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Compare Workouts/Method

Iron Gym
You can take your upper body workout to a whole new level with Iron Gym. As it’s been designed to wrap around any door frame it can turn it into a personal gym. It uses leverage and there’s no damage to doors. It works on your chest, arms, shoulders, back, abs and offers you three grip positions; narrow, wide and neutral. That’s why you can challenge your muscles by switching the routine. You can use it to do sit ups, push ups, pull-ups, crunches, dips; you can work out for a few minutes in a day to get ripped muscles.


Perfect Pushup
Modern biomechanics and engineering techniques are used in Perfect Pushup, which has been created by a US Navy Seal. It gives better results with pushups and has comfortable rubberized grips for your convenience. 8 inch bases have rubber finish and there’s the steel ball bearing rotational system. Handles are smooth-rotating and they accelerate to engage more muscles in chest, arms, back and shoulders. Moreover they also reduce strain on your shoulders, elbows and wrists.


Pushup Elite
Created by a US Navy Seal and As Seen on TV it helps you get much better results with your regular pushups. It has been designed with smooth rotating handles to accelerate and thus give your muscles in arms, chest, shoulders and back a much vigorous workout. It’s also got features like rubberized grips and a stable base for your safety. It stabilizes your shoulder joint while reducing strain on wrists and elbows.


Is it hard on knees?
Iron Gym: No

Perfect Pushup : For workouts that need you to be on your knees there are perfect pads, which have soft foam. It can take the pressure off points in your knees and distribute it evenly.

Pushup Elite: It has perfect pads for workouts that are to be done on your knees. Soft foam means pressure on certain points on your knees is reduced as it’s distributed evenly.


Compare Duration
Iron Gym: 30 days

Perfect Pushup: It has a 21 day program.

Pushup Elite: Has a 21 day program.


Is it suitable for beginners?
Iron Gym: Yes.

Perfect Pushup: It works for different parts of the body at the same time, it’s also easy to use and works well for professional athletes and beginners alike.

Pushup Elite: There’s no special equipment need, works on various body parts and can be used easily by athletes and beginners.


Is it too hard?
Iron Gym: It’s not advisable to push yourself too hard. If you feel exhausted, you can rest for a minute to avoid injuries.

Perfect Pushup: If you find the upward incline pushup difficult, there’s the option of positioning your feet 12 inches or further and doing standing pushups. You can lean forward after placing your hands on the wall, then push away your body like you’d do from the ground in a regular pushup. It’s a good idea for those with lower back problems too.

Pushup Elite: If you have lower back problems or find it difficult to keep up with the upward incline pushup, you can do standing pushups by keeping your feet at least 12 inches apart. Place your hands on the wall, lean forward and push your body away like in regular pushups to get good results.


Does it work well for women?
Iron Gym: Women of all ages can see benefits like burning calories faster, weight loss, slimmer and toned body, improved posture, defined tummy and legs and reduced back problems.

Perfect Pushup: It works well for women because it can strengthen chest, shape triceps, glutes and shoulders, tightens the core and helps burn calories.

Pushup Elite: Adding pushups to your workout on a regular basis means you can strengthen your chest and core, get shapely shoulders, triceps and glutes and also burn calories faster.


Is it okay for skinny people?
Iron Gym: Yes

Perfect Pushup: Yes it does but there might be a need to build some mass because it’s important to look ripped and shredded. This look entails having low body fat and enough muscle mass. If you haven’t got that combination right you can look blocky or skinny but not ripped. With little existing muscle mass you will be able to add some muscle but it doesn’t mean you can look ripped. That depends on muscle you can add while staying lean.

Pushup Elite: It’s definitely possible to work out with Pushup Elite for skinny people and they will be able to add some muscle as well. However if your intention is to look ripped or shredded then you might want to have some muscle mass on you to begin with. Only when you have a certain amount of muscle mass combined with low fat in your body can you get that desired look. So yes, muscle can be put on but how ripped you look depends on the muscle mass you have.


Can it build muscle?
Iron Gym: Yes

Perfect Pushup: It’s not the means to get that buff upper body; for that to happen you will have to do pull ups, bicep curls, dips and shoulder press. Working on the pectoral region alone doesn’t work. Your calories have to be worked out well too, as if your diet isn’t in check you won’t be able to build mass.

Pushup Elite: It helps you work out your pectoral region and you will see some results. But for that muscular upper body it’s important to do a wide range of exercises, from shoulder press to dips, bicep curls and pull ups. You will also have to take care of your diet and keep a check on the calories to build size like you want to. To build muscle it has to be a right balance of workout and your diet.


Does it help you lose weight?
Iron Gym: Yes

Perfect Pushup: The theory for losing weight is you burn more calories than you consume in a certain period of time. Working out on a regular basis can help burn calories. There should be a calorie deficit of 3,500 for every pound of fat you lose. Hence cardiovascular exercises, jogging and swimming have their merits.

Pushup Elite: Calorie deficit is an important concept when it comes to losing weight. Quite simply it’s the difference between calories you burn and those you consume; it has to be about 3,500 calories for 1 lb fat loss. Swimming, jogging and other cardio vascular activities can help you in this goal. You will also need to focus on these activities to lose weight like you expect to.


Does it use weights?
Iron Gym: No
Perfect Pushup: No
Pushup Elite: No


Compare Calories Burned?
Iron Gym: Helps you burn more calories

Perfect Pushups: They are basic strength exercises that can be done without any equipment and work out different muscle groups. They are often used to ascertain your fitness level. Your weight determines the calories you can lose while doing pushups, because heavier you are harder it will be for you to push your body weight off the floor.

Pushup Elite: If you are looking for a basic strengthening exercise, pushups are the one. They can train different muscles in your body without any equipment required. But if you are heavier, you might find it harder to push your body weight off the floor. Thus it is your weight that determines the calories you can burn in doing pushups.


How many days a week do you need to work out?
Iron Gym: Six days a week
Perfect Pushup: Every day of the week
Pushup Elite: Seven days of the week.


What are the equipments needed?
Iron Gym: Iron Gym Xtreme workout bar

Perfect Pushup: Perfect Fitness’ rotating push-up handles.

Pushup Elite: Perfect Fitness’ rotating push-up handles; made of aircraft grade aluminium. They also facilitate swivel action through heavy duty ball bearing construction.

Compare What do you get and price?

Iron Gym
• 2 Ab Straps
• 2 Rotating Push-Up Grips
• Workout Bar
• Electronic Ropeless Jump Rope
You can buy Iron Gym for $25.99.


Perfect Pushup
Two patent-pending pushup handles, an instructional DVD, and the instructional poster.
You can buy Perfect Pushup for $54.99.


Pushup Elite
• 2 patent pending rotating pushup handles
• Comfortable rubberized grips
• Stable 8″ bases with rubber bottoms that grip well on carpet and all hard floor surfaces
• Smooth, long lasting steel ball bearing rotational systems
• Instructional DVD that shows how to use the product and it also demonstrates proper form. It helps explain the 21 day workout program too.
• Navy SEAL-inspired exercise chart that shows proper pushup form.
• Customizable 21-day workout planner based on SEAL 2-minute drills
You can buy Pushup Elite for $29.95 each.


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