Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

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Compare what does it clean? Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

Hoover Quest 600 , Bissell DigiPro , and Roomba 650 , all three are robot vacuums that have the ability to capture dirt, dust, pet hair, and debris from the floor to provide an easy and convenient way to clean day to day messes. They have the ability to move around the house on their own and perform cleaning on their own. All of these vacuums have smart sensors that can detect concentrated areas of dirt on the floor and provides additional cleaning on such spots. With multiple cleaning cycle patterns, each of these vacuums promises to offer thorough cleaning on various surfaces.

Roomba 650 has an auto-adjusting cleaning head that automatically adapts the brush as per the type of flooring. Also, it regulates its suction power according to the type of surface and uses a patented 3-Stage Cleaning System to provide cleaner results.

Compare Surfaces it can clean: Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

All three of these robot vacuums, Hoover Quest 600 , Bissell DigiPro , and Roomba 650 , can clean a variety of surfaces including hard floors, small area rugs, low pile carpet, hardwood, tile, linoleum, etc.

Compare Suction: Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

No information is available for either of the vacuums.

Compare Cleaning Brushes: Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

Hoover Quest 600 and Bissell DigiPro , both have two-sided edge cleaning brushes and one main brush roll for picking up dust, dirt, and debris.

Roomba 650 has a 3-Stage Cleaning System that utilizes Dual Multi-Surface brushes and a unique Edge-Sweeping Brush. The two main cleaning brushes work in conjunction to first loosen the dirt and then pick it up swiftly. The Edge-Sweeping Brush is designed at an optimum 27-degree angle so that it can easily pick up dust and debris from edges and corners with ease.

Compare Navigation: Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

Hoover Quest 600
This vacuum comes with a QuestNav 1.0 Technology that utilizes 3 distinct patterns to move it around the floor, go under the furniture, along with the walls, and also clean hard to reach corners. The smart vacuum switches between the 3 cleaning modes – Random, Along the Wall, and Spot clean while it performs the cleaning on its own.

Bissell DigiPro
It offers various patterns that can be selected easily from the touch panel. The 1st press activates Spiral that moves it in circles until it encounters an obstacle, after which it will switch to the Auto mode. The 2nd Press option is Along the Wall that moves it along the walls and edges for a thorough cleaning. 3rd Press brings up the Z Formation where the robot will move up and down the room in a zig-zag pattern. The 4th Press is for moving the robot in a Diagonal Path as it adjusts its course as per the obstacles encountered. The 5th Press is Auto that allows the Bissell DigiPro to automatically adjust and cycle between the first 4 patterns on its own as per the floor and the obstacles.

Roomba 650
This robot uses the patented iAdapt Responsive technology that uses several sensors to clean efficiently while keeping the vacuum safe. The smart sensor offers Roomba 650 the power to make more than 60 decisions per second. The sensors initiate with mapping the entire house and understand the area that it has to clean. Then it starts to methodically clean the areas instead of going into automatic patterns that may leave some dirty areas behind. Users can also define boundaries for the vacuum so that it moves only inside the defined territory for cleaning.

Does it work on carpet?

Hoover Quest 600 and Bissell DigiPro work on low pile carpets.

Roomba 650 is designed to work on all type of carpets.

Does it have cliff sensor?

Yes, Hoover Quest 600 , Bissell DigiPro , and Roomba 650 , all have a cliff detector sensor that can sense stairs and drop-offs to avoid falling off from the edge.

Does it have a soft bumper?

Hoover Quest 600 and Bissell DigiPro don’t come with a soft bumper. Roomba 650 does have a soft bumper but it is to be purchased additionally.

Compare Runtime: Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

Hoover Quest 600
It can keep on cleaning for 90 minutes before needing a recharge.

Bissell DigiPro
It runs for 80 minutes on a single charge.

Roomba 650
On an average, it runs for about 60 minutes duration before required a recharge.

Compare time taken to recharge
Hoover Quest 600
It takes about 3 to 4 hours for a full recharge.

Bissell DigiPro
It charges for reuse in 4 to 5 hours duration.

Roomba 650
It takes about 3 hours to charge completely.


Compare Battery: Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

Hoover Quest 600
It features a Nickel-Metal Hydride 12 Volts battery.

Bissell DigiPro
It has a Li-Ion Battery.

Roomba 650
It comes with a Li-ion battery with a maximum capacity of 3300 mAh.

Compare Cleaning Path: Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

Hoover Quest 600
It has a 6-inch cleaning path.

Bissell DigiPro
No information is available.

Roomba 650
This vacuum can spot clean in an area of 3 feet diameter. It starts the cleaning job by spiraling outwards in a diameter and then starts to spiral inwards to complete the job.

Compare Dirt Cup Capacity: Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

Both Hoover Quest 600 and Bissell DigiPro have 0.4 Liters capacity and Roomba 650 offers almost the same space with a 0.48 Liter dirt cup capacity.

Compare Filtration: Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

Hoover Quest 600
The vacuum features a primary filter that can last for up to 12 months duration. This filter is easily replaceable and should be changed within the prescribed duration for optimal cleaning performance.

Bissell DigiPro
Its filter requires periodic cleaning and is replaceable too.

Roomba 650
The AeroVac technology in Roomba 650 promises to be a best in the class filtration system. It has the ability to filter out debris, dirt, pet hair, dust, lint, carpet fuzz, and even allergens. It does require cleaning once per week if it is used on a regular basis and twice if the home has pets. The filter will need to be replaced after 2 months of regular use.

Bagged or Bagless?

All three vacuums, Hoover Quest 600 , Bissell DigiPro , and Roomba 650 are bagless.

Compare Accessories: Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

Hoover Quest 600
The robot vacuum comes with the main cleaner, remote control, an AC adapter cord and its plug, docking station, and invisible wall and its batteries for select models.

Bissell DigiPro
It comes with the main Robotic Vacuum, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, a dustbin, edge cleaning brushes, programmable docking station, power adapter, and a filter.

Roomba 650
Accessories included with the Roomba 650 unit are AeroVac bin, home base, battery charger, an extra AeroVac filter, and an Auto Virtual Wall.

Compare Price: Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

Hoover Quest 600

Bissell DigiPro

Roomba 650

Compare Warranty: Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

Hoover Quest 600
The company offers a year’s warranty for any original defects in the material and workmanship in the main unit and battery for a full year. Hoover provides labor and parts at no extra cost to correct such defects in this entire year. The motor warranty is also offered for a year. Users should understand that Hoover covers their units only if they are used and maintained in normal household use and in accordance with its Owner’s Guide. Note that the warranty doesn’t cover belts, filters, and brush rolls. Also, Hoover can deny the warranty if the robot is used for commercial cleaning purposes such as maid, janitorial, and equipment rental services. It further denies warranty if the robot is not maintained well, damaged due to misuse, acts of God, nature, vandalism, or things that are beyond the control of Hoover. It also will not provide warranty on vacuums on owner’s acts or omissions, such as use outside the USA or resold units by the original owner. The warranty doesn’t cover pick up, delivery, transportation, or house calls. The product is to be mailed to Hoover Sales and Service Center and they will pay the one-way shipping cost. Users should contact them at (888)679-2121 for further queries and learn how to properly ship it.

Bissell DigiPro offers a one-year limited warranty that provides the user with specific legal rights that vary from state to state in the USA. Users can contact the Bissell consumer care by email, telephone, or regular mail for additional information and questions regarding the warranty cover. Under the warranty, the company will repair or replace the robot free of charge for one year. The warranty though covers the vacuums that are used for personal use only and not for commercial or rental services. It also doesn’t cover fans or routine maintenance components such as filters, bags, belts, and brushes. Vacuums that are damaged due to the negligence of user, abuse, neglect, or unauthorized repair that is not in accordance with the User’s Guide is also not covered under the warranty.

Roomba 650
It offers a one-year limited warranty and offers free of charge repair or replacement if it fails to meet the warranty standard as per the company’s reasonable satisfaction. The warranty is valid only the in the country it is purchased and is listed in their database. Users can contact the company for further queries and visit the service center for repair and replacement.

Compare Pros and Cons: Hoover Quest 600 vs Bissell DigiPro vs Roomba

Hoover Quest 600 REVIEW

Hoover Quest 600 Pros
This vacuum comes with a compatible Hoover App that helps in customizing the cleaning experience and maintains the vacuum for performing optimally. Its QuestNav 1.0 Technology that uses three distinct cleaning patterns to move around the floor and furniture is pretty decent and does the job well even in hard to reach corners. The Tri-Clean system is a boon since it can adjust itself to clean hard floor surfaces, small area rugs, and low pile carpet. Hoover Quest 600 ’s Cliff Sensor is good at detecting stairs and avoids falling from the edges. The battery life is also pretty decent and runs for 90 minutes cleaning cycle before requiring a recharge. The recharging is automatic as the robot returns to the docking station automatically.

Hoover Quest 600 Cons
Many users have noted that Hoover Quest 600 doesn’t work really well on tiles, hardwood floor surfaces, and even carpets. The brushes are not made of a good quality and they easily bend if Hoover Quest 600 is used frequently. It has also been noted that the vacuum gets stuck on small things many times and requires a manual release to move ahead. The cleaning also isn’t satisfactory and might require an additional cleaning cycle after its use to get a thoroughly cleaned surface. The robot also makes a lot of noise while vacuuming.

Bissell DigiPro REVIEW

Bissell DigiPro Pros
This robotic vacuum cleans hard floors swiftly and efficiently. Its Triple Action cleaning system is good at picking up pet hair, dirt, and other debris easily in one pass. The Opticlean sensors help in checking for areas that have concentrated dirt and dust to switch to a spot cleaning mode. Its Li-Ion battery works very well for up to 80 minutes of runtime. It comes with a programmable docking station for scheduling clean cycles even when the user is not at home. The vacuum comes with a 1-year warranty.

Bissell DigiPro Cons
The cleaning path of Bissell DigiPro is pretty small and also its navigation abilities are not impressive. It simply starts to bump into things while navigating that extends the cleaning cycle. The safety features in the vacuum are very basic and not as advanced as the other robotic vacuums.

Roomba 650 REVIEW

Roomba 650 Pros
Roomba 650 is fitted with iAdapt Navigation that uses a suite of sensors that help in navigating and adapting as per the changes made in the home. Its low-profile design ensures that it reaches and cleans the trickiest spots inside the house. It has smart Dirt sensors that help in the intensive cleaning of areas that has more dirt. The Virtual Wall Barrier technology helps the user in marking territories for Roomba 650 so that it cleans only in the area defined for it. This vacuum is designed to provide versatile cleaning since it is efficient at picking dirt, dust, debris, and pet hair from bare floors, carpets, wooden floors, tile floors and more. Its Cliff-Detection Sensors ensure that it doesn’t fall from the stairs and the Soft-Touch Bumpers with Cushion ensures the safety of the walls. Roomba 650 comes with a very easy-to-use interface that operates with simple push buttons. Users can schedule up to 7x cleaning cycle per week or use a CLEAN button to activate it. It has the ability to automatically dock when not in use and recharge at its docking station.

Roomba 650 Cons
The vacuum does come with a lot of features and does the cleaning job decently. The problem though is Roomba 650 gets stuck more often. It is suspected it is not its design but actually its navigation system that still needs a little upgrading. Another shortcoming that is noted with Roomba 650 is that it is pretty noisy when it is working and can be distracting to users present in the room.

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