Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3 vs Focus T25

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Compare what is it? Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3 vs Focus T25

What is Insanity Max 30?
A 30-minute workout of high-level intensity training programmed to provide great cardio for weight loss and fitness. Designed by fitness guru Shaun T it’s the next level routine to the already famous ‘Insanity’.

What is P90X3?
Renowned fitness coach Tony Horton has designed P90X3 to deliver amazing muscle development and shedding unwanted fat with 30-minutes-a-day routine.

What is Focus T25?
Focus T25 is the brainchild of Shaun T and is only 25-minutes long. The workout is based on Focus Interval Training to burn excess fat and tone up in a short duration.

Compare how does it work? Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3 vs Focus T25

How does Insanity Max 30 work?
Designed to last 30 minutes per day for 60 days, it has specialized workouts for each day that can be easily followed as per the calendar. The easy-to-follow instructional videos by Shaun T are extremely user-friendly.

How does P90X3 work?
A different 30-min exercise is created for each day, lasting up to 90 days, to prevent the body from getting into a plateau zone and burning calories even after the workouts. Various options – Classic, Lean and Mass – are available depending on what the user is looking for.

How does Focus T25 work?
The cardio-based training comes with workouts for 5 days/week to provide maximum cardio burn and each day a different workout is to be performed as per the schedule provided.

Compare Features: Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3 vs Focus T25

Insanity Max 30 Features
It includes a 60-day plan including a nutrition plan. It’s said to be tough since the intensity is cranked up but there is a low-impact modifier too for beginners.

P90X3 Features
P90X3 is developed for burning fat and gaining muscle mass in 90 days with. During this duration a nutrition guide to support the workouts for amazing result. For people just starting workout with the series there is a low-impact modification for each exercise.

Focus T25 Features
Focus T25 is easier on the body but still delivers fat burning cardio moves that can be followed easily with the DVD. Low-impact modifications are also available for people who want to ease-in the workout or just feel like taking a break during it.

Compare Benefits: Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3 vs Focus T25

Insanity Max 30 Benefits – The biggest advantage is the time taken, 30 minutes and the fact that one can perform it anytime in the comfort of home. The workouts are very easy to follow and do not need any equipment.

P90X3 Benefits – Apart from its duration, the biggest advantage of P90X3 is there’s no need to hit the gym. One can build mass and shape their body to look like a body builder right at home.

Focus T25 Benefits – 25 minutes duration is its biggest advantage. It’s very easy to follow and not as tough as Insanity. The workout can be performed without any equipment and with the nutrition guide great results can be achieved.

Compare Method: Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3 vs Focus T25

Insanity Max 30 Method – Insanity Max 30 is very grinding and works on a “Maxing Out” based on body’s ability to push beyond its limits. People can max out in simply a minute or two. Once they’re maxed out the person has to note down the time and get back in the workout. Next time the person has to push for more than the previous time for maximum stamina, endurance and strength.

P90X3 Method – It’s based on research that states that the body responds best to the workout in the first 30 minutes. So the Muscle Acceleration System it works on maximizes the results in the duration with variety of intensity and strength training workouts to get a ripped body in no time.

Focus T25 Method – It is based on Focus Interval Training that performs moves that works the entire body to sweat out and blast the extra pounds.

Compare Exercises: Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3 vs Focus T25

Insanity Max 30 Exercises
The exercises are basically designed to be the most challenging cardio moves. There are 150 new moves designed to lean out and tone the muscles. As the month progresses the difficulty of program increases without change in time.

P90X3 Exercises
There are variation of workouts and ranges from total-body resistance, Pilates, Plyometric, agility, mobility, mixes martial arts and includes yoga too. This way the muscle acceleration is kept going to get extreme results in short time.

Focus T25 Exercises
The exercises comprise of different cardio moves. The exercises work the total body, speed and agility along with strength training.

Compare Results: Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3 vs Focus T25

Insanity Max 30 Results
It provides an amazing body with a substantial reduction in body fat and has given visible toning to the users.

P90X3 Results
Depending on the Classic, Lean and Mass calendar individuals have noticed great results that have given more muscle mass with ripped looking body and better fitness level.

Focus T25 Results
Focus T25 is extremely effective at burning fat and shedding extra pounds and inches. There have been positive results to prove its effectiveness.

Compare Equipment Required: Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3 vs Focus T25

Insanity Max 30 – There is no equipment required for it.

P90X3 – Adjustable dumbbells, chin-up bar, resistance bands and yoga mat.

Focus T25 – Nothing except a resistance band after the first 30 days.

Compare Duration: Insanity Max 30 vs P90X3 vs Focus T25

Insanity Max 30 – 30 minutes.

P90X3 – 30 minutes.

Focus T25 – 25 minutes.

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