Hemorr Ice vs Anuice

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Hemorr Ice

Haemorrhoids can be extremely painful and debilitating, we know that. But now you also have a way of preventing them or curing them if you already got them. Hemorr Ice claims to offer you that relief through Cyrotherapy. It quite simply means use of controlled cold to ensure that inflamed haemorrhoids are treated from the comforts of your home. Hemorr Ice has been recommended by Author Robert Holt, who wrote Haemerrhoids, A Cure and Preventive. In fact it is said to be so effective that it can be an alternative to invasive surgeries.

Another advantage of Hemorr Ice is that it’s very easy to use and practically anyone can apply it. There is a special cooling liquid sealed inside the Hemorr Ice inserter and a daily treatment of couple of minutes can do the trick for you. It’s considered to be safe for use because it can’t harm tissue and since there’s nothing to replace, it can be used over and over again. It works by shrinking blood vessels and reduces bleeding. Moreover it helps the healing of inflamed tissues because the cold is controlled. Since there is no medication involved in Hemorr Ice you won’t have to worry about any side effects either.



Anuice claims to be the first product in the world that can eliminate haemorrhoids without the pain or the side effects of surgeries. Extreme low temperatures are used in this case to get the therapeutic action started and that too in a controlled manner. This technique of Cryotherapy, especially with nitrogen and several other substances has been in use for many years now to treat several conditions.

Anuice brings the benefits of these techniques to the comforts of your homes with the help of the cryogenic applicator. The results are instant and don’t have any side effects. The applicator is made of neutral clinical plastic that is not only a great transmitter of temperature but has many clinical benefits for you. To begin with it eliminates static, which means allergens and contaminating agents don’t attach itself to it. Moreover it also works as a catalyst for low temperatures and that’s the reason why it works better on affected tissues.

The anatomical design of the Anuice applicator is important because it can be adjusted to various parts of the affected area and as a result it can be used in treatment of external and internal haemorrhoids. Extreme low temperatures and the analgesic effects of it ensure that you get relief from pain right from the first application. And it can also eliminate all symptoms like swelling, burning, itching, pain and bleeding.

Anuice can be used two to three times in a day for four weeks and it claims to not only eliminate haemorrhoids but keep them away for good as well. The fact that it doesn’t contain any chemicals and active ingredients, means it is safe for use, as there are no particles to be absorbed. And that’s also why it works well for older patients, pregnant and breastfeeding women, diabetics and those who are allergic to various substances.


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Hemorr Ice Reviews


Offers some help
It helps cool down the affected area a bit and that can be some respite. It can lead to a soothing feeling and can relieve some amount of pain.

Easy to use
You are asked to freeze the packs before using and that’s quite simple to do. In fact there’s nothing complicated in the process and you can apply them without any difficulty. It’s a convenient and simple solution.



Wrong size
If the haemorrhoid problem you suffer is internal then this product might not be of great use to use. That’s because you will need to insert it completely and that can be a problem. Only if there were a slim down version of Hemorr Ice it could work well.

Doesn’t work
You expect it to give you relief from pain you are in as it claims but that doesn’t happen. Worse still haemorrhoids can hurt more in some instances, which is hugely disappointing.

It’s overpriced and waste of your money
Firstly, you can tell that the product has been cheaply made. And you are charged a lot of money for it. That wouldn’t be such a problem if it actually worked; however it doesn’t and you end up wasting your money.

It’s a sham
The nature of the product is such that you cannot return it. Somehow that just seems to be so convenient for the company because you’d so want to return it for being useless. To make matters worse, shipping costs are high.


Anuice reviews


It’s too thick
If you have internal haemorrhoids issue then this might not work for you because the tube is too thick to be inserted in.

The lube is crappy
If you want to use this product it might be a better idea for you to buy the lube separately. The lube that comes with it is just not up to the mark and completely disappointing.

Doesn’t make the problem disappear
And that’s a problem, especially for those who are struggling with internal haemorrhoids. It can offer you temporary relief but the issue is not resolved at all; in fact it will pop out sooner or later. It won’t help reduce the size of haemorrhoids either.

Doesn’t last well
While there might be some relief from it, after a few uses you realize that it is not cooling as well as it should be. You are spending a fair bit of money on it and it’s supposed to last you for up to a year, you think. But that doesn’t happen and you notice the problems with cooling in a few weeks.



It offers relief from pain
If you have been going through excruciating pain because of your haemorrhoids then you will be offered some amount of relief here. And the respite is instant without having to go through any drastic measures to get the results. There are no chemicals, which mean no side effects.


3 thoughts on “Hemorr Ice vs Anuice

  1. They have a nasty, aggressive selling policy, they push their products onto people without their consent.
    I went to a pharmacy in Colombia, South America and clearly asked for a cream for hemorrhoids, amongst other things.

    While I was not looking – I picked up a bottle of water from the fridge – they just SHOVED this product into my bag and I paid a horrible, unreasonable amount of money in total. I did not have the time to open the SEALED bag and look, later I saw on the receipt that for some reasons the meds for hemorrhoids cost me COP 88000…. When I opened the bag at home, I saw what it was, to my horror it wasn’t a cream I asked for, it was a butt plug that was supposed to be kept in the freezer.

    I ASKED FOR SOME CREAM, because that is what I use. When I was not looking, they SNUCK that horribly expensive butt plug into my bag, and made me pay for it without introducing the product and asking for my consent to purchasing it.


    They are totally shady, pushy, mysterious and this.. plug is a brand new kind of thing and right now they are testing it on people.

    I paid a horrible amount of money for a freezer butt plug I would have NEVER PURCHASED, if asked!

    I WAS RIPPED OFF and I’m trying to warn people about this company, they are secretive, shady, aggressive and expensive. You cannot even confront them because their “hotline” is nonexistent!

    Be aware of the fact that they will rip off costumers if they see an opportunity and they will grub your money and run with it by the time you’d realize what you’ve been sold. BE CAREFUL!!!!!

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