Iron Gym vs Perfect Multi-Gym Review

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Iron Gym
Challenging the muscles in your upper body and working on your abs, shoulders, arms, chest and back is a lot easier with Iron Gym, which is a multi functional training system. It attaches to doors without any screws so that there are no damages. You can work with three different handles to easily switch routines and take your workout to a higher level and that too by working out few minutes of the day.

Perfect Multi-Gym
Perfect Multi-Gym lets you make the most of your own body weight to build muscles by doing workouts like pushups, dips, chin-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. The unique design here protects the door frame and there’s no installation needed. You get downloadable Navy SEAL design circuits too. It’s a way to get that lean and strong body you always wanted.

Is it hard on knees?
Iron Gym: No
Perfect Multi-Gym: No

Iron Gym: 30 days Vs Perfect Multi-Gym: 21 days

Is it good for beginners?
Iron Gym: It definitely is.
Perfect Multi-Gym: Yes it is.

Is it too hard?
Iron Gym: If you feel you are getting exhausted, it’s a good idea to rest and protect yourself from injuries.
Perfect Multi-Gym: There’s no reason to push hard.

Is it good for women?

Iron Gym: It is because women can burn calories, lose weight, sculpt their bodies, get trimmer tummies and defined legs. Moreover it’s ideal for women of all ages and it improves their posture, also offering relief from back pain.

Perfect Multi-Gym: Good.

Does it work for skinny people?
Iron Gym: Yes
Perfect Multi-Gym: Not available.

Does it build muscles?
Iron Gym: Yes
Perfect Multi-Gym: Yes

Does it help lose weight?
Iron Gym: Yes
Perfect Multi-Gym: Yes but you shouldn’t use the equipment if you weight more than 100 kg or 220 lbs.

Does it use weights?
Iron Gym: No
Perfect Multi-Gym: No; your own body weight is used.

Calories burned
Iron Gym: No information available.
Perfect Multi-Gym: No information available.

How many days a week?
Iron Gym; six days a week Vs Perfect Multi-Gym; every day of the week.

What equipment is needed?
Iron Gym: Iron Gym Xtreme Workout Bar.
Perfect Multi-Gym: Perfect Multi-Gym Unit.

What do you get and price?
Iron Gym
• 2 Ab Straps
• 2 Rotating Push-Up Grips
• Workout Bar
• Electronic Ropeless Jump Rope
You can buy Iron Gym for $25.99.

Perfect Multi-Gym
• 1 Perfect Multi-Gym Unit
• 27 Workout Combinations
• 3 US Navy SEAL Designed Circuits
• Nutrition Guidelines
You can buy Perfect Multi-Gym for $29.95 each.


Iron Gym
Narrow, wide and neutral are the three different grip positions you get, which let you switch your routines so that you can push your muscles while performing pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups, dips, crunches etc. It also means you can work out few minutes in a day to get results you want.

Perfect Multi-Gym
You can do dips, pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups and crunches while you use your own body weight here. Downloadable Navy Seal design circuits make things easier and you can build your muscles like you always wanted. Perfect Multi-Gym is easy to set up and doesn’t require special installation.

Perfect Multi-Gym
Complete Upper Body Workout
It’s multifunctional and lets you perform dips, crunches, pushups, pull-ups etc. It builds muscle strength so that you have defined arms, shoulders, abs and back. There are 27 exercise combinations and 3 US Navy Seal designed circuits too. It’s easy to install as it attaches to any standard door frame and is designed in a way to protect it as well.

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