Iron Gym vs Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar Review

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Compare Workouts/Method

Iron Gym
This multifunctional training system is ideal for those who want to push their muscles and take their upper body workout a notch up. By simply attaching Iron Gym to a door with leverage, you turn it into a personal gym that lets you carry out a wide range of exercises from sit-ups to pull-ups, pushups and dips. You will see results on your arms, back, shoulders, abs etc. There are three grip positions, which make it easier to switch routines. You also need to work out only few minutes a day.


Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar
With Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar you can perform pushups, chin-ups, pull-ups, triceps dips to work out your upper body. This multi-training door gym can also be used for sit-ups to work on your core. You can attach it to most standard doors without any mounting brackets. You can set it up quickly, work out and take it down; it all so simple.


Is it hard on knees?
Iron Gym: No
Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar: No


Compare Duration
Iron Gym: 30 days.
Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar: You are advised to consult your doctor before starting the program. It’s also recommended by the IDEA Health and Fitness Association that you should evaluate the pullup exercise program after four to six weeks. Your muscles tend to adapt to the workout in about 6 weeks, which is when you might not see results like you did initially. That’s when you can switch to another strength training exercise like bent over row. You can come back to Gold’s Gym Pullup trainer to get strength gains again.


Is it good for beginners?
Iron Gym: Yes
Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar: You need to consult your doctor before starting with the program.


Is it too hard?
Iron Gym: If you feel exhausted, you can stop for a minute rather than pushing harder. It will help prevent injuries.
Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar: You shouldn’t push yourself too hard.


Is it good for women?
Iron Gym: It’s beneficial for women of all ages. They can lose weight and burn calories; it can improve their posture and give them relief from back pain. And those who have been looking to sculpt their bodies will get good results too as they get more toned shape with trimmer tummy and more defined legs.
Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar: Yes it is good.


Does it work for skinny people?
Iron Gym: Yes
Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar: Yes


Does it build muscles?
Iron Gym: Yes
Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar: Yes


Does it help lose weight?
Iron Gym: Yes
Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar: Yes


Does it use weights?
Iron Gym: No
Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar: You use your own body weight.


Calories burned
Iron Gym: You burn more calories
Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar: Not available.


How many days a week?
Iron Gym: Six days a week.
Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar: Damage created due to pull-up exercise makes 48 hours between workouts essential for muscle tissues to recover. You need to give time to rest from strength training after a work out that gets you to muscle failure. Pull-ups can be done two or three times in a week with two days rest in between.


Equipments needed?
Iron Gym: Iron Gym Xtreme Workout Bar
Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar: Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar


What do you get and price?
Iron Gym
2 Ab Straps
2 Rotating Push-Up Grips
Workout Bar
Electronic Ropeless Jump Rope
You can buy Iron Gym for $25.99.


Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar
Multi-training pull-up bar.
Exercise Chart
Exercise DVD
Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar is available for $20.


Iron Gym
Three grip positions; wide, narrow and neutral you get here means you can switch routines and challenge your muscles. From sit-ups to crunches, pushups and pull-ups you can do several workouts for a few minutes in a day to get good results.


Gold’s Gym Pullup Bar
It’s a fitness blast for you at home that lets you do chin-ups, pull-ups etc. It attaches to doors easily or can be used on the floor for sit-ups. Rotational push-ups stand gives adjustable resistance so that you get defined body. Comfort abs straps let you work on your core. It weighs around 8lbs, can easily be stored under bed or closet and used anytime to get fitter. It’s machine washable for your convenience. It’s advisable to consult a doctor before beginning the exercise program.

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