Hydro Mousse vs Grass Shot vs Hydro Grass

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Compare What is it? Hydro Mousse vs Grass Shot vs Hydro Grass

What is Hydro Mousse? – It is a liquid lawn seeder that claims to be the first ever home hydro seeding system in the world. It’s a liquid solution that guarantees professional results without the need for expert helps that can cost a bomb. For more details and reviews on Hydro Mousse see this page.

What is Grass Shot? – It is a liquid formula that helps you grow grass wherever you need simply by spraying it directly on affected areas like pet spots, shady areas around trees, etc. Read Grass Shot reviews here.

What is Hydro Grass? – It is an all-in-one grass seed, mulch and fertilizer mixture which makes your garden or lawn lush with greenery. It constitutes features like special eco-friendly ‘’Spray N’ Grow’’ technology and more that locks seeds in place and promises splendid results.

Compare How does it work? Hydro Mousse vs Grass Shot vs Hydro Grass

How does Hydro Mousse work? – To use Hydro Mousse, you have to first attach the can to the garden hose, then turn on the dial and spray it on the ground. It will cover the affected area instantly and ensure that seeds remain attached to the soil.

How does Grass Shot work? – It has to be first attached to the hose, after which when it’s turned on, its specially designed jet nozzle mixes the seed, fertilizer and the Grass Shot hydro-mulch o create grass foam which spreads fast and results in luxuriant growth.

How does Hydro Grass work? – Using this mixture is quick and convenient as all you have to do is spray it on the ground, which makes the solution instantly stick to the surface for lush growth in the lawn.

Compare What to Expect? Hydro Mousse vs Grass Shot vs Hydro Grass

What to Expect from Hydro Mousse – It guarantees rich and luxurious growth of grass and fantastic results without hiring expensive experts services nor trouble over using it as it spreads smoothly over surfaces by itself. It also guarantees ease of maintenance of grass and effortless mowing when the grass is around 3 inches tall.

What to Expect from Grass Shot – You can expect sterile patches, pet spots, high traffic areas and shady place under trees in your lawn to be covered with rich greenery. It promises a hassle-free and time-saving experience should you choose it over others.

What to Expect from Hydro Grass – You can expect all the convenience and instant results you need to grow grass with Hydro grass. It guarantees trouble-free long-lasting results as it stays intact and yields great results.

Compare Reviews Hydro Mousse vs Grass Shot vs Hydro Grass

Hydro Mousse Reviews – A customer has sent in his review that speaks of the annoying experience he had with Hydro Mousse. He says that nothing about it seems to work- not spraying it the way it’s shown in commercials, watering regularly or using its seeds in the old-fashioned style. He wonders how easily such companies fleece the customers and still thrive.

Another user has posted how much he regrets not reading reviews and buying Hydro Mousse. He complains that he got no mousse effect but only some green-colored water with seeds in it. He also noticed that the colored water disappeared quickly. The tool was not any good at releasing the spray either as he had to keep turning it over.

One more customer complains how his unit malfunctioned and posed several difficulties. He lost out on most of the seeds, and when he wanted a refund, it simply didn’t happen.

Grass Shot Reviews – A user who took Grass Shot home recounts how disappointed he felt. It didn’t work as expected because the seeds clogged the sprayer head and had to be turned upside down when he used it. Even that and everything he tried simply didn’t help. He’s aghast with the fraud and says he won’t recommend it to anyone.

Another customer has angrily pointed out how misleading the Grass Shot advertisement is and how even following all the instructions doesn’t work. His says his unit didn’t work, no green foam came out of it and absolutely nothing happened.

Hydro Grass Reviews – A customer who got Hydro Grass for his new driveway used it as directed, but he didn’t notice the results he desired. He said he didn’t find any green cover after spraying it so he sprayed it again at the same spot but he just ran short of the solution. He wants to give it another shot, and if it doesn’t work again, his rating will drop to one star.


Compare What do I get? Hydro Mousse vs Grass Shot vs Hydro Grass

Grass Shot
Hydro Grass Starter Kit

  • 1 Seeding Container
  • 1 Sprayer Head
  • 1 X 500g 3-in-1 Seed, Fertilizer and Mulch Mixture
  • 1 X 59 ml Hydro Grass Liquid Foaming Formula

Hydro Grass Double Offer

  • 1 Seeding Container
  • 1 Sprayer Head
  • 2 X 500g 3-in-1 Seed, Fertilizer and Mulch Mixture
  • 2 X 59 ml Hydro Grass Liquid Foaming Formula

Compare Price: Hydro Mousse vs Grass Shot vs Hydro Grass
Compare How much area it covers

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