I.M. Rings vs TRX

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About I.M. Rings

If you want to build your strength and get shredded physique like you’ve never had then I.M. Rings claims to offer you the cutting edge advantage. Body weight training is brought to the forefront here as your body weight is used to help you gain strength and build rock hard muscles. Your body is made to stabilize during the workout by adding instability and motion to it. Thus I.M. Rings work on different body muscles at the same time rather than a single muscle. That’s what is supposed to make it more efficient and effective than your regular dumbbells and workout equipment.

While I.M. Rings promise to help you with your overall strength, you also get benefits when it comes to agility, coordination, flexibility and core strength. It’s also meant to be quite convenient for your regular use and if you have a door, you can easily set it up and get cracking. The patented door mount used in the I.M. Rings also means it doesn’t cause any damage to your doors. You also have the option of taking the rings outdoors. What’s more, 14 minutes a day is all it takes with I.M. Rings to get the results you want.


About TRX Suspension Kit

Athletes, military personnel or anyone who is into big time fitness workouts can push their bodies further and turn things up a notch with the help of TRX Suspension Kit, according to its claims. It’s designed by a Navy Seal with exactly that intention in mind and is said to be capable of giving you a complete body workout no matter where you are. Sturdy nylon straps have been used in the creation of the Suspension Trainer for their stability. The modular anchoring interface used here can attach itself easily to any elevated fixture and is responsible for creating resistance for you with the help of your body weight and gravity.

Thus you constantly stay in charge of things and can carry out hundreds of exercises that will boost your overall strength, balance, mobility and flexibility. TRX Suspension Kit is also said to be very portable, since it’s quite lightweight. Thus you can take it with you wherever you go and never miss a workout, whether you are at home or in a hotel room. It is also meant to be versatile enough to help different types of users with their individual fitness goals. And that’s because it helps you use your own body weight and stay in control of things.

Integrated foot cradle with each suspension strap is another highlight of the TRX Suspension Kit and can help you get ground based training. But at the same time there’s a club grade grip, which can be used to do pull-ups and other upper body exercises. It can also be stored in a lightweight, mesh bag, which has a drawstring closure. Thus it can be stored conveniently when not in use too.

Compare Reviews, Complaints, Pros/Cons

I.M. Rings Pros

Good workout

The focussed strength workout you are offered is quite dynamic and brings results. Within five minutes of workout you start sweating because it gives you good cardio routine too.

Easy to use

You can get started within no time and there’s absolutely no need for any adjustments. The workout never gets uncomfortable, which is why it makes sense for beginners as well. But if you have been into some kind of fitness routine before then it will help you enhance the results you are getting.

Never gets boring
That’s a worry you tend to have with various use at home workout equipments. But that’s not the case here because things are kept challenging and lively at all times. The DVDs are user friendly, and Steve Maresca does a fantastic job of keeping you motivated.

Quite versatile

You can work out with it just about anywhere you want. Where there’s a door there’s a way to use I.M. Rings and get its benefits. You can also use these rings outdoors and make sure you add another dimension to your workout. It easily fits in a backpack and using the basic principles will help you lose weight, burn calories and build muscle.

Good value for money

It’s quite reasonably priced, especially when compared to some of the other workout equipment you get in the market. And it’s great value for the price.


I.M. Rings Cons

Needs adequate space

You can use it with the door but you will need a decent amount of space around you to get the exercises done.

TRX Suspension Kit Reviews


TRX Suspension Kit Pros

Works according to claims

It’s quite refreshing because you often hear of use at home workout equipment that makes tall claims but doesn’t live up to them. However that doesn’t happen here and you can get that intense workout that you are promised. The results start showing and you will be able to push the bar with your overall fitness.

Works for everyone

The kit is quite sturdy and even if you are on the heavier side you will have no problems working out with it. Your fitness level will also not come in the way because you can perform exercises that you are comfortable with. Meanwhile fitness enthusiasts can push the envelope further and get excellent results.

Useful DVDs make things easier
You will be able to work well with the DVDs that simplify the exercises for you. That’s just what you want when you are embarking on a high intensity fitness regime and you are not left disappointed. And since there are several options in front of you, things never get boring.

It’s portable and convenient

You can take the kit with you when you are out and about as well. It fits into backpacks easily and is quite simple to set up as well. It doesn’t take up too much storage space in your home or office either.


TRX Suspension Kit Cons

A bit expensive

And that is a bit relative because you will find cheaper equipment in the market. But if you get used to working out with it, then you will get your money’s worth.


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