Go Chef vs Halogen Oven

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Compare What is it? Go Chef vs Halogen Oven

What is Go Chef? – Go Chef is an 8-in-1 cooker in which you can carry out all functions like boiling, sautéing, frying, slow cooking, steaming, baking and more in one single bowl provided.

What is Halogen Oven? – It is a unique oven which has a halogen lamp as its heating element. It claims it reduces cooking time and guarantees healthier, low-fat food.

Compare how does it work? Go Chef vs Halogen Oven

How does Go Chef work? – The multifunctional cooker claims it efficiently performs eight different jobs that include a whole lot of cooking functions. You can also use it to sauté foods flawlessly in its cooking in its 5 liter bowl. All you have to do is put ingredients in the bowl, set the temperature and time and cover with lid at the top. It cooks a huge variety of foods such as risottos, pasta, chips and more. It has a huge 5-litre bowl in which you can cook food for the whole family. It has a non-stick surface, which makes cleaning easy and quick.

How does Halogen Oven work? – It features a heating chamber in which multi-level metal racks, a circular halogen lamp, a fan and controls are placed. The halogen lamp is operated by a simple thermostat or electronic control and produces waves of infrared light to heat air inside the heating chamber. The fan circulates this heated air throughout the chamber with which you cook. Halogen Oven runs on automatic shut-off timer and a temperature control interface. It is a very versatile cooker that uses bright halogen light to create heat. It cooks faster (by up to 60%) than conventional ovens. It is also energy efficient and has few drawbacks.

Verdict: Halogen Oven seems to score here as on account of more advanced operations.

Compare Features: Go Chef vs Halogen Oven

Go Chef Features
8-in-1 multi-cooking
Giant 5-litre bowl
Non-stick PTFE free and PFOA free cooking surface
Easy to use
Energy efficient
1500 watts
Max time: 120 minutes
Max temp: 240 Celsius

Halogen Oven Features
Cooks food 40 percent faster than regular ovens
Energy efficient
Does not create cold and hot spots on food
Large glass bowl to see through
Incredible oven cooked taste at almost microwave speed
Grills, cooks, roasts and bakes almost every type of food
Defrosts food, drains fat away
Self-cleaning built-in feature

Verdict: Halogen Oven has an edge over Go Chef as it possesses more features.

Compare Benefits: Go Chef vs Halogen Oven

Go Chef Benefits
Easy to use, bonus recipe guide included
Energy efficient
Giant 5-litre bowl
Non-stick PTFE and PFOA free cooking surface
Roasts, bakes, sautés, steams, fries, slow cooks, steams and does a lot more.

Halogen Oven Benefits
Shorter cooking times than conventional ovens
up to 60% faster than a conventional oven
Energy efficient on account of use of halogen lamp as its heating element

Verdict: Go Chef has more advantages as compared to Halogen Oven.

Compare Cooking Program: Go Chef vs Halogen Oven

Go Chef – 3 Convenient cooking functions

Halogen Oven – N/A

Compare Capacity: Go Chef vs Halogen Oven

Go Chef – 5-litre

Halogen Oven – 12 liter capacity

Compare Wattage: Go Chef vs Halogen Oven

Go Chef – 1500 watts

Halogen Oven – 1200 watts

Compare Accessories: Go Chef vs Halogen Oven

Go Chef
1 x 5-litre non-stick bowl
1 x high rack
1 x low rack
1 x frying basket
1 x recipe guide
1 x glass lid

Halogen Oven
Extender ring, baking and steamer trays and skewers

Compare what do I get?: Go Chef vs Halogen Oven

Go Chef – A recipe guide with more than 30 recipes

Halogen Oven – Recipe guide

Compare Price: Go Chef vs Halogen Oven

Go Chef – £69.99

Halogen Oven – £34.89


Compare Reviews and Complaints: Go Chef vs Halogen Oven

Go Chef Reviews and Complaints

Customers who have used Go Chef have furnished mixed reviews about it. Quite a few have stated that it is great at slow cooking, bulk cooking of certain ingredients, general boiling and frying. It has also been appreciated for cooking foods like rice, beef and pasta well.

However, there are quite a lot of issues about Go Chef that disappoint. For one, it is quite heavy and rather bulky so those who are weak or old find it difficult to lift. Also, it does not perform cooking functions like roasting and baking as well as it claims it does. A customer has posted that she purchased it because it was advertised as a 5 liter capacity appliance, but it turned to have just a little more than 3 1/2 liters capacity. She also reported that some ingredients turn soggy in Go Chef and don’t taste and feel as they should.

Halogen Oven Reviews, Pros and Cons

A customer who used Halogen Oven has complained that it is not sturdy at all; its handles and the make are so weak that you’ll feel uneasy lifting it. It seems very taxing to cook in this appliance as you need be around to stir it constantly. Another customer who cooked chicken in it gave a mixed review of the oven. While it turned out to be delicious, she seemed unhappy about its skin coming off.

Quite a few other Halogen Oven reviews also indicate a mixed response to it. While some customers seem ok with it, others have complained that it is not durable and reliable.

One customer said that her device lasted only 18 months and that too without being used heavily (she used it twice a week). Its fan and bulb stopped working at the same time, and now she wants to opt for a convection oven.

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