I Love My Pillow vs My Pillow Review

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Compare What is it? I Love My Pillow vs My Pillow

What is “I Love My Pillow”? – It’s a dual side pillow that has traditional shape on one side to go with the bedroom set and Contour shape on the other to give the sleeper the right support to neck and shoulders.


What is “My Pillow”? – These are bed pillows that come in different color-coded fill-levels that work as per the size, sleeping pattern and health conditions of the sleeper.

Compare How does it work? I Love My Pillow vs My Pillow

How does “I Love My Pillow” work? – It has an ergonomically supportive design that conforms to the shape of your head and neck quickly. It has an injection molded design to keep it consistent.


How does My Pillow work? – My Pillow supports the C-1 and C-2 vertebrae while letting the nerves rest and rejuvenate since the pillow stays cool so that you wake up refreshed.

Compare Features: I Love My Pillow vs My Pillow

I Love My Pillow Features – It looks like a traditional pillow to go with your bedroom set during the day. At night you can turn it around for the Contour stress-relief shape that relieves pressure from the neck and shoulder. Its advanced memory foam formula conforms faster and remains cool. It’s molded instead of being cutfor consistency and durability. The pillow is brushed-velour zippered fleece cover.


My Pillow Features – The 18.5”X28” pillow has four supportive color-coded fill-level options – yellow, white, blue and green that are custom-fit according to the sleeper’s size based on the T-shirt size. It comes in Standard/Queen and King sizes. It has a 2-inch built-in fabric gusset.

Compare Benefits: I Love My Pillow vs My Pillow

I Love My Pillow Benefits – It is specially engineered to maximize comfort and contouring support making it perfect for back, side or tummy sleepers. The teddy soft fleece cover is hypo-allergenic and stain-resistant and ensures cozy sleep.


My Pillow Benefits – My Pillow is dust-mite resistant, non-allergenic, and antimicrobial. Since it provides support and stays cool to soothe the nerves in the neck, which support all the nerves in the arms, torso, and legs, you will no longer suffer from inadequate sleep that results in problems like fatigue, migraines, snoring, etc.

Compare Material: I Love My Pillow vs My Pillow

I Love My Pillow – Memory foam material

My Pillow – Cotton

Compare Versatility: I Love My Pillow vs My Pillow

I Love My Pillow – The pillow can be used as a traditional pillow and its dual side feature makes it usable as a contouring pillow at night. The travel pillow comes in a more compact size to ensure ease of carrying it.

My Pillow – It is custom-fit with color-coded fill-level according to the size, sleeping pattern and condition of the sleeper.

Compare Durability: I Love My Pillow vs My Pillow

I Love My Pillow – It is molded and not cut to give it consistency and durability.

My Pillow – No information

Compare Maintenance

I Love My Pillow – It is stain-resistant so it does not dirty easily and is machine washable so maintenance is easy too.

My Pillow – Being machine washable, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Compare Softness: I Love My Pillow vs My Pillow

I Love My Pillow – It has brush-velour zippered fleece cover that makes it super soft.

My Pillow – The cover is soft and stays cool to ensure sound and comfortable sleep.

Compare Firmness: I Love My Pillow vs My Pillow

I Love My Pillow – It has the perfect firmness since it contours according to the sleeper whether he sleeps on his back, side or stomach.

My Pillow – It has the right firmness, and is neither too soft nor too firm.

Compare What do I get and Price

I Love My Pillow – $66.99

My Pillow – $59.95 with free shipping