GoBelt vs Spibelt

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Compare what is it? GoBelt vs Spibelt

What is GoBelt? – The GoBelt is a stretchable belt that holds everything for you, moves along with you and gives you easy access to the things you need, thus securing your valuables and leaving your hands free.

What is SpiBelt? – The SPIbelt is a running belt meant to keep your items secure while conveniently close at hand. The belt features a sleek, expandable zipper pouch that can fit your phone, keys, and energy packs while still fitting snugly against your body to eliminate bouncing and shifting.

Compare how it works? GoBelt vs Spibelt

How does GoBelt work? – GoBelt is a gear belt meant not just for marathon or triathlon runners, it can also be used by those who just prefer to be physically active on a regular basis around the house or outdoors. The expandable design fits a person regardless of their waist size. The two zippered expandable pockets can securely store items like your mobile phone, keys, credit card, cash, earphones among others. It is ideal for people who are constantly on the go and need to carry items with them.

How does SPIbelt work? – The expandable, secure and low-profile pocket of SPIbelt can expand up to 6.5″ x 3″ x 2″. It easily holds large smart phones like the iPhone 6 as well as keys, cash, credit cards and even a passport. Fitting waist size from 24” through 47”, the SPIbelt has a sturdy buckle and glides for even the most active users.

Compare what to expect? GoBelt vs Spibelt

What to expect from GoBelt? – With GoBelt you can enjoy a belt that is comfortable, lightweight, extra stretchy and moves with you wherever you go. The discreet design is easy to hide and is capable of safely securing your mobile phone, keys, credit card, cash and earphones.

What to expect from SPIbelt? – The comfortable, soft elastic of the SPIbelt prevents chaffing and is capable of easily accommodating large smart phones up to 6.5 inches long like the iPhone 6, Nexus 6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy Note 3. However it is not waterproof and hence advisable to turn off electronic items to prevent internal heat and moisture build-up.

Compare the material used: GoBelt vs Spibelt

The GoBelt claims to be made from durable but patented elastic material, allowing mobility due to its lightweight properties.

The material used in SPIbelt is a blend of Spandex and Lycra.

Compare sizes: GoBelt vs Spibelt

What are the available GoBelt sizes? – GoBelt is available in any waist-size between 24” to 50”

What are the available SPIbelt sizes? – The Kids’ SPIbelts are adjustable to comfortably accommodate any child with a 18″ – 26″ waist. For adults the belt is tailored for a 25″-50″ waist and the 55″ SPIbelts will fit a 55″–75″ waist.

Compare Prices: GoBelt vs Spibelt

The GoBelt is priced at $14.95 (plus $5.95 for S&H) | Official website: GetGoBelt.com

The SPIbelt is priced at $19.99 | Official website: SPIBelt.com

Compare Pros and Cons

GoBelt Pros
• It easily fits multiple items like smartphone, keys, credit cards, cash
• Available in waist size between 24” to 50”
• Durable and lightweight elastic material allows mobility
• Can be worn with the pockets on back or front
• Very much affordable

GoBelt Cons
• Doesn’t stay on the hips as it rides up and bounces while running
• Has to be constantly adjusted
• Lacks a snug fit

SPIbelt Pros
• Good quality running belt
• Accommodates smartphones up to the size of 6.5 inches long
• Available in three waist sizes: 18” to 26” for kids, 25”to 50” for adults, 55”+ for larger waists
• Comfortable, soft elastic material of the belt prevents chaffing

SPIBelt Cons
• Hidden elastics begin to pop out and are exposed after some time
• The pouch material soaks sweat and the moisture can be bad for electronic items
• Heavy weight of the phone causes the pouch to bounce and twist while running.

Compare REVIEWS: GoBelt vs Spibelt


Steph in her GoBelt review cites some major shortcomings. Though it was able to easily fit her iPhone 5 and keys, the real trouble came up when she strapped it on and went for a run. Since she is of a small frail (size 6), the belt had to be tightened as it fit just about ok. Within 10 minutes, it started bounce and she had to stop and adjust. Eventually she ended up running with the phone in her hand. She recommends that the seller or allow for adjustment smaller than currently available.

Major in her GoBelt review complaints that the belt doesn’t stay on your hips as it rides up and bounces while running. It lacks a snug fit which could possibly reduce the bouncing. The Gu holders work well and the pockets expand just enough to open and close while running. It can be worn with the pockets on back or front. In her opinion, the belt holds her necessities, is affordable and just about ok.

Maurice in her GoBelt review says that she had ordered the belt with high expectations. Her main intention behind buying the GoBelt was to fit her droid phone while running. As she hit about mile 2, she was tired of fidgeting and trying to get the belt to stay in one place. The part that held the phone kept bouncing so she had to carry it for the next 5 miles. She thinks it might work better if you don’t carry the phone.

Spibelt REVIEW

Jade in her Spibelt review expresses disappointment about the quality but is happy with the functionality. After 5 months of use, the hidden elastics have begun to pop out and are exposed. Though she isn’t a rough user, she hopes to exchange it for a new one.

Ashley in her Spibelt review states that she uses it for marathons and any training run that asks for a phone. She hasn’t run a marathon wearing it she does take it frequently to fit her iPhone. A little less porous material would have helped as the pouch material tends to soak all the sweat after a good run. So she is compelled to wrap her phone in plastic first. Despite keeping the belt loose around her hips, the elastic part has suffered a bit of wear and tear.

Mellisa in her Spibelt review seems rather satisfied with the belt thus far. She wore it during a 5K run to hold her phone, keys and money. Everything fit in pretty well but the weight of the phone causes the pouch to bounce and twist while running. So next time onward she plans on leaving her phone in the car.

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