HD Clear Vision vs Clear TV Antenna

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Compare How it Works and Feature: HD Clear Vision vs Clear TV Antenna

HD Clear Vision

HD Clear Vision promises to bring you a superlative entertainment experience for free as its antenna directs free HD signals from all major networks as well as foreign stations. It is a sophisticated antenna that receives high definition signals from all directions and transmits impeccable, clear and sharp pictures to your telly. You can enjoy watching virtually all your favorite channels not just at home but even outside for free if you opt for HD Clear Vision.

The HD Clear Vision antenna is a sleek, hi-tech antenna that boasts of ultra-thin design and style. The antenna, you are assured, can be installed in seconds as it’s a really easy procedure. You need to first attach the HD Antenna to any window, wall, door or flat surface, plug the antenna into your TV’s AUX/IN and start surfing the channels. Since it is multi-directional, it attracts signals from all directions so you have access to 1080P channels. It delivers the sharpest and uncompressed images which cable and satellite don’t and can also be taken out and set up easily.

You can finally bid good-bye to the monthly, bills, contracts and unpredictable price hikes you couldn’t escape thanks to HD Clear Vision antenna.


Clear TV Antenna

Clear TV claims it’s here to change the way you experience entertainment by taking it to another level through its incredible digital HD antenna as it transmits HD signal for free from any transmitting tower. You can now enjoy hundreds of crystal sharp digital and HD shows that no satellite or cable channels can provide.

The best part of the deal is that it brings you all your favorite channels absolutely free. You have no obligation of paying monthly fees, honor any contract or bear unexpected price hikes. Clear TV has also been approved by the U.S. Federal laws, which means we are talking about something really significant. With Clear TV antenna in your home, you can really look forward to enjoying your favorite shows, news, sports, movies and virtually everything you like on TV. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to watch all that with flawlessly clear pictures and more. Setting up Clear TV antenna is also easy and quick, and so is placing it anywhere as it can be comfortably hung on walls, kept on any flat surface or even standing a home or while traveling. All you have to do is plug it in and instantly begin enjoying your favorite broadcast shows at minimal costs!.


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