Instyler MAX vs InStyler Wet 2 Dry vs Instyler Original

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Compare What is it? Instyler MAX vs InStyler Wet 2 Dry vs Instyler Original

What is InStyler Wet 2 Dry – It is a rotating iron that claims to straighten, curl, add volume and shine to your hair while it dries. The InStyler Wet 2 Dry is supposed to be an all-new styling tool that helps you get results you have been looking for. It is a rotating hot iron that can not only style but straighten your hair conveniently and without too much effort. Its rotating heated polishing cylinder, combined with four rows of precision-aligned bristles, ensures that InStyler Wet 2 Dry give you professional quality results.

What is Instyler Original – It is a rotating hot iron unlike any other because it claims to straighten, curl and style your hair effectively. It is supposed to be a unique hair styling product that has a rotating heated polishing cylinder at its heart. Together with its four rows of pre aligned bristles, Instyler Original allows you to style your hair from the comforts of your home within hardly any time.

Compare How does it work? Instyler MAX vs InStyler Wet 2 Dry vs Instyler Original

How does Instyler Max work? – It makes the most out of the Ionic Ceramic Technology, boosted by tourmaline ceramic rotating barrel and floating plate to ensure that your hair has a smooth and polished look. The rotating barrel is responsible for even distribution of heat so that there’s no damage to your hair while the ionic bristles, which are aligned precisely, reduce frizz.

Its two-way rotating technology comes into play allowing it to control the direction of the rotating barrel. The barrel rotates in the direction of your hair so that you can style it without having to switch hands. Four different heat settings from 285 degrees F to 425 degrees F make it perfect for fine, medium and thick hair types. It can also be set to three timer settings; 3, 8 and 12


How does Instyler Wet 2 Dry work? – It claims to offer you a new way to style your hair 5 times faster without causing it any damage. In fact it enables you to dry and style your hair at the same time thanks to the rotating barrel that whisks water out of wet hair, according to its claims. The Air Intake Vents it has draw in cool hair to push water out of hair. Hence your hair is dried without putting it between two hot plates like the regular irons do, causing it much damage.

This styling iron also eliminates the need for blow drying as you can get the same look without hurting your hair. It gives you 410 degree F of instant heat and multiple heat settings mean you can use it according to your specific requirements and convenience too.

As InStyler Wet 2 Dry is run through your hair, hair strands are gently sorted and separated by the first set of bristles. The rotating heated polishing cylinder glides over your hair and straightens, polishes and styles every strand. The second set of bristles then come into action and add the finishing touch, thus giving it the silky and shiny look.

The patented design of this styler ensures that your hair doesn’t get baked like other styling tools that need extreme heat, which is not the case with InStyler Wet 2 Dry. It also works by whisking water out of hair strands and venting it away; hence there is no fear of damage to hair as seen with other wet to dry irons.

It gives you several options from straightening to a full style in a short span of time. You can also wrap your hair around the rotating polishing cylinder and get curls that will last through the day.


How does Instyler Original work?
It is a hair styler with a rotating barrel that promises to do the job effectively and in half the time. At the heart of this styler is a rotating barrel that not only saves you time but gives you the results you want as well. For starters, it can straighten your hair without flattening it. Moreover it is responsible for polishing your hair to give it that stunning shine.

It is available in two barrel sizes, 1 ¼” and ¾”. While the former offers you amazing volume and shine, and can be used to create loose curls, the latter is ideal for short hair, tighter curls and bangs because it styles closer to the root. It can give up to 410 degree F of heat and multiple settings work well for fine, medium and coarse hair. It also has a curved smoothing plate that smoothes hair without causing any damage to it.

To begin with, the first set of bristles sort and separate your hair strands before rotating head polishing cylinder polishes every strand gently while straightening and styling it as well. You can be assured of silky and shiny look when you are done and that’s because of the second set of bristles that do the job for you.

Instyler Original ends up using less heat than your regular styling tools because gentle heat combined with rotating motion is enough to literally style your hair strands individually. Hence there is no fear of damaging your hair due to excessive heat as in the case of regular styling devices. It also whisks water out of your hair rather than boiling it, making it very safe for use.

You can not only straighten your hair but get curls that will last for a day and style your hair the way you want.

Compare Features: Instyler MAX vs InStyler Wet 2 Dry vs Instyler Original

InStyler Wet 2 Dry Features – The original 1 ¼” Barrel size is ideal for straightening and curling, besides creating volume and shine. Smaller ¾” is perfect for short hair when it comes to straightening and curling. It can help you create bangs, tighter curls and stays close to the roots.

Instyler Original Features : The original 1 1/4” Barrel Size is meant for straightening and curling your hair, while giving it volume and shine as well. The smaller ¾” size is suitable for those with short hair and it can not only straighten and curl your hair but give you tighter curls and bangs too.


Compare Benefits: Instyler MAX vs InStyler Wet 2 Dry vs Instyler Original

InStyler Wet 2 Dry Benefits – The heated rotating barrel in the InStyler Wet 2 Dry is meant to help you get brilliant straightening, curling and polishing results. Moreover since it can get up to 210 degree Celsius you are assured of salon quality results. There are multiple heat settings for coarse, fine and medium hair. The curved ceramic floating plate that InStyler Wet 2 Dry has can smoothen hair without crushing or flattening. It also minimizes heat to reduce frizz and damage. The two rows of bristles work individually to enhance results.

Instyler Original Benefits : Instyler Original works efficiently because of the heated rotating barrel that can straighten, curl and polish your hair giving you the results you want. The good thing about this rotating iron is that it reaches up to 210 degree Celsius for top quality results. You can use Instyler Original based on your requirements of fine, coarse and medium hair thanks to its multiple heat settings. It’s also known for its Curved Ceramic Floating Plate, which smoothens your hair without any adverse effect on it. And thanks to this plate the amount of heat used is reduced so that there’s no frizz or damage, making it safe for use.

Compare REVIEWS/COMPLAINTS: Instyler Max vs Instyler Original vs Wet to Dry

Instyler Max PROS/CONS

Not very useful – Gomez who bought Instyler Max complained in her reviews that it doesn’t get hot enough, which makes it practically useless for frizzy thick hair. She was also annoyed by the noise it made every time the barrel turned. That’ why; she thinks it better to just use a flat iron instead.

Complicated to use – Leenaa who used Instyler Max revealed in her review that she found it very difficult to work with it. Firstly she had trouble telling, which way it was rotating and that made it harder for her to switch directions. What’s worse is that sometimes it switches direction on its own, which is annoying. She believes wrapping your hair around the barrel is a nightmare because the brush doesn’t let you see what you are doing. Finally, she was worried about burning herself because in spite of the cool tip and thermal guard it is still quite hot.

Great idea, bad execution – Lori who reviewed Instyler Max exposed in her review that though the idea of having a brush and a spinning hot iron piece seemed like a good idea but it is in fact a disaster. According to her it’s quite difficult to use and doesn’t end up saving you any time. Worst part though, was that it doesn’t make any difference to your hair, which is why she just prefers to use her regular flat iron.

It can burn you – Betty who used Instyler Max complained in her review that though the infomercial makes it seem so easy to use that’s actually not the case. In fact she managed to burn herself in the first try and thinks it’s best to have someone else use it on you. She also thinks that though it does have some soothing effect on the hair, it doesn’t make it silky and shiny as it claims.

Has limitations – Leslie who used Instyler Max revealed in her review that it has few helpful features including the pad that keeps things from burning but it still gets very hot. She was also worried about the steam coming so close to her scalp.

Instyler Original PROS/CONS

Inconsistent heat – Liz who reviewed Instyler Original complained in her review that after the first couple of months use she started noticing problems with it. For starters, it just wouldn’t heat up properly and on other instances it would get so hot that it burned her hair. It left her quite disappointed, which is why she wanted to return it but was told that it wasn’t possible for the price she had bought it.

Not worth its price – Anna who used Instyler Original exposed in her review that though there are a few positives of using it like the fact that it gives good curls, it certainly isn’t worth its price. That’s because for her it was time consuming and the styling she had done did not last for more than two days. She also believes that after using it hair gets greasy and humidity prone after a few days, which is another drawback.

Doesn’t straighten hair well – Sahara who bought Instyler Original complained in her review that it does straighten and curl your hair but it doesn’t do either well. According to her it’s not worth the price at all and would prefer using her regular hair straightener.

Doesn’t work for coarse hair – Autumn who used Instyler Original revealed in her review that though it works well and leaves you hair silky, it is just not meant for coarse and thick hair. That’s because you just can’t get to the roots of thick hair and it’s practically impossible to straighten it. She also found it hard to shape her hair the way she wanted and required a lot of effort to get the job done, which is not what you expect from a styler that’s supposed to save you time.

Instyler Wet to Dry PROS/CONS

Works mostly for dry hair – PunkGurl who reviewed Wet to Dry complained in her review that as the instructions recommend, it is really just meant to be used on dry hair. The problem is that sometimes you just don’t have the time of the day to dry your hair and that’s an issue with this styler. She found that disappointing because it is called Wet to Dry but it doesn’t glide well enough on towel dried hair. If your hair is little damp then you will struggle with curling your hair. However on completely dry hair it works really well for straightening and curling too.

Time consuming – Rachel who used Wet to Dry exposed in her review that she was impressed by the concept of styling your hair when dry but it just doesn’t work out like that. You have to pass it through damp hair several times over to even get anywhere close to styling it. So rather than saving you time it ends up taking a lot of your time, which is annoying. Passing it through your hair over and over means additional heat, which is risky. Overall she thinks it is not worth the price.

Doesn’t live up to its claims – Dianna who reviewed Wet to Dry exposed in her review that it falls way short of the claims it makes. To begin with, it doesn’t work on wet hair and you can’t skip blow drying like it says. Moreover you are told that you need to glide it through your hair once, but since she has thick hair she had to glide it several times over. She also complained that the iron doesn’t grip hair tightly.

Not for all hair types – Lexi who used Wet to Dry complained in her review that it didn’t work for her or her daughter because they have thick, coarse hair. She also found it tricky to complete a hairstyle because the brush feels like it’s pulling the hair out. Otherwise she was happy with the three different heat settings and cord length, which is quite convenient.

8 thoughts on “Instyler MAX vs InStyler Wet 2 Dry vs Instyler Original

  1. I personally owned an instiller Wet 2 Dry and yes, while it works best on dry hair, i think it also works very well with damp hair. It simply depends on the way you pass it through your hair; instead of completely passing it through your hair multiple times, you can dry and style in one pass if you take your time the pic of hair and let it work its magic. I have owned my Instyler Wet 2 Dry for about 5 years and use it almost every time i wash my hair and have always been happy with my results

  2. I have been using the original since it debuted in 2010. I did get two because they offer one for free if you purchase on their site. The buy one get one free has been great for me because after about 3 years the first one has started randomly turning itself off. No problem because I use it as a spare and just hit the button to turn it back on and off it goes again. I am still using these that I purchased in 2010. I have had the same experiences that some of the people complain about. I have burned myself with this, have had my hair tangle in it but did find it easy to use. I also don’t really like how loud it is but I LOVE what it does for my hair. I can’t get the same results with a regular curling iron/flat iron and always go back to my Instyler. I am planning on ordering the new 2-way Instyler to add to my collection and have recently purchased the smaller 3/4 inch to make smaller curls. Love this product.

  3. I have the wet to dry instyler and was extremely skeptical about its claims. What I can tell you is that it works. I can go to sleep with my hair wet, wake up with it a total mess, and this styler will curl and shine my hair perfectly. My hair is shoulder length and I wear it turned under. I have never tried to use it to dry my hair, I let my hair dry naturally, so I cannot give any comments on that aspect. I just know that the styling technique works on my hair and the curl stays in all day, even in humid weather.

  4. I’ve used the original instyler for many years and I’ve never been able to duplicate the results with any other styling tool. My only recommendation is that you use the lowest heat setting that works for you to avoid excess heat damage as any product that can get that hot can damage your hair if you’re not careful. I purchased 2 for 1 and finally need a new one. Based on the reviews I’ve seen the original seems to still be the best. I’ll be purchasing another one very soon.

    • Hi Gail, I am planning on cutting my hair for a wedding in the next couple of days and I do have a very very fine thin hair (I might go for a bob cut or something similar) and I was wondering if you will advice me on buying the Instyler original because it is expensive but since you are familiar with it and used it for a long time I will really appreciate your advice when it comes to buying one and if it will really give my hair some volume.

      • Hi Dina,

        I saw your post and thought I would tell you that I would check on Amazon or eBay for this. You can find them at much lower prices. If you are going with a bob cut you may want to make sure you get the 3/4-inch smaller barrel. These are generally sold in the larger barrel size.

  5. the wet 2 dry and original are the same exact thing. I use the original to dry and straighten same as the wet to dry. Matter of fact I used one on the left side of my head and one on the right and you can not tell the difference. What a rip off marketing scam

    • wish I had thought to read reviews first. I just bought wet 2 dry and can’t see any difference with my old instyler except color. Was hoping I was missing something.

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