Grassology vs Cutting edge

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Grassology vs Cutting edge

Compare Features and Benefits: Grassology vs Cutting edge


What is Grassology:

It is grass seed that claims to let you have a gorgeous lawn and without much maintenance.
Grassology promises to offer a simple solution to all home owners who’d love to have stunning lawns around their houses. But they understand that it can be a hassle and requires a lot of maintenance as well. Grassology however claims to help you save the hassle and time that’s required in lawn care. What’s more, it’s supposed to save money spent on watering, mowing and fertilizing as well.


Grassology Features

Grassology is brought to you by Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seeds and makes the most of science of grass. The difference lies in the seeds that grow roots about four times deeper than the regular grass. Hence it is capable of finding its own water and nutrients and that ensures that it doesn’t require constant feeding and watering. As a result it saves you money spent towards water bills and fertilizers as well. Grassology also grows to dwarf height, according to its claims. Hence it requires less mowing, which saves you further effort.

Grassology Benefits

As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t require a lot of watering and fertilizers. You are saved the effort for mowing as well. Grassology can be used to fixed bad spots or on the entire lawn. It gives you grass that is disease, insects and weeds resistant. It’s a patent pending low maintenance seed blend that promises to live up to its claims.


Cutting Edge Grass Seed

What is Cutting Edge Grass Seed:

It is sustainable grass seed that claims to offer you lush green lawns.
Cutting Edge Grass Seed has been created by Sustainable Low Maintenance Grass LLC with the idea of offering a sustainable solution to home owners who will be pleased with the results as well. It’s supposed to reduce the requirement for constant watering, fertilizing, herbicides and chemicals. Thus Cutting Edge Grass Seed ensures that not only the overall carbon footprint is reduced but you can get top quality lawns without too much maintenance.

Cutting Edge Grass Seed Features

To begin with, you have to understand that it’s a patent pending mix of Kentucky Bluegrass and other seeds that are high on performance. As a result Cutting Edge Grass Seed is boosted by special characteristics that lead to lush green grass that requires minimum maintenance. It also has organic Seed Coating with Hydration and Mycorrhiza Package. It’s said to be a fast growing grass that’s durable as well. Cutting Edge Grass Seed also leads to lawns that are self-repairing and resistant to salts, insects and diseases.

Cutting Edge Grass Seed Benefits

The grass grows deeper roots, up to 48 inches; hence it’s fully germinated, can seek its own water and sustains itself in dry conditions too. With Cutting Edge Grass Seed there’s no need to constantly water, mow or fertilize the lawn. It also claims to be self-repairing, which eliminates dry spots while it’s salt and gray spots resistant too.


One thought on “Grassology vs Cutting edge

  1. I love cutting edge grass! I have used it for a few years at the golf course I work at, I also have planted it at my home.
    It has saved us a boat load of money and it looks better than any grass I have ever used wether on the course or at my house.
    I would recommend cutting edge to anybody who cares about their lawn, pocket book or the environment.

    This other grass just looks to be a cheap knock off of cutting edge.

    It is a shame, but that’s why I will speak up for cutting edge grass.

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