Instant Fisherman vs Pocket Fisherman

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Compare Product Info and Features: Instant Fisherman vs Pocket Fisherman

About Instant Fisherman

It is a compact, ready to use fishing system that claims to offer you more opportunities to fish, wherever you might be. It has been designed in a way that reel, line and rod eyes are in a straight line. Thus you can cast further and accurately too. It’s very simple to use and you can follow the instructions to the T to make the most out of Instant Fisherman.


Instant Fisherman features
• It’s the design of the Instant Fisherman that makes it easier for you to fish. It works well for beginners and professionals alike.
• With it you can spend more time fishing than struggling with awkward equipment.
• Its special design means you can store it easily or take it with you wherever you go. It will extend instantly from 30.5 cm to 1.55 m.
• Zinc alloy is used in the making of the reel components that add to the durability.
• It is lightweight with an extra sensitive rod tip. The reel is super smooth and has a 4 to 1 gear ratio that makes it capable of the landing the big fish.

About Pocket Fisherman

It is a spin casting outfit that claims to make it easier for you to fish whenever and wherever you want. Pocket Fisherman asserts that it makes the most out of the technology that has been beneficial for many over the generations. And it ensures that now you can simply unfold it and wait for the bite; it’s that simple for use.


Pocket Fisherman Features
• It works on a technology that has shown proven results for generations. Being so simple for use it makes sense for beginners while its efficiency makes it ideal for professionals as well.
• Pocket Fisherman emphasizes on the fact that it is extremely convenient and you can now forget your Smartphone etc while enjoying fishing wherever you want.
• It is lightweight and compact in size. Thus you can slip it into your pocket when you want to go fishing or store away when not in use. Automatic anti-reverse ensures that the handle doesn’t turn backwards.
• The reel is replaceable with reel cartridge and Pocket Fisherman overall comes with a ten year limited warranty, which speaks a lot about its quality too.


Compare Reviews and Complaints: Instant Fisherman vs Pocket Fisherman

Instant Fisherman Reviews – Pros/Cons

One customer who used Instant Fisherman said that it was good for trips. It is very easy to use and you can get started with it instantly. However you are advised to follow the instructions to the T.

Another customer who reviewed Instant Fisherman revealed the concept is very basic but the quality leaves a lot to be desired. Two poles look like they have been made cheaply and don’t hold up at all.

One customer who used Instant Fisherman said that it broke with the first use. That’s just not what you expect from a product you pay good money for. You are also not provided with any instructions so that you can handle the fixing tasks yourself, even if it’s a small wire that’s broken.

Another customer who reviewed Instant Fisherman warned that you should be careful to check it when you receive your package because it can be used beforehand and you will realize that the gear looks worn out.

Pocket Fisherman Reviews – Pros/Cons

One customer who bought Pocket Fisherman said that it was quite sturdy and even after intense testing it holds up. It also manages to reel back quite smoothly. The problem is that it is not pocket sized as it claims to be; maybe would work with big baggy pockets of cargos.

Another customer who used Pocket Fisherman said that it was well worth the money because it does the job well. It might not be pocket sized but it can fit into the glove compartment of your car, which is good enough.

One customer who reviewed Pocket Fisherman revealed that it might take some time to get used to it. You have to make sure you don’t do it wrong because the line can get tangled, which is a nuisance. Another problem with it is that it doesn’t last that long because it doesn’t look like it’s durable at all.


One thought on “Instant Fisherman vs Pocket Fisherman

  1. I did everything that I was instructed to do. Before using it..Including oiling it. My first cast was good. No bites. My second cast it split in half.. I got the rod out of the water but the the screw on gold piece I lost.. Now it could have been because I open it up to oil like the video instructed.. Or could be the unit it self..

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