Hairmax Laser Comb vs Bosley Laser Comb vs Power Grow Comb

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How does HairMax LaserComb work?

Clinical studies have shown that 93% of HairMax LaserComb users experienced hair growth. It’s a FDA class II cleared medical device that’s one of a kind because it can be used at home and promotes hair growth in both men and women while treating hair loss. It can also boost your overall scalp health while there are no serious side effects involved.

Two decades of research and development has gone into the making of HairMax LaserComb. It quite simply is a low level laser therapy device that is not only easy to use but is quite safe and effective as well. It works because it stimulates hair follicles. When there is shortage of blood circulation to them or they are affected by a hormone called DHT, they diminish and are eventually gone.

The laser phototherapy used with HairMax LaserComb stimulates them by nourishing them in gentle laser light. They are infused with energy to boost the growth factors and healthy hair cycle is restored.

You also need to remember that it increases the blood flow to the scalp and can get rid of harmful by products like DHT.


HairMax LaserComb Advanced 7

It’s quite reasonably priced but that doesn’t mean the style and function of the hair is compromised to any extent. It works because of the laser phototherapy that stimulates hair follicles and gives them required energy to grow so that you have fuller, thicker and richer hair.


HairMax LaserComb Lux 9

One of the latest additions to the Hairmax line, Lux 9 means you can use it comfortably at home. Your hair gets energy from 9 individual laser beams and is powered by lithium ion rechargeable battery. There’s also a LCD screen that shows the battery life and the treatment time that has elapsed. It boosts your overall hair density and gives you results you want.


Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12
12 individual laser beams are used in this most powerful unit in the Hairmax range. It bathes hair follicles in laser light that stimulates follicles. The most technologically advanced device in the range, it also has the advantage of LCD screen that not only tells you more about the battery life but elapsed treatment time as well. It shows clinically proven results too.


Bosley Hair Laser Comb

It’s a clinically proven FDA cleared use at home medical laser therapy device that can help men and women see hair growth they are looking for. It works by stimulating your scalp and thus boosting your hair growth.

Photo-biostimulation is at the heart of the Bosley Hair Laser Comb and it infuses your hair follicles with laser energy. It not only enhances the blood circulation to your scalp but it also fills your hair follicles with energy. Thus they are revitalized and it works in general strengthening of your hair. And thanks to the improved hair circulation, important nutrients are brought to the follicles more efficiently as they are essential for their growth.



Power Grow Comb claims to be responsible for reduction in hair loss and improved hair growth. It has a special vibration mode, which can massage your scalp, thus improving blood circulation to it. And that’s the reason hair grows a lot faster and better.

It also offers you a laser treatment for hair loss and it’s known to have its benefits. While the red light is capable of stimulating the deepest part of your scalp, the blue light will help regenerate the surface of hair. The precision laser meanwhile can nourish the root of the hair and ensure that it grows thicker. Thus overall the Power Grow Comb works in different effective ways that are also safe and inexpensive as compared to other invasive procedures you can find.

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HairMax LaserComb Advanced 7 Complaints

It’s not effective

There are big claims that this comb makes but you cannot buy into them because they are not followed by results. In fact it can be quite ineffective when it comes to combating hair loss. And there is absolutely no sign of hair growth even after using it consistently for a long period of time. That’s what makes it so disappointing and it’s better to stick to more tried and tested methods.

Doesn’t work

The comb has difficulties starting up and you wonder if that’s because of the batteries. But it’s not that, the comb could just be faulty. The laser light doesn’t come on and it doesn’t work at all. You simply end up wasting your batteries.

Customer service is disastrous
It doesn’t show any improvement when it comes to hair growth. You would want to raise a complaint about it or return it but that’s not easy at all and you don’t get any help from the customer service department.


Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12 reviews

Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12 Cons

No improvement

You follow the instructions to the T and use it regularly as you are told for months on end. However there is no improvement in your hair condition; it just doesn’t grow.

You lose more hair

While there is no hair growth, it has been noticed that those who have started using this comb can experience further hair loss. That’s just not on because you buy it with a lot of expectations and the last thing you want is for it to be counterproductive.

Badly made

You have to check the comb carefully when it arrives because you can get a defective piece or it could seem recycled. The charger has to be checked carefully as well to make sure you are not being short changed.

Tricky marketing
You are told that the comb will give you results in about five to six months, yet the returns policy on the comb is shorter. So if you persist with the comb hoping for results then you might just end up passing the deadline for returns. It’s better to try it out for some time and if you don’t see any results, return it before it’s too late.


3 thoughts on “Hairmax Laser Comb vs Bosley Laser Comb vs Power Grow Comb

  1. I bought the Power Grow Comb to try since it was the cheapest of all the laser products I found since I wasn’t going to waste hundreds of dollars on something that didn’t work. To be fair I had been trying the onion juice and other natural topical remedies along with saw palmetto for many years without any change, only continued hair loss. I am a male with about level 4 baldness. Within a week ( yes one week ! ) of using the Power Grow Comb I started seeing hair growth that I had never seen before with all the other remedies I had tried. I had seen growth with Minoxidil I tried years before but that was very expensive and in a limited area of the crown. After 3 months I continue to see hair grow but there are some parts in the very front of my head that are not growing so I will continue to try other topical treatments to see if I can get a regrowth and continue using the Power Grow Comb. So for me I can say that the Power Grow Comb does work and I highly recommend it to anyone. I don’t know if I will buy the other more expensive types out there as this comb has exceeded my expectations. I do not use the vibrating feature of the comb as I am afraid it might break the device and because I am getting results with the laser LEDs. I can say I love my Power Grow Comb !

    • It is true. I have been using it for a year and I see some results. They are not spectacular or miraculous results, but there are.

      It is not a treatment for impatient people. I requires discipline and perseverance.

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